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Is it worth getting a Red Carpet Lease on a Lincoln ?

A Red Carpet Lease deal on a Lincoln can have a number of advantages, but should be taken in context of how an auto lease works, and the various cost components that make up any lease agreement with Ford credit.

The attraction of a lease deal is normally that it allows an individual to effectively have you solve but not own a brand-new car, in this case a Lincoln, with all the benefits and appeal of a new car, including warranties and mechanical reliability.

The downside for some people is that they do not actually own the vehicle or title to it, and after the lease period ends they effectively have to give it back, although there is normally the option to purchase it at a significant discount.

It is worth thinking of any type of Red Carpet lease deal in a similar vein to that of a long term rental. Although there are significant differences in terms of rental agreements, there are also a lot of similarities.

Red Carpet Lease on a Lincoln

Any red carpet lease deal will have a number of components that should be understood in order to make a judgement about whether it is the least appropriate method of financing a new car.

There will be a down payment, a monthly payment charge, a fixed mileage allowance either on an annual basis or for the duration of the lease, a fixed lease period of a certain number of years and an end of lease payment once the lease expires.

The size of the down payment and other financial components will to an extent depend on the credit score of the individual concerned, and also the extent to which the individual has been able to negotiate a final fixed-price on the vehicle itself.

Many people assume that with a lease deal they simply have to go with the price that the dealership says the car, in this case a Lincoln, is valued at. In truth it is perfectly possible to negotiate a final fixed-price on a Lincoln when arranging a red carpet lease, as it would be if you were buying a vehicle outright.

The other important area to understand is end of lease payments,  or lease end costs. These are charges that are applicable to the vehicle that cover any excess wear and tear to the inside of the vehicle, and any damage or dents or paintwork needs repairing to the outside of the vehicle.

The way these charges are assessed should be specifically spelt out in the lease agreement. The individual who takes out the lease agreement will normally be given the option of having worked on themselves prior to the lease finishing, or letting Ford do the work  and charging the client accordingly.

How are Ford Motor Credit Interest Rates worked out

Ford Motor credit interest rates are one component of the finance arrangement that will be put in place by Ford credit when arranging an auto loan for an individual to buy a Ford car or truck.

Ford credit will use interest rates that they determine are applicable to any individual, based largely on the individual’s credit score.

When arranging finance with Ford credit, as with any other auto loan lender, a detailed application will be taken from the individual which will then be used as a basis for working out a credit score, and that credit score will then be used as a basis for assessing whether or not to lend the individual money, and if so on what terms and conditions.

Ford Motor Credit Interest Rates

While interest rates are an important factor, they are not the only ones.

There will be a down payment on the vehicle that will be required, the sight of which will also be determined by the individual’s credit score.

It is also perfectly possible for the individual to put down a higher deposit than is required, which will obviously lessen the amount borrowed and such reduce the size of monthly payments.

It is also worth bearing in mind that an individual is a perfect liberty to try and refinance a Ford credit loan pretty much at any point once the loan has been taken out. If interest rates drop considerably, or the individual’s credit score improves for any particular reason, then a highly likely that the individual will consider refinancing the original loan.

This is normally a fairly straightforward practice, and is fairly similar to the application and processing of the original loan itself.

Ford Motor credit interest rates will be fixed for the period of the loan, and this is standard practice for virtue all secured auto loans. A secured auto loan means simply that the loan is secured against the vehicle itself, resulting in a lower interest rate than if the vehicle was bought with a personal unsecured loan.

A personal unsecured loan is where the loan is not directly lent against any vehicle or similar, meaning that if there is a default on the loan lender has no charge on the car or truck.

How to Qualify for Ford Red Carpet Lease

Ford Credit uses the term red carpet for its lease program, and sometimes people think that they are being done a favour by being allowed to join it, such is the power of marketing !

Ford’s red carpet lease program has a significant number of attractions people who are seriously considering leasing a vehicle as opposed to buying one on finance.

However, an application to qualify for a Ford red carpets lease agreement is done on pretty much the same basis as if the individual was applying for finance or credit for a normal auto loan. Whilst many benefits in terms of leasing, from Ford’s point of view they want to make sure that the individual is as credit worthy for leasing as if they were  buying.

Leasing a car or truck from Ford credit should be thought of in comparison to a long-term rental. There are honestly a number of significant differences, and it is important to remember that the individual is not the title to the vehicle, merely has to use of it for the length of the lease agreement.

The benefit for the customer is that they get to effectively have use of a brand-new Ford vehicle at what should be a much cheaper price than if you were to buy it outright.

Qualify for Ford Red Carpet Lease

At the end of the lease agreement that a number of options for both sides in terms of moving forward. The most significant thing to know is that there are a number of costs which will be cultivated just before the lease ends, which relate to any excess wear and tear on the vehicle, any dings and dents to the outside of the vehicle and any  paintwork that needs  re-spraying.

In addition there may well be excess mileage charges. The lease agreement will specify a mileage allowance for the vehicle, either on an annual basis or for the duration of the lease.

If this is exceeded then the excess smiling at will be charged at a specific rates when the lease concludes. It is normally possible for the customer to purchase additional mileage during the term of the lease if necessary.

When applying for a Ford red carpet lease program, it is a good idea for the potential customer to get a copy of their credit report, and check its accuracy to make sure that their credit score is worked up correctly. This credit score will be used as a basis for credit to assess the applicants standing in terms of credit, and whether or not to agree to a lease program, and if so on what terms and conditions.

How to get Best Finance Deals on a Ford Fiesta

Getting the best finance deals on a Ford Fiesta involve two specific areas of work, both of which can be quite time consuming but which can in the end so the customer a significant amount of money.

Firstly is to realise that range in the finance should be a totally different process to that of negotiating the final price of the car, even if the finance is arranged with Ford credit and on the same time as the purchase.

When thinking in terms of finance deals, it is worth remembering that you will pay credit on the final price of the vehicle, so the lower you can make that the best financial debt either with Ford credit or any other lender.

Negotiating on the final sale price of the Ford Fiesta should ideally be done before entering a showroom, although it is opposite a good idea to test drive a vehicle first. Most of the negotiation can and public should be done either online or by phone, ideally with several dealerships possible.

The clear advantage from the customer point of view is that this allows you to negotiate from a position of strength, simply because you can walk away from the dealership without ever having had to visit that the first place.

Best Finance Deals on a Ford Fiesta

Most dealerships recognise that this type of sales operation has changed significantly in the last four years, and many  Ford dealerships have specific Internet sales departments.

When arranging finance or credit on a Ford Fiesta it is a good idea to approach for credit for a quotation, and also to apply to 2 or three other lenders and obtain alternative quotations as well.

What is important is to make sure that the quotations done on a similar basis, so that they can be compared like for like. This means that the size of the down payment must be the same, and the length of the finance arrangements or loan period must be the same as well. It is also worth negotiating on a fixed final price, even if you’re able to negotiate lower price at the end of the day.

Bear in mind that Ford may will offer a number of vehicle specific inducements to help the sale, and these may be done at either a national or a local level. Ford may well also offer inducements by way of extended warranties or roadside assistance plans that we will have a financial impact on customers point of view.

Finance deals on a Ford Fiesta inevitably thought of as being around the terms and conditions of an auto loan.

Whilst this is obviously true to a point, it should also be remembered that there are a significant number of other factors that affect the actual cost and running cost, including auto insurance, of the vehicle and needs should be taken into account and budgeted for when deciding what is the best option to move forward with.

How does a Ford Flex Buy Finance Calculator Work

A Ford Flex finance calculator is an on-line calculator that is one of the many tools that Ford Credit offer as a way of helping someone assess how much they can afford to borrow, and how much it will cost them to repay any loan or credit agreement entered into.

There are a number of online calculators that all work in pretty much the same way.

The value of a Ford Flex finance calculator is really in the context in which it is used, and the extent to which the need to budget and understand budgeting is really taken seriously by the person looking to apply for any type of Ford credit agreement.


Budgeting is a key element of knowing how much you can afford to borrow on any type of auto loan or credit agreement.

This is not simply about how much you can afford to borrow when buying or leasing a Ford vehicle, it is about understanding your other financial commitments and how much these commitments already entered into will leave you by way of spare cash that you can use to finance a car or truck.

Ford Flex Buy Finance Calculator

Many people use quite congregated methods and strategies to implement and understand budgets, but the really important thing is for a degree of self honesty about in goings and outgoings.

The reality of how these looked at whether they are on paper or spreadsheets is really secondary.  it is important to be realistic about exactly what income is coming into the household now, and whether that is likely to change or not in terms of future developments.

This is also important in assessing what type of car or truck you to buy or lease.

Long Term Planning

Looking several years on the road is really important in terms of making sure that any vehicle you by meet those needs in the future as well as current ones.

Looking at outgoings both current and future is also really important. If you know that you have financial commitments that are due to end in the short term it may give you a greater degree of flexibility when realising how much you can borrow and who from.

The other thing when assessing and application in the auto credit, Ford credit or anyone else, is to work out whether you want to go by the size of monthly payments, or the overall capital cost.

Repayment Costs

Many people use a Ford Flex Finance calculator to work out how much they can afford to repay on a monthly basis, other people will use a calculator to work out the overall cost of the loan in total over the number of years below is taken out over.

These two approaches are the most common ones that people looking to assess any type of budget, either approach advantages and disadvantages.

What is important is that the budgeting principles are understood, and that the person is really careful in terms of understanding exactly what the costs of them now and in the future.

What are Ford Leasing Insurance Requirements?

When releasing a vehicle from Ford, whether or not for credit is used, it is a really good idea for the customer to be aware of what the various insurance comments are likely to be on the vehicle, as they may well be different from what the customer would expect if they bought the vehicle outright, and may well have a significant impact on the cost of leasing vehicle, and of its running costs.

As with any auto insurance, it is essential to first to find out what the legal comments are in terms of liability insurance for you live.

If you are leasing vehicle out of state, then it is crucial to make sure that  you meet the insurance requirements of the state in which you are leasing the vehicle as well as where you live.

Although missing the legal minimum requirements in terms of liability insurance is essential, when leasing a vehicle from Ford they will inevitably require that you take out a much more comprehensive form of insurance that covers all types of damage to the vehicle itself in the event of it being damaged or written off.

The wording as to what type of insurance is required will vary depending upon where you live, but it is crucial to have an understanding of what Ford credit will require.

Ford Leasing Insurance Requirements

A Ford dealership is unlikely to insist on any particular insurance company, but they will require proof that such auto insurance has been effected before any lease agreement can be signed off or entered into.

It is therefore crucial to get an idea from Ford of exactly what insurance comments they have regarding leasing prior to making a formal approach or application.  the other type of insurance that will also be required is what is known as gap insurance.

Gap Insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers the difference between the drive away value of the vehicle, and it’s actual value if it is damaged or stolen or lost in any way shape or form. It effectively covers the depreciation of the vehicle from the moment it leaves the showroom until the moment the insurance company agree its market value.

This type of insurance will most definitely be required by Ford credit on any leasing program. What is important to know is sometimes the cost of it is included in the lease agreement, other times not.

It is therefore important to find out if it is covered, and if so the cost. If it is not covered, then it will be a requirement by Ford that there is such a policy put in place. At that point it is important to make sure that you get quotations from any insurance company that Ford has contacts with, or any other individual insurance company is going to offer such a quotation.

What to do in a Ford Lease Accident Scenario ?

In the event of an accident, it is likely important to remember a number of factors, most of which are the same whether you are driving a car that is least from Ford, whether you are in the vehicle outright with or without any type of credit arrangement in place.

There are a couple of factors that do need to be taken into account the vehicle is leased, but they are relatively minor.

In the event of an accident in number of things need to be done much straight away.

Obviously depending upon the severity and type of accident the most important thing at the scene is to make sure that there is no possibility of any further damage happening. This means that precautions should be taken to make sure that the accident scene itself does not pose a hazard to any other traffic or pedestrians.

This must be a party and should ideally involve  other people not involved in the accident either slowing traffic down or helping to move people and vehicles out of harm’s way. Depending upon the type of accident it may not be possible or wise to move people or vehicles, in which case it may be necessary to all traffic altogether.

Ford Lease Accident

It is always a good idea to call law enforcement, and may even be a legal  requirement depending upon where you live to do so. At the scene of an accident, it is always a good idea to make notes as far as possible of what happened, to take photographs, to do a sketch map of where vehicles were and any other relevant information such as other cars or pedestrians not involved in the accident but witnesses.

In terms of insurance, there will be a policy condition that insurance companies must be notified within a certain length of time, and this should be adhered to rigidly.

Notify your insurance policy holder as soon as possible, and most definitely within the time period stipulated in the policy. If you do not have insurance details to hand, then use  internet sources to locate the nearest branch or agency of your insurance company and notify them.

It is also important and will be stipulated in the lease agreement to notify Ford as soon as possible. In the first instance it is accorded a good idea to contact the dealership where the lease agreement was put into place and  advise them.

Initial notification both to the insurance company and to the Ford dealership can be done verbally over the phone, but it is crucial that this is  confirmed in writing within the time periods specified in the insurance policy and possibly in the lease agreement as well. This can be done by email, but it is a good idea to confirm it by normal postal letter as well.

Can you Customize a Red Carpet Lease Vehicle?

Customising a red carpet lease vehicle is a big no-no.

There are so many reasons for this it is hard to know where to begin. Leasing a vehicle from Ford is similar in many ways to a long-term rental.

You do not actually open the vehicle or the title to it, you simply have to use of its for the period of the lease agreement under certain terms and conditions. At the end of a lease period, the customer will be required to return the vehicle to Ford, and be liable to pay a number of charges that relate to its condition.

These charges are normally known as the lease end costs, and relate to wear and tear charges to the inside of the vehicle that are in excess of what would be expected for a vehicle of the age and condition that said vehicle is in at the end of the lease. There are also likely to be charges that relates to any bodywork or damage to the outside of the vehicle.

Customize a Red Carpet Lease Vehicle

Lease end costs  will be cultivated and worked out a short time, normally a couple of months, before the lease expires. The customer will be given the choice of either having the work done themselves and then paying for it before the lease finishes, or of getting Ford to do the work and charging the customer accordingly.

The red carpet lease agreement should specify exactly how these charges are worked out in advance.

A red carpet lease agreement will have a number of clauses in it that prohibit any type of customisation of the vehicle. From Ford’s point of view, they want the vehicle back at the end of the lease period pretty much in the same condition that it was as new, aside from  obvious usage during the period of the lease agreement. As such the customer is not allowed to customise the vehicle in any way.

It is also worth pointing out that if the customer does go ahead and customises such a vehicle they are likely to be in breach of the lease and the warranty as well. This means they could well be liable for a whole range of charges during the term of the lease in the event of anything going wrong with the vehicle itself. The only real option regarding customisation is for the customer to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease agreement, when they will own the title to it and can proceed to customise it as they see fit.

Can You Pay off a Ford Motor Credit Lease Early

Paying off a lease early, or trying to terminate or end a lease for it finishes is normally fraught with difficulties, as there are likely to be early termination charges in the lease agreement, and the whole intent of how a lease works is that it is calculated and worked out over a significant period of time anything between three and five years.

An early termination charge in a Ford Motor credit lease agreement is likely to be fairly hefty.

This in part is to discourage people from terminating the lease agreement before it finishes, but also because the terms and conditions of the original lease will have been worked out over a much longer period of time.

This means that the terms and conditions of the lease agreement including the size of the down payment, the monthly charge, the mileage allowances, extended warranties, valuation of lease end costs, servicing and maintenance plans etc have all been marked out on the basis of a specific time period for the lease.

Ford Motor Credit Lease Early

Someone wanting to pay off a lease early therefore disrupts the basis of how the lease has been agreed, and as such faces a considerable charge.

The basis of an early termination charge should be included in the lease agreement, on the basis of its compilation spelt out clearly. Anyone entering a Ford Motor credit lease agreement should have the intent to stay in that agreement until expiry.

If someone does find that they get into financial difficulties, or they have real problems in paying the monthly commitment to ford credit with regard to the lease, then it is crucial that they contact dealership or Ford credit directly and try and negotiate some type of agreement to help see them through it.

A lot will depend on the circumstances of the lease agreement in place, but it is crucial that the customer is up front with Ford were any problems they may be having financially. Failure to do so will likely result in repossession of the vehicle, and a seriously adverse effect on the customers credit report and credit score which will cause impact any future loan or credit arrangements.


What is a Ford No Interest Car Loan

From time to time, Ford or Ford credit will offer a number of inducements to attract sales of cars and trucks.

These inducements will either be done at a national level, or with local dealerships, or a combination of both.

They may be done on specific models they are trying to shift, or a certain new models they are trying to promote. Certain dealerships may need to move inventory quickly, and may offer inducements on selected models accordingly.

One of the most popular inducements for fairly obvious reasons swear a zero rate of interest is advertised as being potentially possible to certain customers. Sometimes this is done to customers who are known as pre-approved.

This normally means they have selected for approval for Ford credit prior to actually agreeing any type of deal regarding car finance. Other times a zero rate also loan will be tied to certain vehicles or cars.

Sometimes these zero rate car loan due science are offered at specific times of the year, again as a way of boosting sales.

Ford No Interest Car Loan

What is important to realise with all these no interest: loan offers is that whilst they are perfectly genuine, they are in reality only going to apply to a relatively small number of people, normally those who have an exceptionally high credit score.

What it also means is that it acts as a pull for other customers. This means that Ford assume that a significant number of customers, or potential customers will get in touch or show an interest in the possibility of a no interest car loan, and whilst it will not apply to all of them it will generate a call of interest that Ford can draw on to sell or lease other cars and trucks.

It is worth also mentioning that with a Ford and interest car loan it is important to check out that there are no hidden extras anywhere that may be making up for Ford’s supposedly generous offer.

This means to check the size of a down payment required, and make sure there are no dealership fees that will significantly impact the customer. Any additional costs or charges should be specified in the dealership agreement, and as such clearly spelt out in advance of any finance or lease agreement being signed.

GM Lawsuit over Self Driving Car

General Motors is facing one of the first lawsuits to involve an autonomous vehicle, after a collision between its Cruise self-driving car and a motorbike in California.

Motorcyclist Oscar Nilsson is suing GM stating that the Chevrolet Bolt, which was operating in autonomous mode with a backup driver behind the wheel, “suddenly veered back into Nilsson’s lane, striking Nilsson and knocking him to the ground”.

The accident happened on 7 December in heavy traffic in the Hayes Valley district of San Francisco, with the GM vehicle reportedly travelling at 12mph and the motorcycle 17mph.

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Credit Score to Lease Ford Escape

Leasing a Ford Escape with Ford Credit can be a serious alternative for any individual looking to have the benefits of a new car, but not having sufficient cash to be able to purchase one outright. A lease can be entered into by any individual whose credit score or credit rating makes them a credit worthy risk to Ford credit.

The process of leasing a Ford car or truck has a number of components, but the individual applying for a contract to lease a Ford escape will have their credit worthiness assessed in the same way as if they were applying for a  normal auto loan.

The individual will be asked to fill in an application form, possibly online, which will provide a considerable amount of personal information about them, possibly the family and possibly work colleagues if the lease agreement is to include any type of business or work activity.

This personal information is likely to include things such as their name, date of birth, any personal or business address, any telephone numbers, any Social Security number or social insurance number, a drivers license, passport and any current and possibly previous employers as well.

Credit Score to Lease Ford Escape

Once the application form has been filled in, then the individual will have this personal information assessed along with information relating to their credit history such as any public records available, their banking accounts, any current loans or mortgages, lines of credit and credit cards or store cards.

All this information  will be collected by a credit bureau who will then assess it, and allocate to the individual a credit score.

This credit score will then be used as the primary means of assessing whether or not to lease the Ford escape to the individual,  and if so on what terms and conditions. These normally relate to the size of a down payment, the amount of a monthly payment fee and the length of any  lease agreement.

The credit score will be assessed and implemented by Ford credit on exactly the same basis as if an individual were applying for an auto loan with Ford in order to buy a Ford escape or any other Ford vehicles.

Ford Red Carpet Lease Trucks

Ford Credit operate a leasing scheme referred to as red carpet lease, which gives the impression of it being quite special and reserved for dignitaries or people of the importance. Ford red carpet lease deals on trucks are designed to offer to customers special deals that encourage them to commit some type of long-term relationship with a Ford dealership.

When leasing a truck from Ford, it should ideally be thought of as something akin to a long-term rental, with certain restrictions in terms of modifications and alterations to the truck, and also the fact that the individual does not entitle to the truck.

It should also be realised that any lease deal is similar to a car lane in many ways, and should be thought of in similar terms regarding the negotiations of credit and cost of the vehicle itself. Any lease deals offered by Ford unlikely to be done either on a national basis, or through a specific range of dealerships.

These red carpet lease deals could be offered on things such as a low or zero rate interest, deals on vehicle protection plans regarding servicing and maintenance contracts, roadside assistance plans etc.

Ford Red Carpet Lease Trucks

A red carpet lease agreement will work as a long-term contract, with a fixed period such as 24/60 months.

There will be a fixed repayment cost for the individual to pay during that time, and I will be lease and costs payable at the end of the period. These lease and costs relate to charges covering excess wear and tear to the interior of the vehicle and also any damage repairs needed to be outside of the vehicle.

Prior to the lease period coming to an end, normally one or two months before, and inspection of the vehicle will be arranged and the scope of lease end costs established.

The individual will then be given the option of either having worked on themselves prior to the lease finishing, or letting Ford do the work once a lease has finished and then being charged accordingly.

It is worth mentioning that the way the costs are cultivated should be specifically itemised in the lease agreement itself and agreed upon at the outset of the contract being entered into.


How Best to Lease a Ford Expedition

A Ford expedition is widely regarded as one of the finest SUV’s currently available, but there is no getting away from the fact that it does come quite a price, with the 2018 model pricing ranges from $50,000 appr2 to anything nearing $80,000.

For this reason alone, many people are looking at the option of leasing this vehicle, and it can well be an active option for those unable to afford to buy one outright.

Leasing a Ford expedition should not be thought of as a second-rate option, but is simply an alternative way of getting your hands on one without paying full price.

Leasing any car or truck from Ford as a private individual customer is something that is actively encouraged by Ford where possible. Ford, along with other manufacturers see personal leasing plans as being a really good way to build a solid customer base, and establish long-term customer relationships.

From a customer point of view, leasing a Ford expedition gives them a brand-new car at a significantly reduced cost. Obviously they do not own it outright, and there are restrictions as to what modifications or alterations they can make to the vehicle, but that aside a pretty much get to have full use of a brand-new SUV.

Lease a Ford Expedition

It is worth thinking of a personal lease deal on a Ford expedition as being similar to a long-term rental. There is a fixed contract for a certain period of months/years, and a fixed monthly payment cost for the duration of the contract.

There will also be additional costs by way of what made as lease end costs, which are charges payable at the end of the lease period that relate to what is deemed excessive wear and tear to the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

For many customers, there is also the option to buy the vehicle outright at the end of the lease, obviously allowing for payments they  have made during the term of the lease that relate to the depreciation of the vehicle itself.

It should be remembered, that leasing a vehicle has a number of similarities, regarding the process, to that of buying the car. The similarities in terms of process relate to the credit screening of the individual and establishing their creditworthiness, and also  being able to negotiate on price regarding the cost of the vehicle itself.

When people come to lease a vehicle they often do not take into account a number of the financial commitments involved, and they should be clearly understood and expressed in the contract, and fully explained before any lease agreement is entered into.

Blackberry hits Detroit

BlackBerry Ltd. CEO John Chen used his first appearance at the Detroit auto show on Monday to continue his push into the automotive market with the launch of a cybersecurity product that manages software systems in vehicles – a product he hopes will solidify BlackBerry’s position as a leader in cybersecurity.

The product, called BlackBerry Jarvis, scans and identifies vulnerabilities in software components used in connected and self-driving vehicles, Chen announced in a keynote speech at the North American International Automotive Show.

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What Your Car Knows About You ……

Daniel Dunn was about to sign a lease for a Honda Fit last year when a detail buried in the lengthy agreement caught his eye.

Honda wanted to track the location of his vehicle, the contract stated, according to Dunn — a stipulation that struck the 69-year-old Temecula, Calif., retiree as a bit odd.

But Dunn was eager to drive away in his new car and, despite initial hesitation, he signed the document, a decision with which he has since made peace.

“I don’t care if they know where I go,” said Dunn, who makes regular trips to the grocery store and a local yoga studio in his vehicle. “They’re probably thinking, ‘What a boring life this guy’s got.’ ”

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Blackberry Heads to Detroit

BlackBerry Ltd., a company increasingly focused on technology for the self-driving vehicle market, is making an inaugural visit to North America’s biggest auto show in Detroit, where CEO John Chen’s team says the company will debut a new product on Monday.

Over the past five years, the chief executive gradually reduced the Waterloo, Ont.-based company’s dependence on smartphone sales in a crowded market and repositioned the company formerly known as Research in Motion as an innovator in cybersecurity and software.

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Ford Brings back Bullitt !!

Ford Bullitt

GM Goes Driverless

General Motors is seeking U.S. government approval for a fully autonomous car – one without a steering wheel, brake pedal or accelerator pedal – to enter the automaker’s first commercial ride-sharing fleet in 2019, executives said.

For passengers who cannot open doors, the Cruise AV – a rebranded version of GM’s Chevrolet Bolt EV – has even been designed to perform that task. It will have other accommodations for hearing and visually impaired customers.

This will be one of the first self-driving vehicles in commercial passenger service and among the first to do away with manual controls for steering, brakes and throttle. What is the driver’s seat in the Bolt EV will become the front left passenger seat in the Cruise AV, GM said.

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Alexa coming to Toyota Inc.’s Alexa voice-activated virtual assistant will be added to some Toyota and Lexus vehicles this year, advancing Amazon’s ambitions to expand its speech platform beyond the home.

Alexa will let drivers and passengers get directions, control entertainment features, get the news and perform other functions in the car via voice command, the companies said Tuesday at the CES consumer electronics conference in Las Vegas.

Alexa in cars can also be synced with smart-home devices to control thermostats while on the road.

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