Honda Parts

Spare parts can be needed for any Honda vehicle or motorcycle, at any point in its lifetime. The cost and availability of parts should be taken into consideration when buying any car or truck, new or used.

Parts can be referred to as either new, OEM, aftermarket or salvaged.

Parts that are new either come from the manufacturer themselves, or from a third-party who make them to the specific standards of the original manufacturer, but normally at a much lower price, think generic drugs. These are normally referred to as aftermarket parts.

Part of referred to as salvaged are used parts, that may have been reconditioned or not. In any event, they carry a degree of risk that new parts shouldn’t, but will come in normally considerably cheaper than a new part.

Salvaged parts are often used for non-essential repair or improvement to a vehicle, such as seat coverings, steering wheel coverings, tinted windows etc.

This itself which parts are to use for the mechanical operation of the vehicle, i.e. as part of the engine, transmission or braking system and great care should be taken to ensure that they are reliable enough to be safe.

If in doubt, get the part checked by a reliable mechanic, or to be really safe make sure that OEM or aftermarket parts are used instead.

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