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The Ford Probe retains a loyal following, partly because of its pop up headlights, and was one of the most iconic cars around in the late 1980s and 1990s. It was produced in association with Mazda, and was seen as a replacement for the Ford Capri in Europe, and as part of the next generation Ford Mustang in North America.

There are still a large number of Ford Probe’s available for sale, although given their age, care should be taken when researching and buying one.

Ford Probe – Buy Close to where You Live

This may not seem as simple as it sounds, simply because the availability of this vehicle may range quite significantly geographically. However, the principle is a sound one for a number of reasons.

The main ones that you need to inspect and test drive the vehicle, and you need to be able to have access to whoever sold it to you in the event of any problems after sale.

If the Ford probe is offered for sale through a Ford dealership outside the area where you live, it may well be possible for the dealer to ship the vehicle to a Ford dealership nearer to you, although there may be some cost involved in the event of a non-sale

Ford Probe – Carfax report

With any car that is likely to be 20 or even 30 years old, it is really important to get some type of vehicle inspection report done on it. Contracts is the obvious choice though there are other providers.

Do not be put off by what may seem a long list of things that are not quite right with it. If you really want the vehicle, do your homework as to which of the things that are listed as being potentially wrong with the vehicle are that important, things you can live with and things that you know you can right.


Doing your research is crucial. This can include researching prices and availability online, but also a car such as the Ford Probe  it is well worth spending time on a number of discussion group forums where issues concerning the Probe will be discussed.

These discussion groups not only an excellent source of information, but also an invaluable resource to ask questions and get advice both before and after sale. People who hang out in the forums tend to respond to genuine enquiries with a huge amount of help and experience.

Ford Probe – Maintenance and Running Costs

Given that the Ford probe ceased production in the late 1990s, it is important to check for the availability of spare parts and trained technicians who can use them in the area where you live. Your best bet is to start with a Ford dealership, and get advice from them as to how to proceed.

Bear in mind that maintenance and running costs was only include regular servicing and safety checks, but also dealing with any items of a mechanical nature that go wrong. With a car of this age any warranty is likely to be fairly minimal at best, so it is highly likely that you will face some costs in terms of its mechanical upkeep.

Ford Probe – Insurance Costs

Insurance on any Ford Probe can be expensive, and it is well worth shopping around to get alternative quotations, from at least three or four different sources. There is no easy way to minimise insurance costs, but you should at least know what they are prior to purchasing a vehicle, as this would be an important part of the running cost of the vehicle.

Make sure that you contact an insurance broker and give them complete details about yourself, and the Ford Probe that you are thinking of buying, as they may well be able to obtain specialist insurance quotes for you, that are not available on cost comparison sites.

Ford Probe – Financing

Finding finance for the vehicle may be slightly tricky, simply because of their age and lack of current availability.

Ford Credit may well be available if the Ford Probe is purchased through a Ford dealership. Otherwise check out other sources of auto  finance, especially credit unions if you can qualify for one.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles and Warranty

Most Ford dealerships will offer what are known as certified preowned vehicles for sale, either to selected customers or to the general populace. These vehicles have normally been extensively checked for mechanical condition and bodywork,  and are normally offered with an extremely detailed checklist.

If you can find a Ford Probe that is certified pre-owned by a Ford dealership, even if it is a significant distance away from when you live, it is certainly well worth considering, as it is highly likely it will be in good mechanical order.

Test Drive

Where possible, you should  always take the vehicle for a test drive, ideally for as long as possible. When buying a used car such as the Ford Probe this is pretty important. Unless you physicallly try the vehicle you will not really know whether it suits you. Also a test drive allows you to listen to and get a feel for the car that you would otherwise not be able to do.

Vehicle History

If possible try and get some type of history of the Ford Probe that you are thinking of buying. Given the age of most of them this can honestly be tricky, but even a recent history will help.

There are a number of agencies to check if the vehicle has ever been involved in an accident, and it can be useful to know its previous maintenance and servicing history.

Knowing who owned the vehicle and where they lived may give you some sense of how the vehicle was used  or driven, which can also have an impact on its price and value.

Ford Probe  – True Market Value

Knowing what any car is worth is a slightly  arbitrary process, but there are ways of establishing some type of guide. Simply looking at other models that are available either at dealerships throughout the country, or on sites such as craigslist  or Auto Trader will give you a fairly good indication.

 There are also guides available such as Kelly’s bluebook which can give you an indication of its value that is normally associated with an insurance assessment of  what it is worth, given its age, milage and condition. 

With a car such as a Ford Probe these guides can be useful, but should not be taken as gospel. In the end car is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. The Ford Probe has a loyal following, and this often tends to distort any type of objectivity within a market.

Ford Probe Models

Ford Probe 1994   2.0 16V Coupe and 2.5 24V Coupe

Ford Probe 1995   2.0 16V Coupe and 2.5 24V Coupe

Ford Probe 1996   2.0 16V Coupe and 2.5 24V Coupe

Ford Probe 1997  2.0 16V Coupe and 2.5 24V Coupe

Ford Probe 1998  2.0 16V Coupe and 2.5 24V Coupe