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Self Driving Trucks Become a Reality

Already a banner year in self-driving advancements – including the first on-street test of an autonomous vehicle in Canada – interest in the sector picked up in the closing months of 2017 after Tesla Inc. showcased a fully electric semi-trailer truck equipped with semi-autonomous technology including enhanced autopilot, automated braking and lane departure warnings.

Toronto trucking firm Fortigo Freight joined Loblaws and Walmart Canada in each pre-ordering Tesla semis, the $232,000 electric truck set to be delivered in 2019 that holds the promise of eventually becoming autonomous.

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Ferrari Goes SUV ?

Ferrari turned into the world’s hottest sports cars brand, and one of the best-known luxury brands, by carefully fine-tuning its image.

The sports cars were sold as race-inspired machines, brimming with the DNA of Ferrari’s Formula 1 team, the most successful in the history of the sport (think Michael Schumacher, Niki Lauda and Canada’s own Gilles Villeneuve). Production was limited to ensure a two-year waiting time for delivery.

Anything less and the cars might lose their worth-waiting-for mystique; anything more, and buyers might lose patience and opt for a Lamborghini or a McLaren.

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What is Ford Credit Lease?

Leasing a car or truck from Ford is an option that many people will consider, not least because the monthly repayment costs for any individual should work out considerably less than if they were to buy the vehicle outright.

Whilst obviously costs per individual can differ depending upon their credit score, the relative costs between leasing and ownership or one individual should be significantly less.

People normally think of for credit in terms of being the finance arm of Ford that arranges auto loans for people wanting to buy a new or used vehicle through a Ford dealership. When arranging or negotiating a lease arrangement with Ford it is important to understand the basics of how a lease works.

The car or truck, often referred to as a Ford vehicle remains the property of Ford, who retain title and ownership. The individual potentially has use of the vehicle for the term of the contract, which can be anything up to 5 or six years.

What is Ford Credit Lease?

The structure of the lease arrangement can be fairly similar to that of a sale, in that the individual is likely to be recorded to make a down payment on the vehicle, and pay a monthly charge to Ford for use of the vehicle.

One of the major differences is that at the end of the lease period the car reverts back to Ford, unlike the end of an auto loan repayment period when the car is owned and hundreds of outright by the individual themselves.

It is also important to realise that there are additional costs at the end of the lease period, and also quite often an option the individual to purchase the car from Ford lease has expired. There is also normally the option, depending upon the management of the lease during this period, for the individual to be offered the availability of leasing another vehicle from Fort instead.

These costs are known as lease end costs, and normally refer to any excess wear and tear to the interior of the vehicle given its mileage and condition, any damage or paintwork or parts that need replacing to the exterior of the vehicle, and any excess mileage that may have been used during the period of the lease.

The lease agreement will specify a mileage allowance, either on an annual basis or for the duration of the lease as a whole, and if the mileage has exceeded this figure then it will be charged to the individual accordingly. All charges relating to lease end costs should be specified in the lease itself in terms of how they are worked out and on what basis they are completed.


Are Ford Credit Interest Rates Better Than Others?

When someone is looking to buy a new or used Ford car, there is often an assumption that it is easier to arrange the finance with Ford at the same time through the credit division, Ford credit.

The convenience factor can often be a big part of the sales process, and in reality can often make things see much easier. People also assume that if they are buying the car and arranging finance at the same time they are likely to get a better credit deal to do by virtue of that, that they are likely to get a better interest rate because they are doing the financing through Ford.

In reality this is to simply not true. Ford Credit acts as any other lender would do, such as a bank or a credit union, and lends money only to people who it believes are credit worthy, and who they believe can repay the loan in good-faith.

As such the interest rates they charge to their customers are likely to be in accord with what other lenders will charge, given the proviso that it is an open market and any lender can in theory charge whatever they like.

Ford Credit Interest Rates

Anyone looking to borrow money for an auto loan would do well to consider all the aspects of the purchase as well as the various differing factors that make up the auto loan itself. Budgeting for you can afford to borrow is a crucial first step in the process.

Some people look at how much they can afford to borrow overall, other people look at what they can afford to repay on a monthly basis. Ford credit interest rates will reflect a number of factors in terms of the make up of an auto loan, but will ultimately be based upon the credit score of the individual applying for the loan.

This credit score will determine  Fords attitude to lending, in terms of the size of the down payment card, the length of time of the loan and the interest rate charged during that period.

In addition, anyone borrowing money from Ford credit would do well to look at the overall package of costs involved in buying the vehicle. This can include much of a discount they believe they can negotiate on the list price, what the charges are likely to be in terms of sales taxes, fees, documentation fees, insurance costs, servicing and maintenance costs, roadside assistance etc.

These costs can mount up considerably and should be considered when negotiating how much money needs to be borrowed from Ford credit. These additional costs can also often be the basis for a negotiation which can reduce the overall cost involved, and make the issue of an interest rate perhaps less important if the overall amount being borrowed has been reduced significantly.

What is Ford Credit Finance?

When applying for credit or finance to buy any new or used Ford car or truck, it is quite a good idea to clarify the terms of our used in terms of both the lender and the type of finance or credit that they are offering.

Ford, in common with other auto manufacturers have their own finance division which is known as Ford credit. This is sometimes referred to in a more  slang type term as Ford finance meaning simply borrowing money to buy or lease the car.

Ford finance is also a term used when arranging any type of financial credit from any other lender such as a bank or a credit union with the express purpose of buying a Ford vehicle.

Any type of finance arrangement arranged directly with full credit is likely to be what is known as a secured loan. This means simply that the vehicle that the money is borrowed in order to buy is in the sense security or collateral for the loan.

Ford Credit Finance

This means that if the individual taking out the loan failed to make any repayments then the credit provider in this case, Ford credit, can repossess the vehicle and resell it in order to regain some of the money they have lost through the defaulting loans.

It is worth pointing out that the individual still liable for any balance owing after the sale of any repossessed vehicle. This normally occurs when the value of the repossessed vehicle has fallen beneath the amount left on the loan, a fairly normal occurrence considering the depreciation of the value of vehicle and the length of time of most auto loans.

It is also possible to arrange an unsecured loan, although this is more likely to be with a traditional lender such as a bank or a credit union. In the instance of an unsecured loan the asset, in this case the Ford car or truck, is not used as security and therefore the lender has no  automatic right to repossess it in the event of a default on the loan or of the individual being unable to pay it.

Depending upon the sums of money involved the lender would have to take legal action to either try and reclaim the vehicle or the amount lent was outstanding. It is also important to realise that the interest rate charged on an unsecured loan is likely to be significantly higher than that charged on a secured loan, as the risk to the lender is seen as that much greater.

2018 – Year of the Electric Car

In 2018, electric cars will finally turn the corner from curious niche product to become a viable option for America’s families. Next year will mark a turning point in the ultimate electrification of America’s roads.

Electric cars will still only make up just 1.5% of all U.S. auto sales according Navigant Research. But, for EVs, the really important numbers to watch are price, driving range and availability.

Americans will finally be able to buy reasonably affordable and widely available electric cars that can hold enough power to breeze through their daily routines with no worries. Cars like the Chevrolet Bolt EV, the redesigned Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model 3 will begin to strip away the “trust issue,” as Kelley Blue Book analyst Rebecca Lindland terms it.

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BMW Aims for Massive Electric Car Sales

The new 2020 plug-in electric vehicles sales target at BMW is 500,000 units, the company’s CEO, Harald Krueger, has stated in an interview with the Germany newspaper WirtschaftsWoche.

To put that another way, BMW is now aiming to have sold half a million plug-in electric vehicles worldwide by the end of 2019 — meaning that the company is aiming for sales to pick up quite a bit by then, as “only” 100,000 plug-in electric BMWs have been sold worldwide as of the end of 2017.

To elaborate on that, Krueger told the German weekly newspaper noted above that deliveries of electrified vehicles were to increase by a “medium double-digit percentage” during 2018. Presumably, 2019 would then see a similar increase, if the new goal is to be achieved.

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How Good is the Ford Escape? – Review

These are a selection of reviews of the best selling Ford Escape – For full review, please click the link after the review. For details of Ford Credit, please click here

Is the Ford Escape a Good SUV?

The Ford Escape is a very good SUV overall that checks most of the boxes for “sport” and “utility,” with an engaging driving experience, ample passenger room, and above-average cargo space. The cabin is also one of the nicest in the class, with high-quality materials and a pleasing design.

However, you‘ll probably want to upgrade from the Escape’s base model. Few features and a near complete lack of options make a standard Escape somewhat unimpressive. It will get you where you need to go, but that’s about it. The standard engine feels underpowered and returns low fuel economy estimates as well. Upgrading to one of two higher trim levels gets you a more powerful and efficient engine and access to many other options that make the Escape a more capable and enjoyable daily driver.


Driving Impressions

When it comes to horsepower, Ford’s 7-passenger Explorer SUV for 2017 delivers at every level. From the standard 290-horsepower V6 to the fuel-efficient 280-horsepower turbo 4-cylinder available in the base, XLT and Limited trims, Ford places choice front and center.

Need more “oomph”? Try out the Sport and Platinum trim’s 365-horsepower twin-turbocharged V6. Capable for sure, the Explorer delivers excellent passing and pulling power and its heavily weighted steering and taut suspension give this big SUV impressive cornering ability, although its high beltline and massive front bumper make maneuvers in tight quarters a bit harrowing.

Ford has done an excellent job keeping road, engine and wind noise out of the cabin, and all but the rearmost occupants felt the seating was both comfortable and supportive. The Explorer’s adaptive cruise control works well, but we wish it offered fully autonomous braking like the Honda Pilot, not just collision warning.



What Are Best GM Financing Offers?

General Motors financing offers are sometimes referred to as incentives, or in slang term inducements. They can refer to a wide range of offers and promotions which refer both to the financing of the vehicle, or to the actual cost of the sale or running costs of the car or truck that the customer is buying.

Financing offers can be extremely attractive to a number of customers. General Motors tends to offer a number of fixed incentives to certain categories of customer, such as those who are currently serving or who have served in the military, people who are students etc.

In addition finance your offers can sometimes be portrayed as a rebate on the sale price of the vehicle. This needs to be looked at carefully as anyone buying a new General Motors car truck would expect a fairly sizeable discount on the list price anyway.

GM financing offers can also include certain deals with select insurance companies, who can offer attractive rates to General Motors customers. These deals can be quite good, but as with all insurance and finance related matters it is always a good idea to obtain alternative quotations that can be compared with the one-time offer on a like-for-like basis.

GM Financing Offers

GM financing offers are also often related to customers who pre-apply for a loan or lease agreement. It is often an attractive way of getting customers to sign up for the option of arranging finance, and is sometimes used as a leading either to certain select models which are being priced very competitively, or as a way of offering certain finance deals by way of a zero or low rate of interest or certain benefits on vehicle protection plans.

General Motors will also run a number of incentive schemes throughout the year, that either relate to specific models that they are trying to shift in terms of inventories, or aimed at certain categories of customer who they are trying to attract.

Some of these financing offers will be offered on a national basis, and others will be offered locally through GM dealerships. It is always worth remembering that even if there is no specific financing offer available, there is always the option to negotiate directly with a GM dealership on both the finance aspect of the deal and the sale price of the car or truck involved.

GM financing offers can also be relative to certain times of the year, when selected deals will be offered at time times of the consumer market, or when a boost is needed in terms of sales or associated revenue through servicing and maintenance contracts.


What Are GM Loans?

GM loans tends to be a slang expression for what is more formally called dealership financing in respect of General Motors.

Like a lot of manufacturers, General Motors makes finance available to selected customers in order for them to buy a new or used car or truck through the dealership network, and also to arrange the option of leasing a vehicle instead if that is a more attractive option for the customer.

Some people think that if they arrange the finance to General Motors at the same time as buying a car or truck directly they are likely to get more profitable terms regarding the credit finance arrangement.

This is actually unlikely to be true, and it is always a good idea when arranging any type of finance or credit to obtain a quotation from, in this case, GM financial, and then obtain alternative quotations from other lenders such as a bank or a credit union and be willing to compare them on a like-for-like basis.

GM Loans

GM financial will act as the credit arm of General Motors, and will carry out background checks on people applying for credit or loans.

A full credit history will be taken by way of a navigation form which will then be used as basis for determining the individual’s credit score, and GM financial will decide whether or not to lend the individual that money and if so on what terms and conditions.

It is often a good idea to separate out the financing of the vehicle from the sale, even if both are being done with General Motors. It is really a boundary issue.

There is normally, depending upon the individual’s credit score, a fair degree of scope to build negotiate both the finance and the sale of the vehicle. With regard to the finance the vocational areas normally relates to the size of the down payment, the interest rate charged and how long the contract to run for. It is also worth checking what penalty charges if any  they may be if the finance arrangement is terminated early.

GM loans are normally secured against the car or truck that the individual is buying from General Motors, meaning that if the individual defaults on the loan cannot get back General Motors will repossess the car or truck and use its value as a way of offsetting or mitigating that exposure in terms of the debt of the individual.

How to Get GM Financial Auto Loan

A car loan from General Motors, often referred to as a GM financial auto loan, is essentially a secured personal loan offered to an individual for the purpose of buying a new or used car from General Motors. It can of course also include an auto loan for the purpose of buying a new or used truck.

The term of the loan is fixed at the outset and is normally summer between 12 months and five or six years. The shorter the period of the loan, normally the higher the interest rate, where as a longer period of loan may work out much cheaper for some people.

It is worth considering the length of time period of the auto loan involved, whether from General Motors or another lender. Many people will opt for a long period of time for the loan period as this normally means they will have a lower monthly repayment cost than if they had a short loan period.

GM Financial Auto Loan

Whilst this can sometimes be true, it also means that there is a much greater likelihood that their cart will devalue to such an extent that they are in effect in negative equity. Whilst the term negative equity is not always applied to auto loans, it does exist although obverse is not on the same scale as a sort of when referred to home owner loans.

It is however an important consideration given that if an individual has a GM financial auto loan in place, and the car is written off or totalled in anyway then there is obviously a significant gap between its value in insurance terms, and the amount left outstanding on the auto loan.

This is one of the reasons why it is worth making sure that you have gap insurance in place as this effectively covers the balance between the two. If no such insurances place then the amount outstanding on the loans is deemed to be a debt to General Motors owed by the customer, and as such the customer still liable to pay it off.

Most GM financial auto loans will work on this basis, and have a structure that means you pay a down payment on the vehicle, agree a fixed term loan length period, there will be an interest rate charged on the balance of the loan for the duration of the time period, and this will result in fixed monthly payments by the customer to General Motors.

This is assuming that the interest rate is a fixed rate which is fairly standard for most financial auto loans, and gives a much greater degree of stability to both sides as the amount is fixed for the period of the loan.

How To Get Best GM Finance Rates

Arranging an auto loan with General Motors is a form of what is known as dealership financing, and GM finance rates will apply in the same way as interest rates are structured into a loan agreement by a bank or a credit union, when you’re the sort of financial lending institution.

GM finance rates will vary depending upon the individual applying for a loan and their credit score and credit rating as determined by the information provided on the petition form.

People sometimes assume that GM finance rates are more favourable to the individual if they are buying a car or truck from General Motors at the same time. There is no evidence to support this and it is more likely to be wishful thinking than based in actual fact or experience, although there may be some anecdotal evidence available that does lead to this conclusion.

GM Finance Rates

On the whole, General Motors will treat each customer same as any bank or lending institution would in terms of their assessment of their creditworthiness, and whether or not they want to lend the money and if so on what terms and conditions.

It is not in General Motors interest to lend money or saw a car to an individual who cannot afford to pay it back for a whole variety of fairly obvious reasons.

GM finance rates will be worked out and offered to the individual once they have applied for credit, either through pre-approval or through a GM dealership once the sale of the car or truck has begun.

It is fairly obvious that it is attractive to a number of people to be able to arrange the finance at the same time as buying a new car or truck. However it is worth separating out the two processes and treating them as separate issues, even if they are both being done at the same time.

For this reason, it is always a good idea to get separate quotations from alternative sources of finance and to be able to compare them on a like-for-like basis. This means they should have similar sizes of down payment and similar length of time loan periods.

GM finance rates will apply to personal secured  auto loans, but it should be remembered that there is a fair chance these can be negotiated.

People often get drawn into the excitement of buying a new car and your sight of the fact actually any central savings they might make on the sale price of the vehicle can easily be lost in  excess charges that they pay through not properly negotiating the finance side of the arrangement. Both areas of the transaction can be treated as being open to negotiation and should be able to offer some degree of benefit to the consumer.

How Does GM Financial Customer Service Work?

Arranging a loan with GM financial inevitably involves a fair degree of paperwork, if not literally, and a sense of losing some degree of advice and guidance both throughout the process and afterwards.

GM financial has a  strong reputation for its customer service arm which can do much good work in both these areas. Most people assume that the customer service arm of any dealership only comes into play once the sale or lease agreement has been agreed, and deals with feeding problems regarding payments or warranty issues

In fact a good customer service agent will do much more than that and be able to provide a degree of useful advice during the process as well.

GM Financial Customer Service

When deciding on what type of auto loan the individual requires, there are a number of factors to take into account. First and foremost is the sale price of the vehicle and how much they are going to end up paying for it, in terms of its list price and how much of a discount they can expect to be offered by the dealership. There will also be additional costs to be.

In terms of vehicle service contracts, servicing and maintenance plans, extended warranties and roadside assistance and emergency transportation plans. It is also  worth remembering that insurance costs can be substantial on any vehicle, and it is a good idea to have some idea what these are likely to be prior to buying or leasing the GM car or truck.

GM financial customer service agents will have, or should have, a significant amount of experience in all of these areas and are a resource that although not always commonly thought of, should be used and can be used prior to the sale or lease agreement finalised.

Of course they are also there to deal with any teething problems once the loan or lease agreement has been finalised, but often they can provide insights into areas of the auto loan process that can prevent problems in the first base.

Toyota Goes All Electric

Toyota Motor Corp (ADR) (NYSE: TM) has announced a new aggressive electric vehicle initiative that includes rolling out 10 new fully EV models in the early 2020s. Toyota may not be the first to the electric vehicle market, but investors can rest assured that it will be a major player within the next decade.

Toyota says it has a goal of selling 1 million zero-emission battery-powered electric and fuel-cell vehicles by 2030. By that time, the company hopes EVs, including petrol-electric and plug-in hybrids, will make up roughly half of its total global sales.

“As a mass-market automaker, we need to expand our offering of electric cars,” executive vice president Shigeki Terashi says. “To promote the wider use of EVs, we need to increase our technical development capabilities and address the societal impact of the technology.”

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What is Ford Motor Credit Pre-Approval?

Anyone looking for an auto loan, or looking to arrange credit when buying a car or truck, would do well to consider getting  pre-approval clearance from Ford motor credit or Ford credit.

Ford credit is the credit arm of Ford motor company, and offers pre-approval to selected potential customers by way of sharing them for some type of finance or credit agreement in advance of their purchase of the vehicle.

Pre-approval for finance or credit is something that can offer a number of advantages. From a customer point of view, it gives them an idea of how much a lender like Ford motor credit is willing to offer in a general sense, and on what terms and conditions.

It is worth mentioning that it is a always a good idea to get alternative quotations from different lenders and to be able to compare them on a like-for-like basis. Pre-approval will also possibly allow the potential customer access to a range of selected vehicles which may only be offered to pre-approved customers.

Ford Motor Credit Pre-Approval

Ford Motor credit, or Ford credit offer the option of pre-approval to certain customers simply because it can facilitate option of arranging credit or finance on a new or used vehicle, or possibly facilitate the leasing of a vehicle instead.

The criteria for pre-approval will be the same as if it were done at the time of the sale of the vehicle, it simply takes a degree of the pressure off both sides in terms of agreeing something in principle, and then arranging the details at the actual time of the sale itself.

Pre-approval should be thought of as an agreement in principle, subject to the terms and conditions of the lender, and subject to final approval when the sale or lease agreement is concluded.

It should not be thought of as a binding commitment by Ford Motor credit, rather an agreement in principle based on the credit rating and information provided by the individual looking to arrange finance and credit.

What is a Ford Motor Credit Lease Payoff?

When a lease agreement is arranged with Ford Motor credit, one of the things that should be discussed at the outset of the lease what are often referred to as lease end costs, or charges that will be incurred when paying off the lease at the end of its expiry. People may also want to consider the option of paying off a lease early, and that is a different process altogether.

When  a customer decides to lease a vehicle, they would do well to think of it as a long-term rental with certain additional costs throughout the time of the lease and also at the end of the lease period.

A lease can run for different periods of time, with about four ,five or six years being fairly standard. The customer will pay a down payment at the beginning of the lease, and a monthly charge back to Ford Motor credit during the term of the lease.

At the end of the lease period, an assessment will be made of the vehicle, normally a few weeks before the lease expires, and special focus will be paid to 2 main areas.

Firstly is the where and tear of the vehicle both inside and outside, including any damage to the paintwork, any scratchings or items of the car that had been replaced with parts that are not manufacturer specific and detailed in the lease agreement. The way the web and tear is worked out should also be specified at the outset of the lease.

Ford Motor Credit Lease Payoff?

Once the assessment has been made, a charge will be determined as to rectify any additional wear and tax costs that would bring it up to the standard of what would be expected for a vehicle of that age and condition. The customer will be given the option of either having the work done themselves prior to the lease ending, or paying Ford Motor credit to do the work instead.

The other cost at the end of the lease normally refers to excess mileage. At the outset of the lease a mileage allowance will be agreed, either on an annual basis or for the term of the lease overall. Additional mileage can be purchased throughout the term of the lease if needed. At the end of the lease the mileage will be calculated and any additional mileage charged at an agreed rate.

These are the main charges that relates to a lease payoff. If someone is looking to pay off a lease early, then that needs to be negotiated with Ford credit or Ford Motor credit. What charges they will be will depend to an extent on what the individual is planning to do.

If they are simply planning to walk away and that is a different scenario from them planning to buy out the vehicle instead, or to lease another one place. If possible, it would be a good idea to discuss this option with the Ford dealership when arranging the lease in the first place and seeing what their views on the matter are.

What is a Ford Credit Application?

An application for Ford credit will be considered on the same basis as most applications for any type of auto finance or credit, with the added caveat for credit is simply one lender, and that assessment of you could well differ from other lenders. The application process however will pretty much be a standard one, whether done at the time of sale or pre-approval.

Anyone filling out an application for Ford credit will be required to disclose insignificant amount of personal and financial information relating to themselves and possibly to other people as well.

This information is then disclosed to a credit bureau who will make an assessment of the individual along with other information they may have about them, and on that basis sign them a credit score. This credit score is then used as the main determinant by Ford credit as to whether or not to lend the individual money, and if so on what terms and conditions.

Ford Credit Application

If the individual applying for Ford credit either has no credit history, or a poor credit history then they may wish for a cosigner to be part of the agreement. A cosigner is normally someone who in effect counties the loan on behalf of the individual.

They will normally have a significantly higher credit rating than the individual applying for a loan. This is quite often done within families as a way of allowing an individual to arrange finance the basis that they would not otherwise be able to do. It is worth stating or remembering that a cosigner will be responsible for paying back the loan if the individual fails to do so for any reason whatever.

If someone is applying for Ford credit for a commercial auto loan, or for a truck vehicle that is likely to be used in connection with the business and the application process is likely to be more thorough. This simply means that the questions asked are likely to refer to the individuals business dealings as well, and also potentially to any other partners/directors/ co-owners of the business, or anyone involved in its operations. Given that a significant amount of personal and financial information will be required, this is a consideration should be looked at carefully.

What is an Average Credit Score?

People often ask the question what is an average credit score, usually with another question at the back of my mind.

The other question is normally a much more important one, and normally relates to whether the individual thinks their credit score is good enough to get a decent deal when arranging finance with Ford credit or any other lender. Looking to an average credit score can exceed be a bit misleading, simply because any type of average has both winners and losers.

It is better in many ways to simply relies the mechanism for how a credit score is worked out, understand the nature of a credit report and look to see what can be done to improve the credit report both short-term and long-term.

People tend to look at the credit score as being the primary issue when determining terms and conditions for an auto loan, but often tend to forget that actually it is the credit report that is the basis for establishing the credit score, and that often much can be done here to improve someone’s credit rating overall.

Average Credit Score

A credit report is a compilation of a wide range of personal and financial information, both historical and current. Some of the information will be disclosed by the individual in the application form, other information will be collected by the credit bureau from public records and other sources.

This report will likely be compiled by one of the three main credit rating agencies who will then assign it credit score of their choosing.

Normally, a credit report will only be allowed by law to use certain information about the individual for a fixed period of time. This course can vary depending upon where you live, but as a general principle holds true most places.

This requirement normally applies to fairly major areas of an individual’s life like bankruptcy, which can only be used for a certain number of years in relation to the individuals credit report. This is why it is worth checking what information is contained in the report and  how far back it goes. should if you discover that there is information in the credit report that is either in accurate or out of date, then contact the credit bureau concerned and ask them  to correct or remove it.

The other thing that is a good idea is to look at how a credit agency assesses someone’s credit rating in the long term, and look at ways of improving it. There are numerous guides to have a credit bureau assesses an individual in relation to their lending habits, in terms of credit cards, credit  applications, management of debt etc.

Understanding how a credit agency determines your suitability on the basis of past management of loans and overdrafts allows you to change these patterns, and overall improve your credit rating and subsequent credit score. This is a much better approach to securing effective auto Finance with Ford credit, as opposed to looking for an average credit score.


How to get Credit on a Ford Fiesta

Arranging credit on a Ford Fiesta, or arranging a car loan is is in theory a relatively straightforward practice, but with the slickness of number of caveats about the creditworthiness of the individual concerned, and how best to negotiate both finance and price when dealing with them both at the same time.

It is a good idea to separate out the two processes, of arranging finance and of buying the Ford Fiesta, even if doing them both at the same time with Ford credit and dealing with a Ford dealership. Both the sale price of the Ford Fiesta and the finance for its can be negotiated separately, and there is room usually for significant savings on both.

For many people the attraction of dealing with Ford credit is that it simplifies the process, in that finance or credit is arranged with the dealership and makes it an all in one package. There is honestly a very real attraction in this, but it can also blur the boundaries between the two processes.

Credit on a Ford Fiesta

Anyone applying for finance or credit would do well to shop around and get alternative quotes from different lenders. It is often suggested that three or four lenders is sufficient. Whilst lenders may vary, many people recommend approaching a bank or a credit union who are regarded as mainstream lenders.

Credit unions are often thought of as a reliable source of loans, but obviously you need to be a member of it in the first place.

Once a number of quotations have been obtained for finance or credit, then it is normally very clear what the consensus amongst these lenders is regarding your credit application. This should put the individual in a fairly strong position in negotiating finance with Ford credit if they wish to pursue that option when buying their Ford Fiesta.

When negotiating the sale price on a Ford Fiesta, it can be a good idea to do this before actually entering the showroom itself. Many dealers expect to do a lot of their price negotiation either over the phone or by the Internet before they actually meet a customer face-to-face.

From a customer’s point of view, the advantage is really that puts them in the stronger position of simply being able to call way from the dealership if they so choose, something that is much harder to do if they are physically in the dealers showroom.

What are Ford Offers?

Ford offers are quite often referred to as Ford incentives, and can cover a wide range of options or inducements to promote both sales and leasing plans and associated costs and benefits to potential customers. Ford offers can work either at a national level, or at a local level through dealerships or both.

Ford offers can also relate either to the entire range of vehicles, to selected vehicles only, to certain customers only or to certain customers who obtain pre-approval for Ford credit.

Ford offers may also relate to finance deals for individuals, which may or may not apply to all or any of their vehicles, and may well apply to certain selected customers who will normally have a fairly high credit score or credit rating.

Ford offers can also be a seasonal process, offering the above options at certain times of the year, either as a way of boosting sales when they might otherwise be a bit flat, or clearing inventories to allow for new models for new vehicles to come through.

Ford Offers

Ford offers of all types are likely to be good deals if one can avail themselves of them, and they relate to specific cars or trucks that the individual wants to buy or lease.

What can make a real difference is if someone is willing to play the waiting game, and be willing to buy or lease their vehicle when the specific offers come up. This may mean waiting a few months before being able to take advantage of a specific offer or incentive.

Ford offers can also relate to costs outside of the sale of lease price of vehicle, and  will normally relate to things such as vehicle protection plans, such as vehicle service contracts, servicing and maintenance contracts, extended warranties or roadside assistance and emergency plans.

Ford may also from time to time have arrangements with insurance companies who can offer auto insurance car insurance deals to selected customers. Again deals  with selected insurance companies may well be advantageous, but should also be compared with other insurance companies offering quotations on a like-for-like basis.