Nissan Finance refers to a means of obtaining finance through the vehicle dealership, in this case Nissan, as opposed to obtaining credit through a bank or finance company. Nissan offer credit to customers, or potential customers, subject to status, in order to finance the sale or leasing of a new or used car, truck or van. Anyone applying for credit from Nissan Finance will need to undergo an application process and obtain a credit score in the same way they would if they were applying for any other loan. Common questions include :

– How does the interest on a car loan work

– Where can I get an auto loan

– What is the average APR for a used car

– How to get the best price on a new car

The attraction of obtaining dealership finance for many people is that it makes the process of buying or leasing a car simpler and easier because they are obtaining the finance for paying for it at the same time. Some people mistakenly think that in someway applying for finance from the dealership makes either the finance or the sale price of the car either simpler and cheaper. In practice it doesn’t. If anything it can make it slightly more completed, as it blurs the lines between the two processes.

nissan finance

Auto Finance, Credit and Refinance explained

Nissan Finance – Sales

Nissan, and any Nissan dealership, want a potential customer base to really like the vehicle they have bought, and to have the financial means to pay for it without getting into any difficulties. To that end, it is important to realise that buying or leasing any Nissan vehicle is  a fairly hefty financial investment and should be done after careful and thorough research. This research should apply both to the car or vehicle itself, and to the various means of financing it. The main decisions to make when deciding what type of car or vehicle to buy normally relate either to the type of vehicle itself, or to the price.

Nissan Finance – Loans

People either tend to decide that they want a particular model and then decide whether or not they can afford a new one when they need to buy second-hand or used, or they decide how much they can afford to spend and then look around to see what type of car fits their price bracket. Whichever way an individual decides to approach the process, it is important to go through a careful process and work out how much they can afford to repay for the loan or lease agreement. Some people like to account what a loan is going to cost them on a monthly basis and then budget around that figure, whilst other people prefer to work out the overall cost of the loan over the loan agreement period, including interest, and approaching their finances and this angle. Nissan Finance is a term that can apply to either leasing the vehicle, or buying it outright either new or used.

Nissan Finance – Leasing

The option of leasing a Nissan vehicle has become a much more  attractive one for a number of people over recent years. This in part is because Nissan, like other manufacturers, have started to push this as a sales option, aimed at people who would like to essentially own a new car but are unable to afford it. When someone releases a Nissan car or truck they are essentially renting it for a fixed period of time, like a hire car but with a number of important differences.

The individual effectively gets to own the car for a period of months/years with fairly strict conditions as to modifications they can make to the car, and financial penalties for excessive wear and tear or exceeding an agreed mileage allowance. The application process in terms of applying for Nissan Finance when leasing a vehicle  is pretty much the same as when applying for credit generally. The main difference in terms of costs comes with what are known as lease end costs, which are the costs that can occur and be charged to the individual when the lease period expires and the car has to be returned.

Nissan Finance – Lease End Costs

When someone takes out a lease with Nissan, it will be for a fixed period of years, with the lease agreement specifying certain things such as the size of the down payment,  the size of the monthly repayments and certain conditions regarding mileage and wear and tear. At the end of the lease period, or a few weeks beforehand, the vehicle will be independently inspected and a report produced as to its condition.

If there is excessive wear and tear or damage to the exterior interior that needs to be repaired, then this will be costed. The customer will then have the option of either paying for this when the lease expires, or having the work done themselves and returning the car with that work having been completed. The lease agreement will sometimes have a clause allowing the individual the option of purchasing the car from Nissan. If this clause is enabled, then the final sale price will take into account the costs of the work that needs doing.

Nissan Finance – Vehicle Protection

One of the attractions for many people off buying or leasing a new Nissan car or truck is the belief that with it comes a level of reliability that should mean there are no mechanical or structural problems with the vehicle. Of course there can occasionally be problems, but generally speaking this is true. In addition to the reliability of a new car or truck there will also be a long-term warranty that should give peace of mind concerning any potential problems they may be. If someone is buying a second-hand or used Nissan, then it is equally important to make sure that the warranty gives a high degree of peace of mind in the event of any mechanical breakdown, regarding costs of parts and labour. This needs to apply to all of the car including tires and wheels.

Nissan Finance – Loyalty Offers

Loyalty offers are in effect discounts which are aimed either at one off customers or recurring customers, or at certain groups of society such as those currently serve or have previously served in the military, students or college graduates, people with mobility problems and one or two other groups. Loyalty offers can also include special discounts either for certain other groups of people, or unspecified models at certain times of  the year.

If someone has time on their side and can either wait, or has time to shop around, then there can be significant price differentials on a number of different models throughout the year. Research can easily show which models gives and what times of year best to buy them. It is also worth differentiating between loyalty offers that Nissan offer as a company, which should be available at all Nissan dealers, and offers that are made by individual dealerships as a way of attracting customers. Sometimes they will both overlap, but it is worth being clear as to which is which.

Nissan Owners Portal

This is a great facility Nissan offer online , where once you have registered your vehicle, you can access a wide range of information and facilities. You have access to an online Nissan e-store, which gives detailed information on genuine Nissan accessories and parts, and also provides a number of manuals and guides for vehicles as well Videos and other useful information. There are also sections on insurance,  and how to find a Nissan certified repair shop in the event of a collision damage.

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