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Honda 2017 Ridgeline Review

Historically speaking, the Honda Ridgeline has been the worst-selling pickup truck in the US for the last half a decade, but a ground-up redesign for the 2017 model debuting at the Detroit Auto show this week represents a new hope for the nameplate. In 2014, Honda only sold 13,389 of ’em. For comparison, The Toyota […]

Honda 2016 Civic Sedan Review

TORRANCE, Calif., Jan. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The dynamic, new-from-the-ground-up 2016 Honda Civic Sedan, 2016’s North American Car of the Year, ( has received the highest available rating of TOP SAFETY PICK+ from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), including a SUPERIOR rating for frontal crash prevention when equipped with the Honda Sensing™ suite […]

Pothole Alert !!

Carmaker Ford has said it is experimenting with technology to detect potholes and warn drivers of their locations. Cars equipped with cameras could constantly scan roads during journeys, with resulting data on potholes displayed on other drivers’ dashboards. The idea is being tested at the firm’s research centre in Aachen, Germany. One expert said altering […]

Honda teaming up with GM on Hybrids

Honda and General Motors may expand their cooperation on green cars, according to a report in the Japanese media. In 2013 the two automakers signed a partnership to develop hydrogen fuel-cell powertrains, which remains in effect until at least 2020. Now, it appears they may collaborate on plug-in hybrids as well. Recommended: Think you’re a […]

Why sausages can be dangerous …………..

A German man is facing a fine after damaging a BMW with a 30cm sausage. Police in Neubrandenburg, in the north of the country, were called to complaints of a bust-up between two men on Saturday evening. A 49-year-old pedestrian, who was walking with his eight-year-old son, became upset with the way a 47-year-old man […]

Self Driving Trucks

Google’s self-driving car project (now Waymo) has arguably been at the forefront of the autonomous car movement, testing on public roads since 2009. So when its founder, Anthony Levandowski, left to found a driverless truck startup called Otto, the venture was sure to bring important insight into autonomous tech into the trucking world. Uber jumped […]

Lincoln Goes Luxury

It’s been a long time since Lincoln Motor Co., Ford’s luxury division, has been considered a real luxury car contender. Well, it might be time to start considering it again. For a very long time, Ford (F) seemed to think it could get away with passing off somewhat nicer versions of Ford (F) car and […]

Ford gets into Printing 3D Cars

Ford Motor Company is stepping into the world of 3D printing, using a partnership with Stratasys to test the 3D printing of large-scale auto parts, the company announced Monday—which could have implications for the future of the technology in the enterprise. The Stratasys Infinite-Build 3D Demonstrator, released in August 2016, produces large, customizable tools and […]

Benefits of a Local Ford Dealers Inventory

Buying a new or a used Ford car or truck on credit can be quite a time-consuming process. One of the best ways to speed up the process to an extent, is to find out which vehicles are currently hold in a local Ford dealers inventory. This information will be of help to a fair […]

Best Fiesta Insurance Deals

Arranging car auto insurance on a Fiesta is something that is a legal requirement, although how much insurance and what type of insurance will depend to a large extent where you live and what the legal department is in that area. It is also worth bearing in mind that if you buy out-of-state, with an […]

What are Ford Incentives ?

Ford incentives are quite simply inducements or special offers that either Ford will make nationally, or a Ford dealer will make likely, in order to attract buyers into the showroom. Ford incentives are but often focused on new models and new cars, either selling or leasing them, but they can also be found on used […]

Benefits of a Certified Pre-owned Ford car

A certified pre-owned Ford car is the industry’s way of talking about what used to be referred to as used cars. There is no doubt that a second-hand or a used car has eight worse image than a new car, although quite often this image is quite unfounded. A lot of manufacturers  including Ford, now […]

What Are Ford Credit Score Requirements

Applying for finance or credit can seem a slightly daunting process at times. Understanding how the process works can make it easier what any to obtain any type of credit, by the Ford credit or a loan from another lender, but also give you the confidence to negotiate a better deal with whoever is providing […]

What are Ford Lease Specials?

Ford operate a special program called Red Carpet Lease  which reflects their commitment to leasing cars and trucks to individual customers as well as businesses and corporations. Leasing a vehicle has become an increasingly attractive option with four Ford and for customers. For Ford it secures a long-term relationship with a customer, and give them […]

Best Place to get Ford Deals

People are often attracted to trying to arrange finance with Ford credit, because of an assumption that if they are buying or leasing a car from a Ford dealer, they are likely to get better credit terms and a better overall deal. In reality, the credit arrangements that are likely to be offered will  probably […]

What are Best Auto Loan Refinance Rates

It is very natural to want to get the best auto loan refinance rates, and the simplest way is to go through the process that you went through when obtaining the original auto loan, although your original lender is unlikely to give you a quote or change their rates, although there is no harm in […]