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How to Manage your Ford Credit Account and Login

A Ford Credit account offers a number of finance tools that can be really helpful both to potential customers, and to people once they have bought a Ford car or truck.

People will sometimes apron account when they are searching how to finance paying for the vehicle, and this allows them both to apply for a credit application prior to any sale, and also allows them access to managing other errors of their finance such as a payment calculator.

Customers who  open an account and are pre-approved for credit can also often horrified for certain deals on pre-approved cars, the finances of which can be managed through their Ford  account.

Other customers will open an account once they have bought or leased that their vehicle, and look to it primarily as a way of managing their payment schedule, accessing manuals, a contact center for dealing with any problems that may arise and a way of being kept informed of any updates such as recalls or special offers.

Ford Credit Account

There is a fair degree of anecdotal evidence that people often have problems accessing various types of help once they have bought their vehicle and the sale has been completed. The implication is that often the dealership is  very keen to help before the sale, but loses interest afterwards.

How common this is is difficult to gauge, but given human nature it is obviously a potential issue. What is perhaps important is that during the process of negotiating a sale or the lease agreement, you identify people both at the dealership and at Ford’s regional business center where someone can be contacted directly in the event of a potential problem with accessing any of your account details.

To be fair, Ford to provide quite a lot of information on their main website, but it is a good idea to have some type of backup in terms of names and numbers of people who are more local to you. A Ford credit account can be used both for managing payments, and gathering information both about the vehicle itself, its warranty and any problems there may be with that, and accessing information regarding any servicing and maintenance schedule that may need addressing.

The majority of problems that people have seem to do with payment schedules, and this may either be problems with the software keeping track of what has and hasn’t been paid, or problems regarding payments that are late or overdue some other reason have been missed. In this event is always a good idea to speak to someone personally to make sure they know you are aware of any problems and are dealing with them.

Failing to keep in touch makes the other side think that you are walking away from the problem and make them more likely to take some type of punitive action.

It is always important to remember that a Ford credit agreement is first and foremost a loan, and that you have an obligation regarding repayments and final lease costs.



How to Locate a Ford Dealer near you

Finding a Ford dealership near where you live its many people be most obvious start to looking  to buy or lease a vehicle.

It is worth bearing in mind however, that if you are willing to travel it is often possible to get significant savings both on the sale price of the vehicle, and often on certain extras such as servicing and maintenance plans.

This does not mean that you have to physically travel to another dealership except at the end of the process, most of which can be done online beforehand.

The old days of people wandering into a Ford dealer and having a look around before buying have for the most part gone. The majority of people do their research online, both in terms of what type of car they want to buy, how much they are willing to pay for it, how to arrange finance and what additional extras should be included such as extended warranties or servicing and maintenance plan incentives.

Having said that, it is also a really important that you test drive the vehicle prior to buying or leasing it, and this is public done best as early as possible. For some people they will already know what type of Ford car or truck they want, others will need a significant test drive.

Some dealers will let you have a test drive over an extended period of time, possibly even a weekend, to give you a really good feel for the car. This is also a really good sales techniques from our point of view, as it gets you used to the car and likely to want to buy one. The real value of a decent test drive isn’t you get a really good sense of whether the car is right for you or not, which takes away a fair degree of the ambiguity that you may have about buying  or leasing it.

Ford Dealer

Finding a Ford dealership near to where you live either for a test drive or to complete a sale can be done either by visiting the main Ford website, or looking up for delicious in the telephoned retreat or Yellow Pages, which still exist and are still useful for many people.

It is worth remembering that Ford dealerships are independent businesses which other effectively, and that each needs your business. This puts you in a strong negotiating position if you know what you want and are willing to put time and effort into achieving it.

It is worth doing the research on-line and doing the negotiating on-line as well, by email or on the phone if you prefer. This should always be done before any sale or lease agreement is finalised. The value from your point of view is that it gives you a much greater sense of control over the whole process, as you handsome to walk away and go to another dealership in the event that they offer you a better deal.

Most dealerships, certainly the big ones will have internet focused sales departments who are used to dealing with this approach and in many ways welcome it as an appropriate way to do business

Lincoln Navigator 2018 – Mighty Monster

This is Lincoln’s flagship. It’s the most luxurious, comfortable and expensive vehicle the brand sells. It’s quite obviously the biggest and heck, like every Lincoln flagship of yesteryear, it even features body-on-frame construction. Crucially, though, this all-new 2018 Lincoln Navigator is also very good. It’s distinctive, capable, and competent in ways that will stand up well in the upper echelon of the SUV hierarchy. And we’ll get this out of the way now: it’s far superior to its primary competitor, the Cadillac Escalade.

And yet, the Navigator’s flagship status is a comeback story. It wasn’t too long ago that it was a black sheep confined to the distant back row of Lincoln family promotional photos along with the Town Car and a fichus added for decoration. It was never given one of the new-fangled MK names, and its V8-powered, truck-based status made it a thirsty dinosaur at a time of rising gas prices and an increasing number of crossovers. Livery services bought them in black-painted droves, but it was otherwise forgotten even as a substantive refresh for 2015 arguably made it a better, more practical bet than its Caddy nemesis.

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How to get New Ford Vehicle Lease Deals

Leasing a Ford car or truck is an attractive option for many people, as it effectively gives you the benefits of a new car at a significantly reduced costs compared to what you would pay if you actually bought it outright.

It is a good idea to think of leasing a car or truck as a long-term rental, with certain obvious conditions regarding what you can do with it and its overall condition and mechanical reliability.

Getting deals on leasing a Ford car or truck on a fairly regular part of the whole process. Ford, along with most other major manufacturers actively encourage personal leasing of their cars and trucks as it is seen as a useful addition to the overall sales package of vehicles.

Leasing a vehicle involved a credit check and credit application, both of which will determine whether or not Ford are willing to lease you a vehicle, and if so, on what terms and conditions, in a process that is pretty much the same as if you were buying the vehicle from them or any other dealership.

A lease agreement is a contract between you and Ford Credit for a specified period of time, from something like 2/5 years, with a fixed monthly payment and an agreed mileage per year.

New Ford Vehicle Lease Deals

Ford operate a specific scheme called Red Carpet Lease which has a number of specific benefits which should make the whole leasing process smoother and easier to run. In the event of the agreed mileage figure not proving enough, it is possible to buy additional mileage during the time of the loose at agreed costs. In addition excess mileage can be paid off at the end of the lease period.

One of the main areas of contention of a lots of lease agreements refers to what are known as lease end costs. These are charges that relate to excessive wear and tear or for any damage to the vehicle.

The intent is to put the vehicle in a state that would be deemed appropriate given its age and mileage, and that there is an excess charge for any excessive wear and tear over and above what is considered reasonable. This can sometimes amounts to quite a large amount of money, and needs to be budgeted for at the outset.

Lease deals on Ford vehicles tend to relate to incentives either on a specific vehicle itself, or on certain favourable credit terms, as well as  at certain times of year. If you are willing to plan accordingly, it is possible to pick up significantly good deals simply by waiting for the right time of year when Ford need to either shift inventory or to bring in new models.

It is also worth remembering that deals on favourable credit terms will only be offered to people who have what Ford regard as an exceptionally good credit rating and are likely to be few in number.

Mazda set to revolutionize engines

The engine under the hood of the little Mazda3 is a holy grail of engineering: a gas engine that uses compression, not ignition, to drive the car. That’s why there are still only six of them in the world and why it’s hurtling me down the autobahn at 175 km/h.

Okay, so the autobahn thing is more for the fun of it, but it’s part of the demonstration that Mazda’s new Skyactiv-X technology is both practical and realistic. It will be several steps ahead of its current Skyactiv-G technology when it’s released in a year or so.

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Battle of the SUV – Audi V Mercedes

Things move fast in SUV-world. For many years if you wanted a thumping great SUV then it would be powered by a diesel unless you were being just a touch ostentatious about your fuel consumption. Now it’s the reverse, and big petrol engines are coming back, albeit more refined and frugal than ever.

Which is why the very latest Audi SQ5 is here with a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 petrol engine. In theory you get your cake and eat it with 349bhp and 34mpg. The Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 is similar, but it’s just a bigger cake. There’s the 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 but here with 362bhp and the same 34mpg.

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United States pushes Auto’s in NAFTA

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is warning that Washington will push for higher U.S. content in auto manufacturing as NAFTA renegotiations enter the third round in Ottawa.

Mr. Ross brandished a study on Friday that he commissioned, which said the share of U.S. manufacturing content in imports has dropped significantly since the North American free-trade agreement took effect in the 1990s. His contention goes to the heart of thorny trade talks surrounding what is known as rules of origin.

“If we don’t fix the rules of origin, negotiations on the rest of the agreement will fail to meaningfully shift the [U.S.] trade imbalance,” Mr. Ross wrote in a recent opinion piece in The Washington Post. “That is going to change under President [Donald] Trump, and rules of origin are just the beginning.”

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What is a Ford Payment Calculator?

A Ford payment calculator is essentially an on-line calculator that can be used by people to work out whether or not they can afford to buy a new or used car, and if so how much it is likely to cost them.

Online car calculators are very popular but need to be used with care to make sure that the figures they produce both realistic and remain constant throughout sales or leasing process.

Much of this depends on the customer being really honest with themselves about how much they can afford to pay and what their other monthly outgoings are.

Using an online calculator needs to take account of a number of factors. Firstly you need to be aware of what is a realistic final sales price for the vehicle.

This can sometimes be a bit tricky as the list price can usually be negotiated down by a significant amount, but there will be additional costs by way of a local or national sales tax, document fees, possibly extended warranties etc. To this end it is worth shopping around to see what is a realistic final sales price as it is this figure that you will base your considerations upon.

The other important element of an on-line calculator is the interest rate that you will be charged during the period of the loan or credit agreement. This is dependent upon your credit score, which again is dependent on your credit report.

Ford Payment Calculator

Obtaining a number of different finance quotes both from Ford credit and one or two other banks or financial institutions is a really good idea, as it will give you a sense of what these companies are thinking of charging you. Once you have this information can realistically work out your monthly repayment schedule and be aware of what you are able to afford to buy and not.

A lot of people when working out what type of car or truck they want to buy will use as a basis what their monthly repayment costs are likely to be. As any loan or credit agreement will have fixed repayment costs this often seems the easiest way to work out what they can afford.

If this is the chosen route, it is very important that you work out what your other monthly commitments are likely to be, and whether or not they are likely to change at all during the period of the loan or lease agreement. It is also important to work out whether or not your income is likely to change for the better or worse during this period, and if so by how much.

A Ford payment calculator can give you a realistic sense of what the repayment on a car loan is likely to be, but should be taken as a guide only. When negotiating the sale or lease it is really important to agree on a final sales price that includes all additional costs, and to work out your fixed monthly repayment schedule on this basis.


Car Reliability Factors

Gas is cheap, and modern vehicles get better fuel economy than ever. Aerodynamic design, new fuel-saving technologies such as automatic engine stop/start and cylinder deactivation, transmissions with up to 9 forward speeds, and lighter vehicle structures made out of high-strength steel have all contributed to improvements on this front.

And that’s before factoring in the proliferation of hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles that are now available to consumers.

As long as the price of unleaded remains low, the percentage of the population citing fuel economy as one of the most important reasons for buying a specific vehicle (37 percent in the most recent J.D. Power survey), will remain relatively low.

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Blackberry’s Self Driving Car

OTTAWA — A BlackBerry QNX-equipped self-driving car hit the road in suburban Ottawa in what was billed as the first on-street test of an autonomous vehicle in Canada.

The grey Lincoln MKZ pulled away with Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, councillor Marianne Wilkinson and John Wall, general manager of BlackBerry QNX, aboard.

BlackBerry QNX opened an autonomous vehicle innovation centre in Ottawa late last year.

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Why Auto Loyalty Incentives Work

There is an old business adage that it is easier to keep an existing customer than find a new one. It seems many auto makers subscribe to this philosophy. According to recent research conducted by Google Think Auto, approximately 37 per cent of Canadian car buyers are brand loyalists, whereas 43 per cent are brand switchers and the remaining 20 per cent are first-time buyers. While this leaves much room for competition, successfully retaining existing drivers is imperative to any auto maker’s sales strategy.

As a result, more than three-quarters of automotive brands in Canada offer some form of loyalty incentives that are typically available in addition to existing incentives already available to the general public. In order to qualify, customers generally must have someone in their household who owns, finances or leases a vehicle of the same brand when purchasing the new vehicle.

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Tesla hitting Chinese market

”Tesla, Inc., last week confirmed that it’s been in talks with the Chinese government to set up shop in a free trade zone in the Shanghai region.

It confirms rumors and think pieces about the electric carmaker’s agenda to build its own factory in the “new energy vehicle” market.

It’s not yet clear if an agreement has been made. If it closes, Tesla will be the first foreign automaker to build cars in China without a joint venture established with a Chinese vehicle manufacturer. All of the major global automakers have been manufacturing vehicles sold in country through JVs forged over the past quarter-century.”

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How to get Stunning in car audio

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Ford F150 Review

These are a selection of reviews of the classic Ford F150. For full reviews please click the link after the story. For details of Ford Credit, please click here.

How Much Does the Ford F-150 Cost?

”The Ford F-150 has a base price of $27,380, which is lower than most full-size trucks’ starting prices. However, that’s for the base trim, which has few features. If you want the F-150 for something other than a work truck, you’re talking about a starting price of $32,970 for the XLT trim.

There are several higher trims, and there are some big jumps in price. The popular Lariat trim starts at about $40,700, and the high-performance Raptor costs nearly $50,000. For the highest trim in the lineup – the Limited – you’re looking at a starting price north of $60,000. That’s high, but there are other full-size trucks with similarly expensive top trims.”


Which Is Better: Ford F-150 or Ram 1500?

The Ram 1500 has the lowest starting price in the class, and its higher trims cost less than the F-150’s. The Ford is much more capable, with a max towing capacity that’s more than 2,500 pounds higher than the Ram’s. However, the Ram delivers probably the smoothest ride in the class, which definitely counts for something. The Ram also offers a turbodiesel engine that’s more fuel-efficient than any F-150 engine, though Ford will introduce a turbodiesel for the F-150 later this year. The Ram has one of the nicest cabins in the class, featuring high-end materials even in its lower trims. The Ram’s seats are comfortable, and the rear seats have plenty of legroom. Its Uconnect infotainment system is incredibly easy to use as well. These two trucks bring different things to the table. The Ram 1500 has a more comfortable cabin and better ride quality, but the F-150 can tow heavier loads.

The Latest Generation

The latest and 13th generation Ford F-150 was released for the 2015 model year, boasting an all-new aluminum body, new exterior and interior styling, a new host of new safety features, a multi-camera parking aid, integrated loading ramps, a rearview camera with trailer hitch assist, and new engines including a 3.5-liter V-6 and a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6. The 5.0-liter V-8 and 3.5-liter EcoBoost were carried over from the previous model, but Ford continued to see a gradual shift from V-8s to its EcoBoost V-6 options. During 2015 Motor Trend Truck of the Year testing, we noted that we liked the EcoBoost engine and new technology but did not like its real-world economy, wonky shifter, and jittery ride.  No Lincoln variants exist anymore, as the F-150 lineup offers a couple high-end trims to satisfy luxury-minded truck buyers who might also consider a GMC Sierra Denali truck.


How To Refinance a Car Loan

Refinancing a car loan can be done at any time, and for many different reasons, from reducing monthly payments to getting a better interest rate. Some of the most common questions are :

The option to refinance a car loan is pretty much available to anyone whatever their original loan, whether it be dealership financing or having obtained a loan or credit from a bank, financial institution or credit union. There are many reasons why people refinance a car loan, some of them of necessity and others through choice. In either event it can often be relatively easy to do, and can often offer the individual significant savings.

Refinancing a car loan simply means obtaining or taking out another loan that pays off the original loan and replace it with a new one, normally with a completely different lender.People often think that once they have a car loan or an auto loan then they are tied to it for the period of the loan.In fact anyone can try and refinance a car loan pretty much from the day they take out the original one.

Depending upon the length of the original loan, it is likely that the majority of the repayment costs in the first year possibly 18 months will be interest only, or at least mainly interest, so refinancing early on in the life of a loan can often make a lot of sense.

Refinance Car Loan – Reasons Why – Lower monthly payment

People refinance a car loan for different reasons. Sometimes their circumstances change and they need to alter the length or terms and conditions of the loan.Sometimes their financial situation improves or worsens and the need to adjust their payment schedule accordingly.

Sometimes it is external factors such as a general lowering of interest rates in the economy which makes them realise they could possibly get a better deal. One of the main reasons people refinance a car loan is to reduce their monthly payments. It is probably fair to say that most people when taking out a car loan work out how much it cost them on a monthly basis.

This is then used as a guide as to their own budgeting for other household and personal responsibilities. If the individual’s circumstances change then it is sometimes necessary to lower the monthly payments are they make on their car loan. This can normally be done either by extending the period of the loan, or paying off some of the capital amount of the loan, thereby reducing the monthly payments. Both of these options would require the refinancing of the original car loan.

Interest rates

One of the features of any car loan or lease agreement that it will include a fixed rate of interest for the period of the loan. This gives a sense of stability to both sides, and allows individual to plan and budget them to repayments accordingly, knowing that the amounts repayable will be saved every month. If however interest rates change, and it’s possible for the individuals get a better rate of interest, then by refinancing the original car loan they can do this and save themselves sometimes a significant amount of money.

Length of loan

The length of the car loan is normally fixed at the outset, providing a degree of stability for both sides. However if the individual wishes to change the length of the loan, either to shorten it to extend it then it will be necessary to refinance the original car loan for a different period of time.


When someone applies for a loan and has either poor or bad credit, one of the conditions of granting the loan is often that a co-signer effectively guarantees the loan. A cosigner is normally either a parent or a guardian, someone who is willing to effectively guarantee the repayments in the event that the applicant fails to meet the payments themselves or for any reason defaults on the loan. One of the most common reasons for refinancing a car loan is when for a number of reasons case either has to come off the original loan. This can either be done to circumstances in the cosigners own life or financial situation, or because there have been problems with the other applicants payment history and the cosigner no longer feels able or capable of being a co-signor on the original loan.

Improved credit

It is quite possible that during the period of a loan the individuals credit history will improve. This is especially true if the individual has had a poor or bad credit when taking out the loan, and has taken significant steps to improve his credit score during the term of the loan itself. In the event of an improved credit history and subsequent credit score, it makes a lot of sense for the individual to refinance the original loan, and either save a significant about money, get a better rate of interest or generally better terms and conditions.

Refinance Car Loan – information

Refinancing a car loan is in some ways the same as applying for the original loan, but there are certain information that the new lender is going to require as well. Having this information to hand can make the the whole process much easier and simpler. It is important to gather as much information about the car as you can. This information should have been given to you when you purchased the car, and should include very specific details of up manufacturing model and number and manufacturing details generally.

Make sure you also have inflation such as its servicing history, mileage, any warranties or extended warranties in place and any vehicle protection plans that were part of the original financing arrangements. The new lender is going to want to know details of the original loan. Who it was with, how much the original loan was for, how much has been paid off and if there had been any payment problems either by way of missed payments or late payments. The vendor is also going to want to know if there were any special terms and conditions applied to the original loan.

Refinance Car Loan – Problems

Before refinancing a car loan it is important to check certain things. Firstly check that you have all the information referred to above and that it is to hand when you approach a new lender. Find out if there are any financial penalties that may be imposed by the original lender if you terminate the loan early. If there are penalties charges find out what they are, and see if the total aggregate of these charges make the refinancing of the original loan worthwhile or not.

It is also important to check what extras were included with vehicle by way of things such as vehicle service contracts, special tire and wheel insurance policies, breakdown and mechanical protection plans etc. Sometimes is included as part of the loan agreement, and refinancing a loan might mean that you have to pay for them additionally. This is really just to simply check what the components of the original loan were, and if by refinancing the original loan you are going to have to pay again for certain items that were deemed to be part of the which loan agreement.

How Does a Credit Score Work ?

A credit score is a rating system that is used to determine whether or not to lend you money, and if so on what terms and conditions. Some of the most common questions are :

A credit score is the one real determinant that applies to most auto credit, whether it be a loan for a new or used car or a lease agreement with one of the main manufacturers. Anyone applying for auto credit will need to go through an application process, the end result of which is a credit score that determines both whether or not the loan is approved, and if so what terms and conditions.

One of the reasons it is important to understand both what a credit report and a credit score is, is that it is possible to do a number of things to improve both the credit report and consequently the credit score, and thus make obtaining a loan or getting better terms and conditions much more likely.

Credit Score – Application Process

Anyone applying for any type of auto credit will need to fill out a fairly detailed application form, either online or more traditionally in paper form. The application form will require a significant amount of personal and financial information about individual, possibly their family and possibly their business associates before loan is in any part for a commercial vehicle or enterprise. The information required will normally relate to items such as the individual’s name, their date of birth, their current and previous addresses, their current telephone numbers and email addresses.

More sensitive information will also be required such as their Social Security number or their social insurance number, their drivers license number and possibly a copy thereof and possibly their passport as well. Their current and previous employers details will also be needed, both to verify their employment status and give some indication of stability regarding work. If self-employed, then either a number of years worth of accounts or some statement from the accountant will be needed to verify their financial position.

Credit Score – Credit History

Once the application process has been done, the application form will be forwarded to one of the major credit rating agencies, who will compile what is known as a credit report. This is a mix of the parcel information in the application form and a summary of the credit history of the individual. The credit history of the individual moment refers or contains information regarding the following areas. Information that is in the sense of public record such as bankruptcies, as well as information that is essentially private such as their banking records, overdrafts and closed accounts.

The credit history will look for areas such as bounced checks, what lines of credit there have been and how they have been used, current and previous loans and mortgages and how they have been managed. Items such as credit cards and store cards will also be looked at both for any sign of late payments or defaults, or how the credit has been managed. One big warning flag is the issue of pay day loans.

Credit Score – Credit Report

Once all this information has been collected, it is compiled into what is known as a credit report. This credit report is then used to produce what is known as a credit score. Essentially what happens, is that the individual is allocated a number set within a sliding scale of two of the numbers. The standard example or is given is the individual being allocated a number of 350 between a sliding scale of zero and 700. This credit score is then used by the credit rating agency, by the main dealerships and any bank or finance house as a way of determining whether or not to blame the individual any money.

Also to determine the terms and conditions including the size of any down payment that may be deemed applicable to the loan. In essence the credit report will compile information that gives the credit rating agency sense of how the individual managers their money. With regard to credit this will essentially summarise their payment history of credit, their use of available credit, the length of their credit history, the various types of credit they have used and whether they have continually tried to obtain different methods of credit and with what degree of success.

Credit Score – Bad Credit

Many people have what they believe to be a pall of a bad credit score which they believe reflects the ability to obtain any type of credit loan. The first thing to do is to obtain a copy of your credit report, which can easily be done either on-line or through a number of local agencies. Bear in mind that this should be free, and should not be tied to any request for money for any other service. Once you have obtained your credit report you can check it to make sure that the information in it is accurate and up-to-date. Depending upon where you live, there are normally legal requirements as to how long certain items such as bankruptcies can be included in a credit report.

This means that there is a time limit as to how long they can effect your credit score. If these items are still being included you can demand that they be removed.There are potentially other ways to improve your credit, either by way of paying off certain outstanding debts, or by managing things such as credit cards in different ways.

Credit Score – No Credit

There are certain people who simply do not have any credit history, either because they have never had any need to obtain credit cards or loans, or because they are too young to have built up any sources of credit themselves. Sometimes, in the event of an auto credit loans that will be a requirement for a cosigner to effectively guarantee the loan. This is normally a parent or a Guardian, although it could be an employer as well. This can sometimes be quite a good way of building up a degree of credit, although it also carries a high degree of risk for the cosigner themselves if the individual falls behind with payments or defaults on the loan.

How Does Nissan Finance Work ?

Nissan Finance is the division of Nissan that offers help to customers looking to finance the sale or leasing of a new or used Nissan car, truck or van. Some of the most common questions include :

The attraction of obtaining dealership finance for many people is that it makes the process of buying or leasing a car simpler and easier because they are obtaining the finance for paying for it at the same time. Some people mistakenly think that in some way applying for finance from the dealership makes either the finance or the sale price of the car either simpler and cheaper.

In practice it doesn’t. If anything it can make it slightly more completed, as it blurs the lines between the two processes.

Nissan Finance – Sales

Nissan, and any Nissan dealership, want a potential customer base to really like the vehicle they have bought, and to have the financial means to pay for it without getting into any difficulties. To that end, it is important to realise that buying or leasing any Nissan vehicle is a fairly hefty financial investment and should be done after careful and thorough research. This research should apply both to the car or vehicle itself, and to the various means of financing it. The main decisions to make when deciding what type of car or vehicle to buy normally relate either to the type of vehicle itself, or to the price.

Nissan Finance – Loans

People either tend to decide that they want a particular model and then decide whether or not they can afford a new one when they need to buy second-hand or used, or they decide how much they can afford to spend and then look around to see what type of car fits their price bracket. Whichever way an individual decides to approach the process, it is important to go through a careful process and work out how much they can afford to repay for the loan or lease agreement.

Some people like to account what a loan is going to cost them on a monthly basis and then budget around that figure, whilst other people prefer to work out the overall cost of the loan over the loan agreement period, including interest, and approaching their finances and this angle. Nissan Finance is a term that can apply to either leasing the vehicle, or buying it outright either new or used.

Nissan Finance – Leasing

The option of leasing a Nissan vehicle has become a much more attractive one for a number of people over recent years. This in part is because Nissan, like other manufacturers, have started to push this as a sales option, aimed at people who would like to essentially own a new car but are unable to afford it. When someone releases a Nissan car or truck they are essentially renting it for a fixed period of time, like a hire car but with a number of important differences.

The individual effectively gets to own the car for a period of months/years with fairly strict conditions as to modifications they can make to the car, and financial penalties for excessive wear and tear or exceeding an agreed mileage allowance. The application process in terms of applying for Nissan Finance when leasing a vehicle is pretty much the same as when applying for credit generally. The main difference in terms of costs comes with what are known as lease end costs, which are the costs that can occur and be charged to the individual when the lease period expires and the car has to be returned.

Nissan Finance – Lease End Costs

When someone takes out a lease with Nissan, it will be for a fixed period of years, with the lease agreement specifying certain things such as the size of the down payment, the size of the monthly repayments and certain conditions regarding mileage and wear and tear. At the end of the lease period, or a few weeks beforehand, the vehicle will be independently inspected and a report produced as to its condition.

If there is excessive wear and tear or damage to the exterior interior that needs to be repaired, then this will be costed. The customer will then have the option of either paying for this when the lease expires, or having the work done themselves and returning the car with that work having been completed. The lease agreement will sometimes have a clause allowing the individual the option of purchasing the car from Nissan. If this clause is enabled, then the final sale price will take into account the costs of the work that needs doing.

Nissan Finance – Vehicle Protection

One of the attractions for many people off buying or leasing a new Nissan car or truck is the belief that with it comes a level of reliability that should mean there are no mechanical or structural problems with the vehicle. Of course there can occasionally be problems, but generally speaking this is true. In addition to the reliability of a new car or truck there will also be a long-term warranty that should give peace of mind concerning any potential problems they may be. If someone is buying a second-hand or used Nissan, then it is equally important to make sure that the warranty gives a high degree of peace of mind in the event of any mechanical breakdown, regarding costs of parts and labour. This needs to apply to all of the car including tires and wheels.

Nissan Finance – Loyalty Offers

Loyalty offers are in effect discounts which are aimed either at one off customers or recurring customers, or at certain groups of society such as those currently serve or have previously served in the military, students or college graduates, people with mobility problems and one or two other groups. Loyalty offers can also include special discounts either for certain other groups of people, or unspecified models at certain times of the year.

If someone has time on their side and can either wait, or has time to shop around, then there can be significant price differentials on a number of different models throughout the year. Research can easily show which models gives and what times of year best to buy them. It is also worth differentiating between loyalty offers that Nissan offer as a company, which should be available at all Nissan dealers, and offers that are made by individual dealerships as a way of attracting customers. Sometimes they will both overlap, but it is worth being clear as to which is which.

Nissan Finance and Insurance

Depending on whether you buy or lease a Nissan vehicle, there will be different insurance requirements imposed by the lender, in addition to whatever legal requirements there may be. A Nissan dealership may have arrangements from time to time with certain insurance companies who may offer preferential rates to Nissan owners.

GAP Insurance

Gap insurance is different from normal auto insurance and is intended to cover the difference between the final sale price of the vehicle, and its insurance value if it is written off or badly damaged in any way. In such an event its insurance value will be based on its current market value as determined by the insurance company, which is likely to be significantly less than the final sale price.

Nissan Owners Portal

This is a great facility Nissan offer online , where once you have registered your vehicle, you can access a wide range of information and facilities. You have access to an online Nissan e-store, which gives detailed information on genuine Nissan accessories and parts, and also provides a number of manuals and guides for vehicles as well Videos and other useful information. There are also sections on insurance, and how to find a Nissan certified repair shop in the event of a collision damage.

Nissan Finance and Refinance

Refinancing a car loan can make a lot of sense at any time of the loan, and can often result in significant savings, given the nature and structure of most car loans, where the interest element is often the largest part of the finance deal.

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Kia Finance – Auto Loans and Leasing Options

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Kia Finance is the credit arm of Kia Motors, and helps customers arrange finance to help them buy or lease a KIA car or SUV. Some of the most common questions are :

This may be a bit stating the obvious, but it is a good idea at the outset to decide whether your priority is, the money or the car. There is a basic choice about whether the car comes first followed by what you can afford to buy, or whether you go by how much you can afford to borrow, and what that then allows you to buy or lease by way of a new or used car. Neither approach is particularly right or wrong, simply being clear about which is more important you probably a good idea.


Kia Finance will normally be arranged through a Kia dealer, although it is also possible to be pre-approved for credit on the Kia website. Some people like the idea of arranging finance at the same time as buying or leasing a car and there are obvious advantages in doing this. Just be careful to make sure that you treat the negotiations for the car and the financing of the cast separate, as both can be negotiated separately, and it is always a good idea with any finance application or loan application to get alternative quotations and to be able to compare them on a like-for-like basis.


When negotiating the price of the vehicle with the dealer, bear in mind the process. The vehicle will have what is known as an MSRP which is essentially a list price. Most people expect a fairly hefty discount on this, as opposed to other areas of the sale such as extras and extended warranties whether dealer will have much less room for manoeuvre. Bear in mind that in addition to the final agreed price there will be additional costs which the dealer should fry up to during the negotiations. These can include a local sales tax for a national sales tax, any registration fees and any documentation fees. In addition, if you are aware of the position of the dealership regarding their inventory of this and similar vehicles you may be in a stronger position to negotiate a higher discount for have a lot of stock and end to shift.


Leasing a vehicle has become a very attractive option for many private customers, some may actively encouraged by Kia motors and other manufacturers. Think of leasing as a long-term rental where the customer does not actually own the title to the car, but in effect has it and has use of it for a fixed period of time. Leasing a Kia vehicle involves a contract for a fixed period of months usually between 24 and 48 months, there will be a regular monthly payment agreed, and an agreed mileage either for the period of the lease, possibly an annual agreement as well. Additional mileage can be bought throughout the term of the lease.


The main benefit of leasing a vehicle for most people is that it gives them the feel and ownership of a new car, although they do not technically own it, when they would not otherwise be able to afford it. Other benefits come with it such as a manufacturer’s warranty, much less risk of any mechanical damage or breakdown, the option to buy it at favourable rate when the lease ends and possibly favourable deals other Kia packages. One important thing to realise about leasing a vehicle is that there will be additional costs when the lease ends. These are normally referred to as the lease end costs. Prior to the lease expiring, an inspection of the vehicle will be made in particular to the exterior of the vehicle, its tires and wheels, its interior, all the glass work, keys and parts.

Any excessive wear and tear, any additions that have been made that are not manufacturer specified and need to rectified and any damage that need to be repaired will be assessed and charged to the individual. Think of it that the car needs to be returned in a condition that is appropriate to its age and mileage. In addition any excess mileage will also be charged. The entire basis for lease and costs an additional mileage costs should be clarified and agreed at the beginning of the lease period.


Whether you buy or lease a new or used vehicle from Kia, protecting the vehicle is a key element of both the enjoyment of using it, protecting its long-term value and ensuring its safety throughout the time you own it or use it. Kia offers a variety of vehicle service contracts and servicing and maintenance contracts, which will range from a full manufacturers warranty to a less comprehensive dealership warranty depending upon the age and condition of the vehicle you are buying.

What is important is to check exactly what is covered under the terms of the warranty and for how long. Also any conditions for new to ensure the warranty is upheld, such as using manufacturers parts and having the vehicle serviced and maintained by a Kia dealer at appropriate intervals. Check the warranties to make sure they include tires and wheels, and if not obtain a separate warranty.

There may be an option for extended warranties and it is important to see what these cover and whether or not they are worth the cost. In addition, vehicle protection plans often include option to purchase some type of roadside assistance, or emergency breakdown and travel accommodation assistance. These can often be invaluable, just make sure they not cash with any similar benefits that you already have under any other type of auto club membership or insurance policy.


Applying for credit for any loan can seem a bit daunting at times, but is in fact a fairly straightforward process. The application for Kia Finance can either be done online in order to get pre-approval or at a dealership. What is important to realise is that it will involve disclosing a significant amount of personal and financial information about yourself and possibly other people if you are looking for any type of commercial finance, or if you need a cosigner for the loan.

Once the information has been disclosed will be forwarded to a credit bureau who will assess their view of your creditworthiness and allocate you a credit score. The score when be used as a basis for determining whether or not to lend you the money on lease you a vehicle and if so on what terms and conditions. It is important for you to get hold of a copy of your credit report prior to applying for a loan, and checking that the information contained in it is accurate and up-to-date. This information is used as a basis for working out your credit score, therefore it is crucial that it is accurate. Remember to negotiate and compare with other loan quotations on a like-for-like basis.


There will obviously be a legal requirement for some type of third-party liability insurance on the vehicle, if buying or leasing out of state check that the insurance requirements for both the state it is bought in and where it will be registered are met. Legal requirements normally relate to third-party liability insurance, which can be expressed either as bodily injury, physical damage or a general third-party liability insurance policy.

In addition, there may be comments put on you to have additional insurance coverage relating to comprehensive or collision damage. There may also be a requirement to you to have what is known as Gap Insurance, which covers the difference between the final sale price of the vehicle and its insurance value if it is involved in an accident was written off. The insurance value, which in theory is the market value of the vehicle at the time of the loss, is likely to be significantly less than the agreed sale price, leaving a gap between the two which is in effect an unsecured debt which will be the responsibility of the person who took out the loan agreement.


Refinancing a loan can be almost as straightforward process as applying for a loan the first place, and can be done pretty much at any point during the time of the loan. People refinance for a wide variety of reasons, and often and up getting better terms and conditions and on the original loan. It is important to realise that on a standard car loan the majority of payments in the first 12 to 18 months will primarily be interest, and therefore any refinancing that improves the terms of the loan can end up saving customer quite a lot of money.


Opening a Kia Finance account can be done online in order to try and gain pre-approval for credit, or when the sales or purchasing process is being done through a dealership. Having an account has a number of benefits, allowing you to receive alerts and messages from Kia relating to your purchase and possibly other products as well. It will allow you to manage payment on the vehicle and deal with any queries that may crop up.

You should also be able to view statements and all other necessary financial information relating to the sale or lease the vehicle. There will also be a number of finance tools available on the Kia website, one of the best ones being an online car calculator. This can be used prior to purchasing or leasing a vehicle, and can give you a fairly accurate idea as to what its cost is likely to be. As with any type of budgeting, it is important to be clear with yourself about exactly what your other monthly outgoings are and are likely to be over the period of the lease or loan agreement, and what your income is likely to be that period as well.


Kia finance can also be used to take advantage of a number of different incentives and loyalty offers that Kia will offer both on a national basis and through different local dealership schemes. Some of these incentives and offers will relate to certain categories of people such as college graduates and people who have served or are currently serving in the military. Other offers will relate to specific times of the year when dealers need to shift their inventory, or times of the year when sales are notoriously slow, or specific benefits such as extended warranties

Planning to buy or lease your car well in advance can often result in significant savings if this is followed through. Kia finance may well make special offers relating to 0 or low interest rates, either on specific models or again at specific times of the year. These offers are obviously have a degree of small print that means they will be saved for people who have exceptionally high credit scores.

From time to time Kia will possibly have arrangements with an insurance company that will offer beneficial rates to potential customers. In addition, people who claim pre-approval for Kia finance may be offered favourable discounts on certain models types of car.


Commercial finance is often overlooked in relation to Kia finance regarding sales and leasing of vehicles, which can be a real mistake. the maths is simple, in that if you as an individual or a business looking to buy or lease one or more vehicles over a period of time you have more negotiating power and if you are simply talking about a single unit, and that is all commercial finance relates to. Bear in mind that if you are applying for commercial finance the application process and assessment will be more rigerous and if you were a single customer, and cannot involve more detailed analysis of your personal and financial information as well as that of your business, and any key people employed or engaged in the conduct of your business.







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13 Ways To Get Best Deals With Honda Financial

Honda Financial is the credit division of Honda.

It offers customers help when arranging finance for cars and trucks.

Also with motorcycles, generators and power equipment.

There are three or four main things to think about:

Whether to buy or lease

If buying, new or second hand

How to check your credit score

How to improve your credit score

How to get the best deal on price and finance

Many customers like the idea of being able to buy or lease a vehicle from Ford.

Honda have made a significant effort to try and move people away from the idea that leasing a vehicle is essentially something that relates to the commercial corporate world.

There is a huge market for individuals to lease a car or truck, as opposed to buying one outright.

For many people there are a number of attractions about leasing a vehicle from Honda.

The main one often is that it gives a potential customer the option of being able to essentially own a new car, when they would not otherwise be able to afford it. In many ways it is worth thinking about the idea of leasing a vehicle as being similar to that of a long-term rental.


The customer does not actually own the vehicle outright, but has ownership of it for a specified period of time, subject to certain terms and conditions. In terms of the loan arrangement, the potential customer would need to make a down payment on the vehicle, agree monthly payments for the use of vehicle, and potentially agree costs at the end of the lease period. Lease end costs can add up to quite a significant amount of money in some cases, and it is important that what these costs are is specified at the outset of any lease contract.


The main benefit of leasing for most people is that it gives them an opportunity to effectively own a new Honda without actually buying once. The lease contract can normally be between 24 and 60 months, there will also be different options as to the mileage allowance for the period of the lease, the lease may well include paid for gap insurance, there will normally be an option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease, and Honda often offer from a high degree of greater flexibility about lease end payments. The other main benefits include the fact that it will come with a full warranty, and specified maintenance costs which should be negotiable as part of the lease agreement.


The cost of leasing a Honda will of course vary depending upon the vehicle, the credit score of the individual and the dealership. Remember from a customer point of view that all of these should be negotiable. There will be a down payment on the vehicle, a fixed monthly payments charge, certain specified insurance costs and the possibility of certain costs incurred at the end of the lease relating to wear and tear. There may also be an early termination charge in the event that the customer terminates the lease before the end of the agreed contract period.


Lease end costs tend to relate to charges incurred for excessive wear and tear on the vehicle, any additional bodywork that may need repairing or replacing, and any excess mileage that may be charged to the vehicle. From a customer point of view, whilst they have ownership of the vehicle for the specified period of the lease they are not allowed to make any modifications or changes to vehicle, and are responsible for it completely whilst it is in their care. There may well be the option to purchase the vehicle outright at the end of the lease, in which case the lease end costs would either not be incurred or would be modified to reflect the market value of the car or truck.


Honda Financial services also very much related to sales of cars and trucks as well as leasing. A Honda dealer is likely to be able to offer credit finance to any potential customer, subject to status, and it’s possible to get pre-approval for a loan through the Honda website. Any potential customer looking to buy a Honda vehicle will have to fill in an application form, normally online, which will be used as a basis for assessing and obtaining a credit score.

This credit score is used by Honda financial as a way of determining whether or not to lend the individual any money by way of a loan, if so how much, on what terms and conditions and the size of any down payment may be needed. If the individual has a poor bad credit rating, then this will be reflected in the decision that Honda make regarding the availability of finance, and may well result either in declining any finance, or imposing certain terms and conditions.


It is always worth getting alternative quotes for any loan, either from a bank, credit union or other financial institution. These can then be used as a basis for negotiation either with Honda Financial or one of the other finance institutions. It is always a good idea to at some level keep the process of buying or leasing the Honda car or truck separate from the process of arranging finance or credit for it.

They are essentially two separate items, and keeping them separate allows a clearer sense of what each is actually going to cost. Whilst it can make life easier anyway to have the finance or credit arrangement under at the same time as buying or leasing the vehicle, it can also slightly blur the reality of what the specific costs are for each area of the transaction. Clarity makes life a lot easier, and in the end gives the individual a better sense of where to be able to negotiate the best possible deal.


Like a lot of manufacturers, Honda offer a selection of what they refer to as pre-owned vehicles, which tend to be Honda vehicles that they have either sold and maintained since new, or vehicles that they have inspected and verified to certain specified standards. The intent is to give a used vehicle a high degree of credibility through using the Honda brand as a way of confirming its mechanical condition. What often there are special deals on these pre-owned vehicles that are made available to customers who apply for and are accepted into the Honda financial credit program.


Honda Care Maintenance is a Honda program that allows you to prepay for a range of servicing and maintenance options for a vehicle that you buy from them. The program will specify exactly what services are covered and will include parts and labor for the services. Obviously prepay means you pay upfront, although Honda does often offer interest-free payment plans. The advantage from a customer point of view is that prices are fixed, and that as a fixed cost it is known in advance how much you will be paying.


Honda offer a range of vehicle service contracts, which give differing levels of service and benefits depending upon your type of vehicle and what level of cover you want. There is normally new vehicle coverage, pre-owned vehicle coverage and certified additional coverage. These plans will normally cover extensive mechanical and electrical servicing and masons costs shall be specified in the contract, and may also include rental car reimbursement and various types of roadside assistance and emergency service help.


Honda, like many other manufacturers offers special deals and discounts throughout the year to certain types of potential customer, these normally include college graduates and people who have served or are currently serving in the military. These discounts and programs can often offer significant financial savings and should be well investigated.


Gap Insurance refers to the difference between the final price paid for a vehicle, and possibly any additional costs, and it’s insurance value if it is involved in an accident or is written off. In such an event, the amount paid by the insurance company is likely to be significantly less than the amount paid for it, and this type of insurance is designed to cover the difference which would otherwise be left as an unsecured debt is the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle.


This is an area that many people either neglect or do not really think through, and which can generate practical problems after any sale or lease agreement has been signed and sorted. It simply relates to how someone manages their account, including payments, end of lease agreements, booking servicing and maintenance schedule for the vehicle, dealing with any problems that may arise etc. it is just really important that anyone looking to buy or lease a Honda vehicle getting permission a need for signing off on a sale or lease, including contact numbers, addresses and most importantly people’s names.

13.Honda Financial – Refinancing

At some point of  a car loan, many people will consider refinance as an option. This allows them to take out another loan, which effectively pays off the original loan and supersedes it with another, usually on improves tersm and conditions for the customer, such as an improved interest rate or reduced down payment

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