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2001 Ford Explorer | Prices, Reviews and Finance Deals

There are still a number of used 2001 Ford Explorers for sale, some two wheel drive, some four-wheel-drive, some four-wheel-drive sport two doors, some four-wheel-drive XLT and some four-wheel-drive XLS. A recent search on Kellye’s blue book gave some examples of price in relation to mileage.

2001 Ford Explorer Pricing

A used 2001 Ford Explorer 2 wheel drive, mileage 143916 was valued at US dollars 5995. A used 2001 Ford Explorer 2 wheel drive sports to door, mileage 226 667, was priced at US dollars 1915. A used 2001 Ford Explorer 2 will drive sport to door, mileage 131166, was valued at US dollars to 190.

A used 2001 Ford Explorer  AWD XLT, mileage 173938 was valued at US dollars 3197, and a used 2001 Ford Explorer four-wheel-drive X S, mileage 104680, was priced at US dollars 3999.

Whilst all prices are obviously negotiable, these and many more like them on Kellye’s bluebook and other websites should give a fairly good indication of the mileage of these vehicles, and what their owners believe them to be worth.

2001 Ford Explorer Specs

The 2001 Ford Explorer had a fuel capacity of approximately 21 gallons. It had a wheelbase of 111.6 inches, and overall length of 190.7 inches. Its width with mirrors was 70.2 inches, its height was 67.5 inches and its curb weight was 4113 lbs.

The explorer had an engine that was V6, 4.0 l, the band was estimated to have a fuel economy of 30 mpg in the city, 18 mpg on Highway and a combined  15 mpg. The transmission was automatic and the drivetrain was four-wheel-drive.

The engine type was gasoline, the transmission was five speed automatic, those total seating for five people and the original warranty was for three years or 36,000 miles. The fuel type was regular leaded.

Ford 2001 XLT four-wheel-drive four door SUV came with air conditioning, overhead console storage, cruise control, front cupholders, cargo area light, leather steering wheel, cruise control on steering wheel, tilt adjustable steering wheel, power steering, dual illuminated final mirrors.

It also came with Palestinian, dual illuminating that he mirrors, retained accessory power, front door pockets, front and rear reading lights.

2001 Ford Explorer Reviews

Some people can be slightly sceptical about on-line reviews, but car sites tend to attract the real enthusiasts who don’t hold back on their likes and dislikes of a particular model.

This is particularly when reviewing a car as old as 2001 Ford Explorer, which for many vehicles has mileages exceeding one or even 200,000. This is by far the best way to get a really critical and truthful analysis of this car, both at the time of sale and since.

These are a selection of reviews from the edmunds website, which should give a fairly good indication of the owner’s thoughts.

‘My 1992 Explorer was totaled in 2002. I planned to keep that as long as possible. Bought a used 2001 Explorer in 2002 and still have it in 2018 with 175K miles. Passes Calif smog checks easily, 16 to 17 mpg combined, change the oil and filter every 3K miles. Original hoses, belts, transmission, etc. ‘

‘T got my big blue at 164,000 never had issues a little rust work needs to be in the wheel area, but fords are know for it . i love my rig , right now it hit 171,000 miles on it i change the oil every 4 ,000 miles n like all my cars, i keep up with replacing parts . a car only as good as , the mechince who works on it . i did a road trip with it , she went good on it .”

“Best Features

By far, the way the vehicle handles is its best feature. Very easy to maneuver and control and there’s no need to have to retrain yourself from driving a smaller vehicle to this one. It turns just as nicely (if not better) than small cars and it’s easy to navigate in narrow places.

Worst Features

Replacement parts are a huge hassle with this vehicle. Everything I’ve needed either had to be ordered in, or I’ve had to do trial and error with things fitting, since the XLS has different parts than other Explorers of the ’95-’00 and ’02+ years.”

‘The most reliable vehicle I have ever owned, hands down. This is one of that last real SUVs – built on a truck chassis (Ranger platform). We lived in mountains of northern New Mexico and spent a lot of time boulder crawling on two-track roads along mountain ridges.

Great 4X4 capability as well as highway capability. the ride is a bit bouncy, but I tamed it a bit when I put a set of bilstien shocks in place of the factory ones. The explorer is paid off and still alive’