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2001 Ford Explorer | Prices, Reviews and Finance Deals

There are still a number of used 2001 Ford Explorers for sale, some two wheel drive, some four-wheel-drive, some four-wheel-drive sport two doors, some four-wheel-drive XLT and some four-wheel-drive XLS. A recent search on Kellye’s blue book gave some examples of price in relation to mileage.

2001 Ford Explorer Pricing

A used 2001 Ford Explorer 2 wheel drive, mileage 143916 was valued at US dollars 5995. A used 2001 Ford Explorer 2 wheel drive sports to door, mileage 226 667, was priced at US dollars 1915. A used 2001 Ford Explorer 2 will drive sport to door, mileage 131166, was valued at US dollars to 190.

A used 2001 Ford Explorer  AWD XLT, mileage 173938 was valued at US dollars 3197, and a used 2001 Ford Explorer four-wheel-drive X S, mileage 104680, was priced at US dollars 3999.

Whilst all prices are obviously negotiable, these and many more like them on Kellye’s bluebook and other websites should give a fairly good indication of the mileage of these vehicles, and what their owners believe them to be worth.

2001 Ford Explorer Specs

The 2001 Ford Explorer had a fuel capacity of approximately 21 gallons. It had a wheelbase of 111.6 inches, and overall length of 190.7 inches. Its width with mirrors was 70.2 inches, its height was 67.5 inches and its curb weight was 4113 lbs.

The explorer had an engine that was V6, 4.0 l, the band was estimated to have a fuel economy of 30 mpg in the city, 18 mpg on Highway and a combined  15 mpg. The transmission was automatic and the drivetrain was four-wheel-drive.

The engine type was gasoline, the transmission was five speed automatic, those total seating for five people and the original warranty was for three years or 36,000 miles. The fuel type was regular leaded.

Ford 2001 XLT four-wheel-drive four door SUV came with air conditioning, overhead console storage, cruise control, front cupholders, cargo area light, leather steering wheel, cruise control on steering wheel, tilt adjustable steering wheel, power steering, dual illuminated final mirrors.

It also came with Palestinian, dual illuminating that he mirrors, retained accessory power, front door pockets, front and rear reading lights.

2001 Ford Explorer Reviews

Some people can be slightly sceptical about on-line reviews, but car sites tend to attract the real enthusiasts who don’t hold back on their likes and dislikes of a particular model.

This is particularly when reviewing a car as old as 2001 Ford Explorer, which for many vehicles has mileages exceeding one or even 200,000. This is by far the best way to get a really critical and truthful analysis of this car, both at the time of sale and since.

These are a selection of reviews from the edmunds website, which should give a fairly good indication of the owner’s thoughts.

‘My 1992 Explorer was totaled in 2002. I planned to keep that as long as possible. Bought a used 2001 Explorer in 2002 and still have it in 2018 with 175K miles. Passes Calif smog checks easily, 16 to 17 mpg combined, change the oil and filter every 3K miles. Original hoses, belts, transmission, etc. ‘

‘T got my big blue at 164,000 never had issues a little rust work needs to be in the wheel area, but fords are know for it . i love my rig , right now it hit 171,000 miles on it i change the oil every 4 ,000 miles n like all my cars, i keep up with replacing parts . a car only as good as , the mechince who works on it . i did a road trip with it , she went good on it .”

“Best Features

By far, the way the vehicle handles is its best feature. Very easy to maneuver and control and there’s no need to have to retrain yourself from driving a smaller vehicle to this one. It turns just as nicely (if not better) than small cars and it’s easy to navigate in narrow places.

Worst Features

Replacement parts are a huge hassle with this vehicle. Everything I’ve needed either had to be ordered in, or I’ve had to do trial and error with things fitting, since the XLS has different parts than other Explorers of the ’95-’00 and ’02+ years.”

‘The most reliable vehicle I have ever owned, hands down. This is one of that last real SUVs – built on a truck chassis (Ranger platform). We lived in mountains of northern New Mexico and spent a lot of time boulder crawling on two-track roads along mountain ridges.

Great 4X4 capability as well as highway capability. the ride is a bit bouncy, but I tamed it a bit when I put a set of bilstien shocks in place of the factory ones. The explorer is paid off and still alive’

Ford Explorer For Sale | Prices, Reviews and Finance Deals

Introduced in 1990/91, the Ford Explorer  remains  one of the most iconic and best SUV’s on the market. It has a huge following as a vehicle, coupled with a loyal Ford customer base, making it  not only a sound investment, but for many people an invaluable part of their daily life.

Almost 30 years on, there is a huge market in used Ford Explorers, as well as the 2019 model currently available. With such a wide pool of vehicles to choose from, it is a good idea to have a plan and a number of questions to ask yourself in order to get the best deal with on the vehicle, and on finance as well.

Buy close to where you live

There is an old adage about buying a car which says that you should ready by close to where you live. This to an extent remains true, signifying a used Ford Explorer.

However, with the growth of the Internet this also means that it is possible to view and buy a whole range of new and used Ford Explorers from virtually anywhere in the country.

For many people, when buying a new or certified pre-owned Ford Explorer, if they are willing to travel or to take a bit of a gamble, then that all number of seriously good deals to be done if they are willing to put in the time and  the research.

If buying an older version of the Ford Explorer, either from a dealership or online through summer like craigslist, then there is a lock to be said for buying it close to home. This is because you will most likely want to give it a test drive, possibly have it examined for structural and mechanical issues and know where to go to if there are any problems once you have bought it.

Ford Explorer Carfax – Vehicle Inspection

Having some type of vehicle inspection report, such as Carfax, is probably a must if the vehicle is not new or certified preowned. Even some used and second-hand vehicles that are quite recent new vehicle inspection report can provide real peace of mind.

The decision in terms of having the used Ford Explorer inspected can only be done by a professional, or if you know someone who is mechanically minded, they may be able do it for you as a favour.

Bear in mind, that a vehicle inspection report such as contracts almost only inspect the road worthiness of the vehicle, in this case a Ford Explorer, but will also do checks to make sure it has not been in an accident, and then on the issues about ownership of the title.

The report should also detail information about  it’s servicing and maintenance history, its ownership history and any potential issues that may be fined up regarding fraud in terms of  misrepresent data.

This normally refers to items such as the milage counter been tampered with or reset to indicate a more favourable usage of the vehicle.

Altering the odometer of a vehicle is more difficult nowadays, but can still be done quickly on older models of any used Ford Explorer. This can still have been done even if buying from a reputable Ford dealership, as it could be altered before being passed on to the dealer


Doing your own research prior to buying a used Ford Explorer is pretty crucial.  The research should cover the vehicle itself, and should give you enough information to decide whether or not you want to buy a new way used or second hand one.

You should also be able to tell what are your best options in terms of where to buy from, and to what extent you are willing to travel out of your immediate area in order to purchase the vehicle.

Research can often be done online, either by going to one  the many reputable car dealing sites, or by going to a number of discussion forums. You can also do your own research by talking to people you know who either own or have o meet your ownned Ford Explores in the past.

The reason such matters is that you need to be sure from yourself that buying a Ford Explorer will meet your specific needs at an individual and as a family.

There are many different models and types of engines and drive options, knowing what these are into is important before embarking on the process of finding the vehicle and raising finance for it.

Maintenance and Running Costs

Many people simply look at the cost of the Ford Explorer in terms of the purchase price and the finance deal. What is this important, it is also crucial to your finances to work out what your lighting maintenance and running costs will be on an annual basis.

Servicing and maintenance costs should be available to you as indicators from any Ford dealership, and if buying the used Ford Explorer through a Ford dealer you may well be able to arrange some type of deal or arrangement concerning servicing as part of the purchase of the vehicle.

Aside from servicing costs, it is important to know what items are and are not included in the warranty becomes of the vehicle, as any mechanical problems relating to the areas which are to paid for out of pocket.

Insurance Costs

Insurance costs or a potential nightmare for anyone, irrespective of whatever car you’re buying. Buying a Ford Explorer can be an expensive decision, simply because of the amount of money involved.

Know how much it is going to cost you in terms of insurance is crucial in terms of factory in your overall expenditure and running and maintenance costs.

Ford dealers will sometimes have special arrangements with certain insurance companies where they may build you some type of deal. This is normally worth considering, but it is also well worth getting independent quotes for only three or four other insurance companies before deciding which one to go with.

It is also well worth getting a quotation, or an estimate from a number of main truck companies before going ahead and purchasing vehicle, as the cost of insurance they will be a factor in determining which one you end up buying.

Ford Explorer Financing

Most people will need some type of financing arrangement when buying a new or used Ford Explorer. Ford credit offers a number of options that are usually well worth considering, including a leasing option.

Ford credit will operate the same credit arrangements as any other finance company, in terms of assessing an individual’s creditworthiness regarding any type of loan or lease agreement.

When arranging any type of finance, it is always a good idea to gain alternative quotations, normally two or three is sufficient.  People sometimes worry this may affect their credit rating, but the industry says otherwise.

It is recognised as a good practice to obtain alternative quotes, and then if necessary use them as a negotiating tool with whoever your preferred line of credit is with when buying a used Ford Explorer.

Remember that all aspects of any finance deal should be negotiable, depending upon how good your credit score is or not. This affects the size of the down payment, the interest rate for the period of the loan and the term of the loan itself.

If leasing a Ford Explorer, then it is quite likely that other aspects of the lease agreement can be negotiated as well, such as least end deals.

Ford Explorer – Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles and Warranty

Many Ford dealers will offer what they referred to as certified pre-owned vehicles. This will be a Ford Explorer that is a used vehicle, but which will have undergone extensive mechanical and body checks, completed to a standard Ford check list.

These certified pre-owned vehicles are intended to relieve some of the anxiety or fear around buying a second-hand or used Ford Explorer.

Together with either a manufacturers or dealership warranty they can give a significant amount of peace of mind to anyone buying a used Ford Explorer.

Ford Explorer Test Drive

If buying a new Ford Explorer, there is a good chance before dealership may be able to offer you an extended test drive, either for a whole day or even over a weekend.

This is becoming more popular as a way of dealers being able to sell the vehicle. The longer you have it the more likely you are to like it, and the hope is that you will be more likely to buy it.

From a customer point of view, the value is that you get to know the vehicle really well, and as such are more likely to be able to assess whether or not it meets your needs.

If buying a used Ford Explorer, then it is equally important if not more important to test for the vehicle before purchase. If you are buying out of state or from a distance, and this obviously can be a problem. That is why it is a really good idea to try and buy locally.

Any test driving a car gives you a real feel for it as a vehicle, and may alert you to any mechanical or bodywork problems that exist that need correcting for purchase.

Ford Explorer Vehicle History

When buying any used or second-hand vehicle, knowing its history can be invaluable in terms of making a good purchase. A Carfax report as mentioned above can certainly give you a lot of that information.

Another source of information is either the person you are buying from, or a Ford dealership  or an independent dealership when purchasing the Ford Explorer from them.

There is obviously a potential problem of misinformation or a mission of information, but a Ford dealership should be able to give you the sum deprecation of things such as mileage, age and condition of the vehicle.

The older the vehicle, the more necessary it is to get some type of independent verification of its age and condition, and also the fact that it has not been involved in an accident of any type.

Ford Explorer True Market Value

Assessing the True Market Value of a Ford Explorer is a bit of an exercise in both guesswork and research. The number of sites around such as Kelly’s bluebook which can give you a guide as to what the  auto industry and insurance industry value a Ford Explorer at, given its age, condition and milage.

Aside from that, you have to recognise that if buying from a Ford dealership you are likely to pay a premium, whereas if you buy from an individual you may get a more realistic price, but you seem not have the benefit of a dealership warranty or any vehicle inspection done independently before you purchase .

In the end, the true market value of a Ford Explorer is what someone is willing to pay for it, and this can vary significantly depending upon the age and condition of the vehicle.

Ford Explorer models

Ford Explorer for sale

used Ford Explorer

2001 Ford Explorer

1988 Ford Explorer

2008 Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer lease

1997 Ford Explorer

1996 Ford Explorer

2001 Ford Explorer sport Trac

2009 Ford Explorer

2001 Ford Explorer sport

1994 Ford Explorer

Ford Probe For Sale | Prices, Reviews and Finance Deals

The Ford Probe retains a loyal following, partly because of its pop up headlights, and was one of the most iconic cars around in the late 1980s and 1990s. It was produced in association with Mazda, and was seen as a replacement for the Ford Capri in Europe, and as part of the next generation Ford Mustang in North America.

There are still a large number of Ford Probe’s available for sale, although given their age, care should be taken when researching and buying one.

Ford Probe – Buy Close to where You Live

This may not seem as simple as it sounds, simply because the availability of this vehicle may range quite significantly geographically. However, the principle is a sound one for a number of reasons.

The main ones that you need to inspect and test drive the vehicle, and you need to be able to have access to whoever sold it to you in the event of any problems after sale.

If the Ford probe is offered for sale through a Ford dealership outside the area where you live, it may well be possible for the dealer to ship the vehicle to a Ford dealership nearer to you, although there may be some cost involved in the event of a non-sale

Ford Probe – Carfax report

With any car that is likely to be 20 or even 30 years old, it is really important to get some type of vehicle inspection report done on it. Contracts is the obvious choice though there are other providers.

Do not be put off by what may seem a long list of things that are not quite right with it. If you really want the vehicle, do your homework as to which of the things that are listed as being potentially wrong with the vehicle are that important, things you can live with and things that you know you can right.


Doing your research is crucial. This can include researching prices and availability online, but also a car such as the Ford Probe  it is well worth spending time on a number of discussion group forums where issues concerning the Probe will be discussed.

These discussion groups not only an excellent source of information, but also an invaluable resource to ask questions and get advice both before and after sale. People who hang out in the forums tend to respond to genuine enquiries with a huge amount of help and experience.

Ford Probe – Maintenance and Running Costs

Given that the Ford probe ceased production in the late 1990s, it is important to check for the availability of spare parts and trained technicians who can use them in the area where you live. Your best bet is to start with a Ford dealership, and get advice from them as to how to proceed.

Bear in mind that maintenance and running costs was only include regular servicing and safety checks, but also dealing with any items of a mechanical nature that go wrong. With a car of this age any warranty is likely to be fairly minimal at best, so it is highly likely that you will face some costs in terms of its mechanical upkeep.

Ford Probe – Insurance Costs

Insurance on any Ford Probe can be expensive, and it is well worth shopping around to get alternative quotations, from at least three or four different sources. There is no easy way to minimise insurance costs, but you should at least know what they are prior to purchasing a vehicle, as this would be an important part of the running cost of the vehicle.

Make sure that you contact an insurance broker and give them complete details about yourself, and the Ford Probe that you are thinking of buying, as they may well be able to obtain specialist insurance quotes for you, that are not available on cost comparison sites.

Ford Probe – Financing

Finding finance for the vehicle may be slightly tricky, simply because of their age and lack of current availability.

Ford Credit may well be available if the Ford Probe is purchased through a Ford dealership. Otherwise check out other sources of auto  finance, especially credit unions if you can qualify for one.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles and Warranty

Most Ford dealerships will offer what are known as certified preowned vehicles for sale, either to selected customers or to the general populace. These vehicles have normally been extensively checked for mechanical condition and bodywork,  and are normally offered with an extremely detailed checklist.

If you can find a Ford Probe that is certified pre-owned by a Ford dealership, even if it is a significant distance away from when you live, it is certainly well worth considering, as it is highly likely it will be in good mechanical order.

Test Drive

Where possible, you should  always take the vehicle for a test drive, ideally for as long as possible. When buying a used car such as the Ford Probe this is pretty important. Unless you physicallly try the vehicle you will not really know whether it suits you. Also a test drive allows you to listen to and get a feel for the car that you would otherwise not be able to do.

Vehicle History

If possible try and get some type of history of the Ford Probe that you are thinking of buying. Given the age of most of them this can honestly be tricky, but even a recent history will help.

There are a number of agencies to check if the vehicle has ever been involved in an accident, and it can be useful to know its previous maintenance and servicing history.

Knowing who owned the vehicle and where they lived may give you some sense of how the vehicle was used  or driven, which can also have an impact on its price and value.

Ford Probe  – True Market Value

Knowing what any car is worth is a slightly  arbitrary process, but there are ways of establishing some type of guide. Simply looking at other models that are available either at dealerships throughout the country, or on sites such as craigslist  or Auto Trader will give you a fairly good indication.

 There are also guides available such as Kelly’s bluebook which can give you an indication of its value that is normally associated with an insurance assessment of  what it is worth, given its age, milage and condition. 

With a car such as a Ford Probe these guides can be useful, but should not be taken as gospel. In the end car is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. The Ford Probe has a loyal following, and this often tends to distort any type of objectivity within a market.

Ford Probe Models

Ford Probe 1994   2.0 16V Coupe and 2.5 24V Coupe

Ford Probe 1995   2.0 16V Coupe and 2.5 24V Coupe

Ford Probe 1996   2.0 16V Coupe and 2.5 24V Coupe

Ford Probe 1997  2.0 16V Coupe and 2.5 24V Coupe

Ford Probe 1998  2.0 16V Coupe and 2.5 24V Coupe


Ford F150 For Sale | Prices Reviews and Finance Deals

The F150  has been Ford’s best selling vehicle for decades, and is one of the most popular and well built pickups on the market. With prices for new F150’s starting at just under $30,000 and rising to over $60,000, there is a good case for buying a used or second hand one.

Given that the Ford  F150 is now in its 13th or 14th generation, there is a huge market of vehicles  still around, with a massive second-hand market to choose from. The sales pitch will normally refer to Ford F150 for sale, Ford F150 for sale by owner or Ford F150 for sale in Craigslist

F150 – Buy close to home

If buying a new Ford F150, there is a good argument for  shopping around different dealerships, possibly in different states, to get the best deal. With a used second-hand  pickup truck there is a much better argument for buying locally.

This this is true whether you buy to a Ford dealership, an independent dealership or online,  through a site such as craigslist.

The reason to buy locally is really practical. You can inspect the vehicle, test drive it and if you decide to buy it you know where to go if there are any problems afterwards.

Ford F150 and Carfax report

Carfax is probably the best-known vehicle inspection report system, but there are others around as well.  Whatever you decide to do, and where ever you decide to buy from it is well worth getting this an independent vehicle report done on the Ford F150 you are looking at this.

While this may be an additional expense, and should probably only be done once you are determined to buy the vehicle, it can provide valuable piece of mind. Ford F150’s are trucks that are put through a lots of work physically, and this can be reflected in their mechanical and structural condition.

Ford F150 Research – on-line and in-person

Before buying any Ford F150, new or used, it is well worth doing a high degree of research both online and in person.

There is a ton of information available, most of which is fairly independent and accurate. The major car websites such as Edmunds carry extensive vehicle reviews, often on vehicles going back decades.

The other great source of research online is forums, or discussion groups. These can be a bit technical times, which may or may not be what you need, but they also carry a loss of general information.

People who hang out discussion groups tend to be the helpful, and can only give you a fairly good insight into any potential questions or problems you may have.

It’s also worth doing actual research in person. There’s a fair chance that someone you know all its case you has a Ford F150 or has anyone in the past. Actually being able to talk to someone they give you some idea or feel for the vehicle you cannot to get qualitative information on the web.

Ford F150 maintenance costs

Understanding the true maintenance costs of running a Ford F 150 are a crucial part of both deciding which one to buy, and having a realistic sense of what it will cost to run an annual basis.

Maintenance costs can relate to both normal items such servicing and depreciation, but can also relate to having to replace parts in the vehicle, either through normal wear and tear or when things go wrong.

One of the reasons to do the research mentioned above is thinking of buying a used Ford F 150 is to determine whether certain models in certain years  had particular mechanical problems, or were the subject of recalls.

Ford F150 Insurance Costs

Similar to maintenance costs, knowing what it is likely to cost you to ensure the Ford F1 50 is also a crucial part of determining which one to buy.

Remember that insurance costs be based both on yourself as an individual, and on the Ford F150 you are thinking of buying. This element will be around the vehicle’s age, condition, mileage and usage.

What you are intending to use the pickup truck for will be reflected in the risk assessment at the insurance company will make and charge accordingly.

Ford F150Financing

Financing the vehicle is  obviously a major decision its own right, and most people will need some type of loan either from Ford through Ford Credit, or some other source of finance such as a bank or credit union.

It is important to treat the financing as a separate area of research and negotiation, the key here being to get number of alternative quotations from different sources. Best to limit this to 3 or four should be sufficient, and which should not affect your credit score.

Remember that if you have a good credit score, or even if you don’t in fact, it is still quite possible to negotiate the finance element of the deal, concerning the size of the down payment, the interest rate charged on the length and term of the loan.

Ford Dealers – Certified Pre-owned Vehicles and Warranty

If buying a new Ford F150, then you will see approach a Ford dealership and negotiate both on the price of the vehicle and the finance if arranging a loan through them.

If buying a used Ford F 150, then the market is obviously much wider in terms of the places you can buy from. It is worth considering a Ford dealership at the outset for two main reasons.

On a number of vehicles for the offer what they refer to our certified pre-owned vehicles, which can often include Ford F 150s.

These vehicles have normally undergone a fairly rigorous check, both mechanical and condition wise, by Ford engineers, which can provide a real degree of peace of mind.

Pre-owned vehicles are sometimes any available to selected customers, mainly those who arrange their finance through Ford credit, but this is not always the case.

The warranty is the other big issue with buying a type of used Ford F150. If buying a relatively new one, but is a chance that the manufacturers warranty  is still in place and this should be transferable with the sale to the new owner, along with the title of the vehicle.

If the manufacturers warranty has expired, there are a number of other types of Ford warranty that are likely to be available.

These may be in part Ford  warranties that are offered on a national basis, along with specific dealership warranties which may be only available through the selected dealership where the vehicle  is for sale.

In either event check the warranty to see what it covers before purchase, and see what may be available by way of extended warranty. Extended warranties on vehicles are normally more useful than on other household items that they are traditionally offered.

Ford F150 Test Drive

whether buying a new or used Ford F150, make sure you test drive.  Ideally test drive a new one to get a feel for the vehicle, and also it is crucial to test drive the vehicle you are thinking of buying. This is true even if you are buying it completely independently through and add or referral.

Some four dealerships will offer extended test drives as part of their sales  approach.

Ford F150 vehicle history

When buying any Ford F150, it is crucial to know the vehicle’s history. This is in relation to its age, mileage, service history, accident report, usage etc. This information will serve to give you a full picture of the vehicle, and a real indication of its true market value.

If buying from a Ford dealership they may be more helpful and an independent dealership and be able to give you or verify this information.

Negotiate – True Market Value

The above information will give you the tools you need to know order to be able to gauge its what the vehicle is really worth. There are a number of guides around such as Kelly’s bluebook which can help guide you in this direction.

Remember that with a use for second-hand vehicle there is no definite price it is or is not worth. What you can be equipped with is a guide as to what is a fair price, which will give you the opportunity to buy it or not you think is appropriate.

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2001 Ford F150 For sale

Ford Ranger For Sale | Prices, Reviews and Finance Deals

The Ford Ranger has recently resumed production in the United States, after a long break. That is a huge market of used Ford Rangers dating back to the 1980s, and it is still proving a hugely popular pick up truck. There is both good news and bad news in this.

That good news is that  if you are looking for a used Ford Ranger then it should be fairly easy to find one. The bad news is that there are a lot of them are really quite old, and as with any used vehicle this can lead to potential problems.

Near Where You Live

However you end up buying a Ford Ranger, it is pretty crucial that you buy one from somewhere that it’s fairly local to you, whether it is a Ford dealership, a private dealership or a private sale.

This is because you will need to test drive the vehicle, possibly want to have it inspected and in case there are any problems afterwards.

Ford Ranger and Carfax – Used Car Reports

Carfax is  probably the best  known used car report service, but of course there are others. With a Ford Ranger, it is really important to have a detailed  analysis done of its physical and mechanical condition.

Ford Rangers are known to be reliable and study, and  are used as such.

Given that many of them are such an age, it is important to establish what type of condition they are in.

This will  give you sufficient information to be able to determine what is a reasonable cost to pay, and what you are likely to pay in maintenance costs.


Research is key when you’re buying any vehicle, new or used, and there is a huge amount of information around all years for Rangers. A number of the main car websites will have detailed reviews of the vehicles, which should certainly be studied.

In addition, it is worth going to  Ford Ranger forums and discussion groups to actively see what ongoing issues are for people who already own one.

Ford Ranger Maintenance Costs

Knowing what your maintenance costs are in advance are crucial when buying a Ford Ranger. Given that production has recently restarted in the USA the should make a difference to availability and cost of parts and servicing.

Bear in mind however that older vehicles can be more difficult to run, and are more likely to have mechanical problems, simply because of that age. High maintenance costs can prove a real burden on top of a vehicle that may seem cheaper to buy and others.

Ford Ranger Insurance Costs

Insurance costs are always a potential nightmare any car or truck, and is really important to know how much insurance on the Ford Ranger you’re thinking of borrowing is likely to be.

The age and condition of the Ford Ranger, its mileage and what it is going to be used for will all be factors to consider. Make sure you get at least three or four insurance quotations before buying the vehicle’s to make sure you know the true cost of its insurance.


There are of course many ways to finance the purchase of a Ford Ranger, from cash through to auto loans from Ford Credit. It is always a good idea if possible to be pre-approved for a loan prior to purchase, as this gives you a degree of flexibility and certainty about being able to buy the vehicle.

With financing, as with insurance, make sure that you let a number of quotations for different finance options, but not too many.

About three or four should be sufficient. This should not affect your credit rating, and should put you in a much better negotiating position with whoever you ultimately end up applying to for credit.

Ford Dealership  – Certified Pre-Owned and Warranty

When buying a Ford Ranger of any age, there is a lot to be said for going to a recognised main Ford dealership.

Buying a Ford Ranger from a Ford dealer means is a possibility of it being certified pre-owned, you are likely to get a better warranty, you may well get some details about its service history, its maintenance and usage.

If the dealership knows the history of the vehicle, this can also be useful in terms of its structural integrity. You are also likely to get a better warranty from a Ford dealer than from an independent dealership.

Test Drive

Whatever you end up buying the vehicle from, it is crucial that you have a test drive. Some main Ford dealers will allow extended test drives over one or two-day period on certain models of vehicles, and it is worth seeing if you get that extended to a Ford Ranger.

Even if not, make sure you spend as much time in you need in the vehicle, getting a feel for it and getting to see if there is anything that seems out of order.

If in any doubt, take either a mechanic with you, or someone who knows something about cars if you don’t, and get them to check out. Any resistance of this on the part of a salesman or the dealership should send an immediate red flag to you that the vehicle. Knowing its mechanical condition is crucial to deciding whether or not to buy

Negotiate – True Market Value

Once you have decided which Ford Ranger you want to buy, then it is time to negotiate. There is always a temptation to negotiate and buy on the spot, and any good car salesman will push you on this. If you can, leave the dealership and negotiate either by phone or Internet, ideally within a quick time frame.

Whilst there is always a danger of losing the vehicle with this approach, the advantage is that you’re physically removed from the showroom and the dealership, and therefore in a much stronger position to negotiate. You can either hangup or not reply to emails, and the salesman has much less control over the whole sales process.

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Ford Ranger  Trucks

Locate a Ford Dealership in Union City GA

Listed below are five of the main Ford Dealerships that can be found in Union City GA . It is worth remembering that each dealer is an independent business and can be negotiated with to get the best deals on price and finance. There are also a selection of questions below that can be worth asking prior to purchase.

AutoNation Ford Union City

4355 Jonesboro Road
Union City, GA 30291
Sales: (770) 964-9801

Allan Vigil Ford of Fayetteville, Inc.

275 N. Glynn Street
Fayetteville, GA 30214
Sales: (770) 461-1151

Allan Vigil Ford

6790 Mt. Zion Boulevard
Morrow, GA 30260
Sales: (833) 868-7790

John Bleakley Ford Inc

870 Thornton Road
Lithia Springs, GA 30122
Sales: (833) 822-0271

Mike Fitzpatrick Ford, Inc.

238 Bullsburo Drive
Newnan, GA 30263
Sales: (833) 795-1431

How many miles to the gallon does it do ?

What is the vehicles mileage ?

What extras that the vehicle come with ?

Can you hold the vehicle for me while I make a decision ?

Will the Ford dealership deliver the vehicle ?

What are servicing costs ?

Locate A Royal Oak Ford Dealership

Below are the two main Ford dealerships in Royal Oak. Beneath are a number of questions that you might want to ask, as different dealers  will have different priorities.

Lewis Ford Lincoln of Hays

4450 Vine Street
Hays, KS 67601
Sales: (844) 219-1583

Beloit Auto And Truck Plaza Inc

3133 US Hwy 24
Beloit, KS 67420
Sales: (800) 748-8408

Does the car come with four wheel drive ?

For some people. this is a necessity, for others a luxury. Not all SUV’s are four wheel drive. and some smaller cars have a four wheel capability, so worth checking.

How long is the warranty ?

What does the warranty cover ?

Is it a manufacturer’s warranty ?

Do I need a new warranty for tires ?

What are the most common repairs

and what are the cost of spares ?

Are there additional fees such as dealership fees ?

Find a Ford Dealership in New Jersey

Listed below are five of the main Ford dealerships in New Jersey. There are many more can be found either through a search on Google, or through the main Ford website.

Ford Dealerships in New Jersey

Yaldeman Ford

607 NJ State Highway 33
Trenton, NJ 08619
Sales: (800) 939-6659

Lawrenceville Ford

2920 Brunswick Pike
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
Sales: (609) 882-2900

Lucas Motor Company Inc

Route 130
Burlington, NJ 08016
Sales: (609) 386-3100

Haldeman Ford

640 Route 130 and Hickory Corn
East Windsor, NJ 08520
Sales: (609) 448-0940

Miller Ford Sales

1596 Route 38
Lumberton, NJ 08048
Sales: (609) 261-7836
It is sometimes a mistake to overload a search, unless you’re looking by very specific location.

Each Ford dealership in New Jersey is a separate business, and each can be negotiated with both for the vehicle and for the f Below are listed some of the most common questions that need to be asked, in addition to any specific demands all requests that the purchaser might have.

What are the most common repairs and what are the cost of spares ?

Understanding what are the cost of spares and what is most likely to go wrong with the vehicle actually quite positive contributions to understanding the maintenance and running costs of the Ford car or truck.

Every vehicle has maintenance and running costs, as well as things that might go wrong that hopefully will be covered under a warranty.

Knowing what the likely service charges and additional costs are you an idea in terms of what it will cost to run the vehicle, in addition to knowing its insurance costs and its depreciation  in value

Are there additional fees such as dealership fees ?

When negotiating the price of a vehicle, many people are surprised that once they have agreed a final price that when they come to actually sign the contract the figure can be significantly different to what they thought they had agreed.

This is because in addition to the price agreed, there are normally a number of additional item that are added to the contract. The most contentious of these relates to what are known as dealership fees.

These are normally quite vague in nature, but can be very highly in practice. They can relate to very specific items, or they can simply refer to a wide range of people work needed to be done in order to process the sale of the vehicle.

Historically, some dealerships of all  manufacturers have used the nature of dealership fees as a way of recouping some of the discounts they have offered on the price of the vehicle.

They hoped that by the time the individual came to sign the contract they would simply accept the additional fees and not want to renegotiate the whole deal.

This is simply something to watch out for, and when negotiating the final price of the  vehicle make sure that all additional items and fees are agreed upon and how that explicitly in writing from the dealership.

How many miles to the gallon does the vehicle do ?

This used to be quite a simple question to work out prior to buying a vehicle. Nowadays with the different sorts of transmission and hybrid vehicles available, whilst it is still a really important question in terms of running costs, it is a question that a dealership may be to help you more with than simple research prior to buying or leasing a car or truck.

What is the vehicle’s mileage ?

This is a pretty basic question anyone buying a used car or truck want to know, and historically was an area of concern as it was relatively easy for someone to alter the mileage vehicle to make it seem it had less usage and it actually had.

Nowadays, this is harder to do as all mileage readers on new vehicles are digital, but it may still apply to some older vehicles.

The other issue that becomes important with this is the history of the vehicle. If the dealership sold the vehicle initially, or has its history available, then it is much easier to have a real sense of its mileage as you will have a note of services three shall contain the milage recorded at each time of service.

What extras that the vehicle come with ?

Every vehicle will have extras, some of which will be included in the price and some be charged as additional costs. Extras are pushed by a dealership because they make a vehicle more personal, and make it more attractive to solve such. The important thing to remember that extras can be added afterwards, by  a dealership or third-party retailer, and not to get swain by the fact that  some extra attachments more attractive.

As with all items in the sale, clarity is key. Find out exactly what is offered and  what is not offered and at what price, and then make a decision based on that information.

Locate A Ford Dealership in Tulsa

Five of the main Ford dealerships in Tulsa are listed below, although there are many more to choose from.

Dealerships in Tulsa OK

Bob Hurley Ford

745 West 51st
Tulsa, OK 74107
Sales: (918) 445-6700

Fowler Ford, Inc

3400 South Sheridan
Tulsa, OK 74145
Sales: (918) 346-6500

Bill Knight Ford

9607 S. Memorial
Tulsa, OK 74133
Sales: (918) 526-2400

Matthews Ford

1101 West Southwest Expressway Dr
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
Sales: (918) 251-3673

Jack Kissee Ford Inc.

760 S Lynn Riggs
Claremore, OK 74017
Sales: (918) 341-0101

When deciding which dealership to purchase or lease a Ford vehicle from, there are a number of questions and issues that can be raised.

Some of the main questions are listed below

Does the car come with four wheel drive ?

For a lot of people, having a four-wheel-drive is a necessity not a luxury. Some SUV’s Four-wheel-drive and some do not, some normal calls a four-wheel-drive and some don’t.

This is normally a question that the individual would consider when deciding what type of car or truck to buy, and is crucial important to get right.

It is also important to check with the dealership how the four-wheel-drive operates, and if there are any special considerations relating to its use.

How long is the warranty ?

The issue of the warranty is really important. If it is a manufacturer’s warranty then obviously it is likely to be more wide in terms of its coverage and condition than a normal dealership warranty.

If a manufacturer’s warranty check to see how long is left on it, and also to make sure that it is transferable with the vehicle.

If it is not a manufacturer’s warranty, check to see if it is a standard Ford dealership warranty, also check to see if there is any extended warranty available or in place, and if so at what price.

What does the warranty cover ?

It is important to know what the warranty covers, and if there are major exceptions if these can be covered under some type of extended warranty. The basic rule of thumb is that the older the vehicle, the less likely the warranty is to be really effective in terms of time or cover.

That is not a reason to be put off by this, as some of the vehicles can be very reliable, but can also obviously be at more risk. A warranty is effectively some type of insurance policy, and this is just important to know what it covers and does not cover so you can adjust your purchasing accordingly.

Is it a manufacturer’s warranty ?

As mentioned above, a manufacturer’s warranty is is in many ways the fold standard. Even so, check what it covers and does not cover, and how long is left or it. This may well affect the resale value of the vehicle.

Also check if it needs an extended warranty on any specific items, or see whether the terms of the warranty have been complied with so far in the vehicle’s history, with such things as checking if manufacturers parts have been used in servicing and replacing any part of the vehicle.

Do I need a new warranty for tires ?

Tires can be a real headache in terms of warranty. A number of warranties will exclude tires, some will exclude or include them up to a particular mileage, and some warranties will cover them as a normal part of the vehicle.

Given the price of tires, and the need for winter tires as well  as summer tires, it is very important to have clarity as to what is covered and for how long.



Find a Ford Dealership in Houston

Finding a Ford dealer in the Houston area of Texas is relatively easy. What is more difficult is working out which one to go to, and where to start in terms of the different range of options available. Below are five main dealerships in the Houston area. There are many more, but these give a good insight into how a dealership operates, and what you might expect both on-line and in-person.

Tommie Vaughan Ford

120 North Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX 77008

Tel 713-869-4661

This dealership’s website is  well structured, and shows a wide range of useful information in an easy to access manner. There are  menus for new inventories, pre-owned inventories and work trucks.

There are also specific sections for the service center, for the parts center and for the collision center.

Chastang Ford

6200N Loop East, Houston TX 77026

Tel – 855- 587-2086

This Ford dealership’s website has similar sections on new vehicles, pre-owned vehicles and work trucks. It also has a separate section on finance and specials, and sections on service and parts.

There are also sections on  scheduling servicing, and ordering parts and accessories.

Russell and Smith Ford

3440 S LoopWest, Houston TX 77025

Tel –  888-463-8919

This Ford dealers website is perhaps more focused than others.

There are sections on new cars, used cars, work trucks and specials. In addition there are sections on service and parts finance and body shop. In addition, the website has a blog with a number of useful articles on buying or leasing a Ford car or truck.

There is also a section advertising special deals such as a one-year maintenance plan, a conference in car wash, complimentary  estimates,  complimentary shuttles and a range of mobile servicing options.

Sterling McCall Ford

6445 Southwest Freeway, Houston TX 77074

Tel – 281-588-5000

Sterling McCall have a similar range of options to the other websites listed above, but it is also perhaps worth noting that their sales hours from 8 AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday.

These are quite long opening hours, and especially useful to anyone working during the day and needing to access a dealership in the evening after work.

Doggett Ford

9225 North Freeway Houston TX 77037

Tel – 281 -878- 4200

This Ford dealer also focuses in on potential Spanish-speaking customers by offering the website in their language.

Whilst they have a wide range of new and used vehicles,  Doggett Ford make a special point of advertising their work trucks such as F-250, and have a long history of working with different types of Ford trucks, and can offer that experience as such.

Finding a dealership is best done either by going to the main Ford website where there is a special section on how to search by ZIP Code, location or speciality.

Alternatively, simply enter search terms in Google or Bing and do a normal search.

The issue very quickly becomes one of trying to decide which dealership to approach,  or where to get the best deal, whether buying or leasing a Ford car or truck.

By far the easiest way is to use the various dealerships websites, and do research as to what you think is most appropriate deal that has been offered. Once that has been done, you can approached the dealership either by phone, email or in person.

It is always a good idea to do as much research as possible beforehand, and to do as much of the negotiation either by phone or on-line before visiting the dealership.

This is simply because you have a much stronger hand if you are not physically in the dealership, but can walk away from it before you actually agree any deal.

Most Ford dealers recognise this nowadays, and many have specific Internet departments that are designed to help you through this process.



Ford Dealership Locations and Services

With over 3000 Ford dealerships in the United States alone, there is likely to be one very near where you live, and also very likely to be several that you would realistically be able to visit and choose from.

The Internet has given consumers a huge advantage when it comes to buying or leasing a Ford vehicle, not simply in terms of choice of dealerships.

Depending upon what type of car or truck you want, if you are prepared to do a fair amount of research on-line, then there is potential for significant savings.

Most auto dealers acknowledge that the Internet has transformed the nature of the industry from a buyers and sellers point of view, and many dealerships will have dedicated internet teams who are there to help you through this process.

Remember that all Ford dealerships are independent businesses, and all of them want your business. If you are prepared to do the research and negotiate with them either on-line, or by phone, before visiting the dealership then this puts you in a very strong position.

Ford Dealerships Near You

There are two main ways to find the nearest dealership to you live. One is to go to the main Ford website where they have a dedicated page to help you do this.

There is a search engine that allows you to enter your ZIP code/city or state which will bring up a number of results of dealerships nearest to where you live.

There are also a certain number of filters that allow you to break down the search a bit more specifically.

These filters relate to dealerships who can carry out certified electric vehicle repairs, dealerships who carry out collision repairs and dealerships which are open in the evenings.

There also filters that allow you to find a dealership for certain specialities, currently Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center, Owner Advantage Rewards Dealer and tire sales.

The other main way is simply to use Google or Bing and enter the search terms ‘Ford dealership’ together with your ZIP Code or location. This will bring up a number of dealerships close to where you live.

Used Ford Dealerships

Most Ford dealerships will sell a mixture of new and used vehicles, and their websites are likely to give you some idea of their inventories, and their current pricing structure.

If you are looking for a specific used vehicle, and no dealership near to you seems to have one, it is worth contacting one or two local Ford dealerships who may be able to source the vehicle from out of state.

Most Ford dealerships would be willing to do this if they have access to a nationwide database of used Ford vehicles, and would also save you the trouble of having to trawl through 3000 different websites.

Ford Dealership Parts

One reason people like buying from a Ford dealership is that they know that the dealer is likely to have a vehicles history to hand.

If it is a new vehicle this is also not an issue, it is a used vehicle then the dealer may have sold it originally, or may well have made enquiries as to its history when acquiring it.

In any event, a Ford Dealership should be able to specify that all parts that are in the vehicle are Ford made, or Ford endorsed. This is especially true of any vehicle that a certified pre-owned.

Whether a car is bought from a Ford dealership or not, many people like to have it serviced and maintained by Ford dealer simply because they know that Ford parts will be used.

This is sometimes about peace of mind, and sometimes about the fact that Ford parts will be needed in order to conform with any  warranty conditions.

People who are mechanically minded will often source official Ford parts themselves, either on-line or through local contacts and do the work themselves.

Ford Dealership Services

When buying or leasing a Ford car or truck, there are a significant number of components that affect the overall cost and pricing of the vehicle, and also its running costs for the next few years.

For this reason, it is well worth breaking down these components into their different areas, working out the best price for each one, and then negotiating with different dealerships to get the best overall deal.

Sale or Lease – Arranging Finance

Many people will apply for Ford Credit when they are considering either buying or leasing a vehicle, even if they eventually use another source of finance.

Arranging finance for a vehicle can be quite a complex process, and it is always a good idea to obtain alternative quotations from different sources, in order to be able to compare them on a like-for-like basis.

Different dealerships are likely to come up with different quotations, and it is worth remembering that all areas of finance are potentially negotiable, depending upon how good your credit score is.

This normally refers to as such as the size of a down payment, the interest rate, the length of the loan or lease agreement and possibly any costs involved in pay off the loan early.


People often think simply about the sticker price for a Ford car or truck, but there are often many more costs involved.

With a new car there is a recommended manufacturer price, although it is widely accepted that a dealership should always reduce this by approx 10 to 15%.

Sometimes this reduction is shown as an incentive or a cashback offer, but it should always be considered a standard part of negotiating the price of the car.

In addition, many people will delve deeper and find out how much the Ford dealership agreed to pay Ford motor company for the vehicle, and base what they are willing to pay on this.

In addition, people sometimes take into account how long the vehicle has been part of the dealerships inventory, and how this will affect its pricing.

With a used vehicle, there are a number of ways of checking what his price should be, using Kelly’s blue book or similar.

Generally speaking, the vehicle’s price will be determined by its age, mileage and overall condition, plus any dealership markup.

Warranty  – Roadside Assistance

Any new Ford vehicle will come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which on the whole is self-explanatory.  Check that the tires are included. If  buying a used or second-hand vehicle then the issue of a warranty becomes a bit more complicated.

Firstly, check to see if the manufacturer’s warranty is still valid on the vehicle. These are normally transferable, and if some type of extended warranty was bought on the vehicle at the time of sale, check to see if that is valid on transfer of ownership as well.

Otherwise, see what type of warranties are offered in terms of parts and labour, and if it can be in any way extended and at what cost. Sometimes warranties can be bought from third-party companies, depending upon the age and condition of the vehicle.

As with any warranty, there are likely to be conditions attached to it in terms of using standard Ford parts, and in terms of regular servicing. Make sure these have been adhered to.

Some warranties will include some type of roadside assistance, which can range from being very basic in terms of covering the cost of a call out, through to returning you and fellow travellers to your home address, and can include things like overnight accommodation, replacement car etc as well.

Check to see if this is included, and also if it clashes with any other type of roadside assistance program you might have.

Auto Insurance

Most people know that you will need to have at least a minimum third-party liability insurance coverage on your vehicle.

Whilst it is  obviously beneficial to purchase more cover if you can afford it, it is worth checking with the Ford dealership if they have any links with any insurance companies who may be able to offer you favourable rates.

Before purchasing or leasing any vehicle, new or used, it is worth getting an idea or estimate of what the insurance cost is going to be. Insurance costs are both about the vehicle and the owner, and can be a sizeable factor in the final price that is paid, and in its annual running costs.


Sometimes servicing of the vehicle is included as part of a sales deal, if not it is worth checking to see if it can be, and also if there are any discounts available.

It is also worth checking to see if the dealership will offer you a courtesy car while  yours is being serviced. Small things like that can make a big difference at a practical level, and can be easily negotiated at time of sale.

Product Recall – Safety recalls and Airbag Recalls

One advantage of buying through a Ford dealership, is that it is much easier to register your details, and to enable yourself to be notified of any announcements from Ford, or the specific dealership.

Announcements are normally either sales pitches, or product recalls. These normally relate to safety issues or things such as airbag recalls.  Whilst not common,  these are important and are quite often concerned with specific models  of certain cars, often bought between certain dates.

Without being registered with a Ford dealer, or with Ford itself, it is quite easy for product recalls to be missed as they do not always get much publicity in the press or media.


Incentives tend to be inducements to buy. Incentives are normally offered either at a national level by Ford, or at a local level through Ford dealerships, or sometimes both.

There is no doubt that incentives can make a significant difference in terms of savings to any Ford vehicle that you may buy. The problem tends to be that sometimes inducements and incentives can blur the actual price that you need to pay.

It is worth doing your homework and working out what you would be likely to pay without any incentive or inducement, and then approach incentives as an additional benefit if they are applicable.

Incentives can be things such as special deals for students or people in the military, zero percentage interest rates on  loans for certain customers.

Often incentives relate to certain models of cars that a dealership is trying to shift, either because a new model is coming along, or they have an overstock inventories that they need to move.

This can also mean that it is often highly preferable to buy certain types of cars or trucks at different times of the year.

The answer to all of this is to do your homework and research. The more time you are willing to put in should reap real benefits in terms of savings.

Dealership Fees

Dealership fees are often thought of as being not that important, and are talked about in terms of paperwork. In fact dealership fees can often amount to significant amounts of money, often really unrelated to any type of work involved in generating such fees.

Dealership fees are often used as a way of clawing back some of the money that dealers have offered by way of discounts or incentives in order to secure a sale. This tends to be common practice in some, not all, dealerships of all manufacturers.

It is perfectly legal, but it is a good idea to be prepared for it.

The solution is simply to get the dealer to be specific about what the dealership fees are and what they relate to when negotiating the final price of the vehicle. It is simply about avoiding unpleasant extras that crop up once you thought you had agreed a final price.

Certified Pre-Owned

Certified pre-owned vehicles are a really good way of buying a used second-hand Ford car or truck with some degree of certainty that it is in good mechanical condition.

Ford will have done a number of checks on all main areas of the vehicle, and make sure that everything is in good working order.

It is worth checking with the dealership whether they that were the original point of sale, and/or if they have knowledge or records of the previous ownership of the vehicle.

This should give you some degree of certainty about its lineage, which together with the certified pre-owned checks will give some sense of security about buying a used or second-hand car.

Trade In Value

If you have a car or truck that you are thinking of trading in, it is well worth trying to get an estimate of its value independently before going to a dealership.  There are many on-line sites that can refer you to various guides, such as Kelly’s blue book, which should give you an indication of its worth, based on its age, mileage and condition.

This should give you a working knowledge of what its trade-in value is against any new or used car that you may think of buying. Bear in mind that a dealership will offer you significantly less than you might get if you sold privately, simply because they have to resell it and make a profit.

The trade-off from your point of view is really one of convenience, and the option of securing a better price on any new or used car that you may buy.

Find A Ford Dealership in Houston

Find a Ford Dealership in New Jersey

Find a Ford Dealersip in Tulsa





5 Ways To Get Best Ford Lease Deals

Ford Credit offers finance to customers looking to lease a Ford car or truck through special Ford Lease deals. It is important to be aware of credit requirements, lease end costs, benefits of leasing and how financing a lease works .

Many customers like the idea of being able to get  a good deal on a Ford Lease, but are often unaware how to arrange it.

It is also a good idea to get pre-approval for a loan from one or two other reputable sources, as these can then be compared with each other and if necessary use as the basis for negotiation, either with Ford Credit or one of the other companies.

1. Ford Lease Deals – Red Carpet Lease Plans

The possibility of leasing a Ford car or truck has become increasingly more popular over the last few years, and is a sales technique actively promoted by Ford itself.

Red Carpet Lease is simply the name that Ford give to their various leasing plans, which in many ways similar to a normal auto loan, but with some differences that need to be understood. Any leasing plan can be thought of in many ways similar to a long-term rental agreement.

2. Benefits of Ford Lease Deals

Leasing a new Ford car or truck can have a number of advantages over buying, the main one being that you enjoy the benefits of a brand new car without actually paying for it – of course you don’t actually own it either, which is sort of the downside.

Think of it as a sort of long term rental with anumber of conditions attached, also with some additional costs at the end of the lease period.

3. What are Lease End Costs

There will be a down payment on the vehicle, a number of fixed monthly payments for the duration of the lease, and an assessment at the end of the lease where there may be additional charges for excessive wear or tear, or additional mileage charges.

It is important that at the beginning of arranging a Ford Lease Deal lease, or potential charges may be incurred during the lease or at the end of the lease are specified and agreed. It is also important that the basis of how the charges are worked out, especially in areas such as excessive wear and tear, are specified and agreed.

4. Ford Mobility Financing

A number of customers have what are sometimes referred to as mobility needs or special needs, where in essence the vehicle needs to be modified in order to be used by the potential customer.

The scheme that for operate helps with the financing both of the vehicle and any modifications that may be needed to help the individual private.

5. Ford Lease Deals and Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

This is quite a common and very effective sales technique, as well as making a loss of business sense.

The idea is to certify a number of vehicles that are essentially used vehicles, but which have been checked over by Ford and can be deemed to be mechanically reliable and safe.

Ford lease deals use the idea of a pre-owned and certified vehicle as a way of reassuring customers that the vehicle they are buying is as far as can be guaranteed reliable.

This can be a valuable way of buying a used car, what is important is to check what warranty it comes with, how long the warranty is for, whether that is the possibility of an extended warranty, and whether the warranty includes things such as tires and wheels.

Ford Credit – Lease or buy

One thing is worth pointing out, that arranging the credit with Ford at the same time as buying or leasing a vehicle does not mean that you get a preferential deal on either.

If anything, it can potentially complicate the issue slightly as lines can become blurred as to what you are paying for what.

The solution to this is simply to treat both items as completely separate when arranging a Ford Lease Deal, and to work out what you believe to be a realistic final sale price for the vehicle, and to work out the best rate and deal in terms of finance or credit, and then bring them both together.

Ford credit does have a number of specific plans or options which may be of particular interest.

What is Ford Flex Buy

This type of plan is fairly unique, and in essence gives the customer potential to vary the amount they pay over the period of the loan if they apply for and are accepted into Ford Credit.

This means that they might well pay less in terms of monthly payments at the beginning of the loan, and then pay increased amounts towards the end.

Overall monthly payments would even out as if they had paid same every month, but a customer will have flexibility to protest at the beginning and r on.

Ford Credit – Ford Commercial Financing

Ford Lease Deals are a big part in the financing of commercial vehicles and trucks.

The process of arranging credit and finance is relatively similar to that of arranging a loan for a normal private individual, but there may well be additional questions or credit checks related to the individual, their family, their business or their business associates or partners.

This can sometimes seem a bit intrusive, but the reality is that arranging a loan for a commercial venture has different implications than are arranging a loan for a private individuals .

Gap Insurance and Ford Lease Deals

Gap Insurance is an important type of insurance, and basically covers the difference between the final sale price of the vehicle and its value as determined by the insurance company in the event of there being an accident the vehicle is a total loss or write off.

In this event, there is likely to be a significant difference between the insurance company’s valuation and the price paid by the customer, leading to a possibly large unsecured debt which will be the responsibility of the customer.Gap Insurance Is designed to cover this unsecured debt.

Vehicle Protection Options

Vehicle protection is a really important part of deciding which vehicle to buy and whether to buy or lease vehicle. Ford offers a variety of different vehicle protection plans which include the warranty, possible servicing and maintenance contracts, roadside assistance and emergency contact help.

As well as most Ford dealerships or offer a significant amount of practical advice concerning how to look after the vehicle and maintain it in a good condition, especially in the winter.

Ford Lease Deals

Like most manufacturers, Ford will offer a number of different incentives, known as Ford Lease Deals, throughout the year which can make a significant difference to the final sale price all lease payment schedule of a vehicle.

Some of these incentives may relate to certain categories of customer such as college graduates or people who are serving have served in the military.

Other offers will relate to certain vehicles or certain types of vehicles, there will be certain incentives offered at certain times of the year often as a way of offloading inventories.

Special Ford Lease Deals deals may be offered by way of zero percentage contract, and certain Ford Lease deals may be offered to existing customers either as a way of getting them to buy a car they are leasing or to trade in a car for a new one.

Payment Calculator and Ford Lease Deals

A payment calculator can be a really useful tool in terms of helping you understand your potential repayment costs when negotiating a Ford lease deal.

That in mind that your creditworthiness will be assessed by Ford credit, and it will be their judgement as to the level of risk that you represent financially, and they will charge you accordingly.

When working out your repayment costs on a Ford lease deal it is well worth to do a budget of all your current monthly expenditure, as well as all your monthly income, and work out what you can realistically afford to pay back.

The repayment costs of  a Ford lease deal should allow not only for the price of the vehicle, but also things like insurance costs and servicing and maintenance plans. This can also be used in the event of an auto loan refinance deal.

Ford Credit – Personal Account

Setting up an account with Ford allows you to apply for credit before buying or leasing a vehicle. Allows you access to a number of on-line tools that can help you navigate the process of buying or leasing, as well as arranging finance.

Your account also acts as a portal for all you need to know when you have bought the vehicle, including info on warranties, servicing and maintenance schedules and contact info regarding account management and payment issues.

From Ford’s point of view, it can make the availability of all models more attractive to potential customers, by arranging Ford lease deals by the fact that they can arrange finance for them at the same time.

For many people when deciding to buy or arrange a Ford lease deal a new or used Ford, there are a number of options that need to be considered. Some people are not sure whether to decide on the car first, then decide on whether to buy a new or used model, or whether to lease one.

Whatever the process that a potential customer goes through, the options for arranging finance should be considered almost as a separate item.

It is possible to go to Ford’s dedicated website and to potentially obtain pre-approval for a loan, and also possibly be offered special deals on certain cars as a pre-approved customer.

This will at least give the potential customer some idea of how much money they are able to borrow, and on what terms and conditions and how much it is likely to cost them.

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Can you Buy a New Ford on Credit

Buying a new Ford on credit is certainly possible, but many people there will see the prospect of buying a new car as one that immediately loses them a certain amount of money, purely in terms of depreciation on the vehicle.

It is commonly estimated that if you buy a new car of any make, with or without credit, that as soon as you drive it out of the showroom you lose some are between 10 and 15% of its value.

On the other hand, there are many people who simply love the idea of the look and feel of a brand-new Ford, and feel the loss of depreciation is to an extent academic as they will keep it for a reasonable period of time, and then simply sell it on or trade it in for another model.

For anyone who seriously wants a brand-new Ford car or truck, they would do well to consider the option of leasing one. Although when you least a vehicle you do not actually own it, the title stays with Ford, you do in effect get to have use of it for a fairly long term basis at a cost that should be considerably less than if you bought it outright.

Buy a New Ford on Credit

Buying or leasing a new Ford with Ford credit is to an extent fairly similar in terms of the application process. When buying or leasing, it is worth doing as much research as possible before you enter a physical showroom, either online or by telephone.

A lot of Ford dealerships have dedicated Internet teams, who are there to help you through this process.

The ability to research what a new Ford should actually cost you, both in terms of the final sale price of the vehicle, and what you may accurately expect to pay in terms of finance or credit, does mean a fair degree of time and effort being spent. The advantage is that you can enter any type of negotiation regarding the price or finance with a Ford dealer before you actually physically set foot in the showroom.

This gives you as a potential customer a huge amount of power that you would not have if you simply had to walk into a showroom and negotiate without any prior knowledge.

Buying a new car or a new Ford car or truck on credit is absolutely doable, assuming the individual has a sufficiently good credit score to warrant the loan being agreed. The issue tends to come down to one about depreciation, and whether or not the individual they may be better off buying a slightly used car, although that of course can come with problems of its own Penybont its age and condition.

Can You Dispute A Credit Report

People often talk about disputing a credit report, but in fact it is in everyone’s interests including the credit rating bureau that the credit report is completely and 100 cent accurate, as it is used as the basis for producing a credit score which ultimately determines individuals ability to loan money from Ford credit or any other financial lender.

A credit report is effectively a dossier made up of information taken from the potential customers application form, and a wealth of other personal and financial and credit information, with current and historical.

Normally an individual is allowed to see a copy of their credit report from the three major credit bureaus for free once a year. This is really important as it allows them to check the information contained in the report, and make sure it is accurate and up-to-date.

There is certain information that although accurate can normally only be used for a certain length of time. Types of information that this relates to can include things such as bankruptcy. This means that after a certain number of years a credit bureau can no longer include these items as a basis for determining your credit score.

Can You Dispute A Credit Report

If you discover information in your credit report that you believe is inaccurate or up-to-date this is really important that you get back to the credit rating agency or bureau and tell them. It is in their interest that the information in the credit report is accurate and current, and if what you are saying to them is evidently provable than they should be open and willing to change it.

The problem in terms of disputing a credit report often comes when the customer disagrees with the value of the credit score that has been determined by the credit report, rather than information contained in the credit report itself.

This is a much trickier area, as the allocation of a credit score is a judgement by a credit rating agency, normally done by mathematical algorithms largely, which they believe reflects the accuracy of information they have about you.

Trying to get them to change their mind can be tricky, but if there are exceptional circumstances or reasons why certain areas of your credit report may look worse and they actually are then it is certainly well worth contacting them and telling them.

At the end of the day, a credit bureau is there to provide an accurate assessment of what they believe your credit worthiness is.

They should be open to including any information about you that is relevant, but there will also be wary of using a focus on their own internal workings and experience to help them determine what they believe to be an accurate credit score for you or anyone applying with you for credit or a loan.

How to Improve a Credit Score

People wanting to improve on looking to improve a credit score are almost invariably people who have some high level of awareness about what a credit report is, what constitutes it and how a credit score is ultimately determined. This information may have been gathered through a to experience, or simply through sense of necessity.

Improving a credit score can certainly be done by most people, although it takes time and is not an overnight fix.

Anyone wanting to improve a credit score should realise that the long-term nature of this means that they may have to make other choices or decisions about their current situation, if their credit score is having an adverse effect on their ability to apply for an auto loan with Ford credit, or for any other line of credit or loan application

Improve a Credit Score

Realising the need to improve a great score means an understanding of what one’s current situation is regarding a credit  application.

If a poor or bad credit score is resulting in either refusal of loan  applications, or terms and conditions be imposed that are inherently harsh or difficult to process, then it may be necessary for the individual to completely rethink what they are able to achieve short-term.

A credit score is ultimately a reflection of a huge amount of information about the individual, that reflects both their current and previous personal history, their current and previous credit history and a wide range of other publicly available information about them.

All of this information contributes to a dossier known as a credit report. The information in this report is then used by way of mathematical algorithms to assess what the credit bureau believes is the creditworthiness of the individual.

Improving a credit score effectively depends on understanding what it is that is acting against the individual in terms of the current credit history. This could be a number of areas about their personal life and employment or income, or about their current credit situation, or even their credit history.

Identifying whatever the problem is, as an example excessive use of payday loans, means that once individual has stopped this and taken steps to correct the information about it in their credit report it can begin to have an impact on improving their credit score, although this may take time to fall through into better quotations for financial offers and loan applications.


How Do You Fix A Poor Credit Score

Anyone with a poor credit score will at some point want to do what they can to improve it, as it has a significant impact on that ability to borrow any type of auto loan with Ford credit or any other lender, And this can be done both on a short term and a long-term basis.

People have poor credit scores for a number of reasons, and often the term poor credit gets lumped in with bad credit and no credit at all. They are in fact completely different scenarios. Someone may have poor credit or bad credit because they have had debt problems in the past, or because they have had problems borrowing money and not built to repay it.

Someone with no credit may simply have not had an opportunity to try and borrowed money before, either because of age or because they have never had a need to. One of the options may well prove viable someone with no credit history is to use a cosigner.

How Do You Fix A Poor Credit Score

A cosigner is normally someone who agrees to cover the repayments on an auto loan in the event that the applicant is unable to meet them. The advantage of this obviously is it that can give someone with no credit history the opportunity to borrow.

Needless to say it is quite a risk for the cosigner, and is normally restricted although it doesn’t have to be, to family members or close relatives.

Fixing a bad or poor credit score has two particular  areas.

Firstly is to check that the actual current credit report is accurate and up-to-date in terms of the information it has. Any errors in this can result in a mistaken credit score which can be costly in terms of arranging finance.

Secondly is to take measures to actively improve one’s credit history. This can be done in a number of ways by either pay off credit cards, or generally taking a number of steps to improve  people’s lines of credit.

This is much more of a long-term process, but one started and under way can have an immediate impact in terms of benefiting an individual’s credit report and ultimately a credit score as well.

Can you lease a Ford Escape Hybrid

The short answer is yes, but obviously leasing a Ford escape hybrid comes with a number of issues that need to be understood and looked at in a bit more detail.

Ford, along with other manufacturers actively promote the process of leasing their vehicles, and hybrids are rapidly becoming an important part of this market. Ford recognise the value both short-term and long-term of encouraging customers to buy or lease a hybrid, and the Ford escape is proving to be a popular model in this regard.

The leasing process as it applies to a Ford escape hybrid is pretty much the same as it does to all the other vehicles. There are a number of important factors to be considered if you have not least a vehicle before.

One of them is simply about the length of the lease period. When releasing a vehicle the customer does not  own title to it, they merely have to use of it for the specified period of the lease. A lease can run for any period, but normally ranges from 24 to 60 months.

Lease a Ford Escape Hybrid

A lot of the workings out of the costings of the lease tend to relate to the depreciation in value of the car during the term of the lease period.

This needs to be borne in mind when negotiating all aspects of the lease, as whilst a long lease may result in lower monthly payments, the length of the lease means that you pay more in total depreciation costs over the period of the lease than you would do otherwise.

It is also worth bearing in mind the options that are likely to exist at the end of the lease.

The normal options relate to the customer being offered the opportunity to buy the vehicle at a discounted rate, the customer being offered another lease on another vehicle, or the customer simply walking away and doing something else.

There are likely to be lease end costs at the end of the lease period, which essentially are charges that relate to the wear and tear of the vehicle, and any excess mileage that may have been insured during the period of the lease agreement.

What does a Ford Car Payment include

When making a payment of any type of finance on a  Ford car or truck, there can be a number of discrepancies as to what is actually included with such a payment. The whole area of auto finance and credit covers both the sale and leasing of cars and trucks.

Ford credit is a type of dealership financing that caters to both these markets. When you arrange either to buy or lease a vehicle from Ford a number of different options can be included in terms of what makes up the loan agreement or the lease agreement.

When buying a car, the final sale price should clearly specify how it is made up. There are a wide range of extras that can be included or not, and depending upon how the dealership acts, the customer can either be left with a number of areas that they need to pay for themselves, or alternatively which are included in the original auto loan deal.

What does a Ford Car Payment include

These areas normally include items such as various servicing and maintenance plans, various vehicle protection plans and programmes such as vehicle service contracts, servicing and maintenance contracts, extended warranties and different types of roadside assistance programs.

There is also the whole question of auto insurance and GAP insurance. Whilst these are not normally included in the auto loan agreement, it is possible that the payment for GAAP insurance may be, and this should certainly be clarified.

When leasing a Ford car or truck there is a monthly repayment cost, that is not a repayment figure such because Ford retain title to the vehicle. It can be thought of more as a monthly rental charge, but same principle applies as to what it does and does not include.

All the above areas can come into play as well with a leasing program, and it is down to the customer to negotiate with the Ford dealership what is and is what is not included. Typically, there is likely to be some scope for negotiation on servicing and maintenance plans, and obviously a lease on a new vehicle will come with a manufacturer’s warranty should be included within the price of the vehicle.

Where to Find Ford Credit Phone Number




Ford Credit is part of a process more commonly referred to as dealership financing, where the common factor acts as a credit broker in effect, and arranges finance or credit for potential customers so they can buy or lease one of their vehicles.

Whilst this process is quite well understood, people often run into practical problems once the finance or credit has been arranged, and can sometimes find it difficult to either get queries answered or find someone they can actually talk to and give them the information they need about that account.

Ford have a fairly comprehensive website that people can access once they have registered and set up an account. People are often encouraged to preregister before buying or leasing a car, a process known as getting pre-approval.

This offer applies to an individual getting pre-approved for credit, allowing them to have an idea in advance of how much they will be able to borrow and what interest rate, and also potentially allowing them access to certain specific deals either on individual vehicles or on special interest rate programs.

Ford Credit Phone Number

Once you have registered an account with Ford you can access a vast range of information through their website, that relates to practical areas such as software updates and manuals, and can keep you informed about any records or problems there may be.

It also has many areas of support regarding problems to do with payment may arise. Problems may arise at either a practical level, or because the individual runs into some type of financial problems themselves and needs to either defer payment or restructure the loan.

In any event, the Ford website does provide a wide range of practical information tips and contact details for people who need it.

The other option is to go back to the Ford dealership where the original transaction and finance arrangements took place. Here it is more a bit of luck as to whether or not the dealership will be overly helpful, but on the whole it should be. It is in their interests to retain you as a customer, with short-term and long-term, and it will be dangerous to help you through any practical problems that you may have.

Finally, it is worth bearing this in mind before signing any final contract or lease agreement. People often do not think through the practical areas that  they might need help with once process has been finalised, but making sure they have contact information for the sale is complete is one way they can retain some degree of control over the process once it has been finalised.


How to Get Ford Finance on a Ford Explorer

With a Ford Explorer costing as much as $55,000, the need to both arrange finance and get the best possible finance deal both in terms of the final sale price of the car, as well as the best interest rate and credit arrangement, becomes true for virtually everyone.

The cost of the Explorer is not unique to Ford, already good SUV’s do come at a premium. What matters more to a customer is that they spend time and energy doing the research before they buy, both in terms of what they can expect to pay in terms of price, and what they need to do to make sure they secure the best possible finance deal.

In terms of price, customers can take this pretty much as far as they want. There is a standard retail price often known as the MSRP, which is often referred to simply as the sale price. This is in effect the list price manufacturers put on their  cars. In reality, everyone will expect a dealer to lock a significant percentage of this price, normally somewhere in the region of 10 to 15%.

Ford Finance on a Ford Explorer

Other people will go much further and take through various websites to actually get to what the dealer pays manufacturer for the specific car, and then decide how much they are willing to go on top of that in terms of paying the dealership.

Whichever way you go, bear in mind that the final sale price includes a number of potential optional extras, and care needs to be taken that these are actually wanted and needed an specified in the price. Anything you don’t want the clear about not including.

Keeping the sale price is separate from the negotiations about the finance rates is really important. If the customer is arranging finance through Ford credit, a process known as dealership financing, then back in mind that the dealer will be able to negotiate on all areas of the finance package, including the size of the deposit, the interest rate and any other conditions attached to the quotation.

Whilst they are able to negotiate, the dealerships room for negotiation may be a bit limited, and will to an extent be dependent upon the credit score of the individual applying for finance on the  Ford Explorer and any cosigner who might be part of the original  application.