Do You Need A Car Accident Lawyer ?

Lawyers – love them or hate them, there are times when you need them. Being involved in a car accident may well be one of those times you seriously need to think about having their help.

This may not be the first thing on your mind following an accident, but in the days afterwards obtaining a car accident lawyer is something you will properly want to give serious thought to, and investigate more thoroughly.

However helpful your insurance company may appear or not, ultimately they will look after their own interests and not yours.

Given that most auto accidents are quite complex in nature, a car accident lawyer may well be worth having as being the only person who is really on your side.

Costs – Contingency Fee Car Accident Lawyers

The one thing that probably puts most people off the idea of hiring a car accident lawyer is cost, and the fear of rising legal fees as the case continues.

This fear led to the rise of many contingency fee lawyers or attorneys, offering what are often referred to as no-win no fee deals. The essence of these deals is that a car accident lawyer will take on your case, and will only take their fee from any damages they win for you in court or out of court settlement.

This means that there should be no upfront costs to you, and no fees payable to them if they do not secure you damages.

Not all car accident lawyers operate schemes such as this, but many do and it is well worth searching them out, and checking their record.

From your point of view, a solid contingency fee deal means that you should not have to worry about any costs, as any lawyers fees will simply be deducted from any settlement you may receive.

There are a few potential downsides to these arrangements, and these are worth being aware of.

  • Once you have entered into a contingency fee deal you are unlikely to be able to get out of it until a final settlement has been agreed, which in some cases could take many years.
  • This means that you are tied into the whole process of litigation whether you like it or not. If you do break the deal, you may well have to pay significant costs to the attorneys you have hired
  • The contingency fee lawyer is only likely to take on your case if they feel you have a really good chance of winning, and of winning substantial damages.
  • Make sure the contingency fee deal is watertight, and that it does literally mean what it says. Make sure there are no caveats that might lead you having to pay any
  • Given that there should be no upfront fees, it is likely that the fees recoverable by the car accident lawyers you have hired are likely to be significantly more than if you are paying them upfront.
  • This is a simple risk return ratio from their point of view, and something you should be happy to accept or not given the proportionate lack of risk to yourself
  • Even with some contingebcy fee deals you may have to pay some court costs up front, Check with any contincency fee deal if any costs are involved and what they relate to.

Areas where a Car Accident Lawyer may be able to help

There are a number of lawyers, commonly referred to as car accident lawyers, who specialise in all areas of the law relating to motor vehicle accidents. Below is a summary of the main areas an attorney may be able to offer specialist help, with more detailed information below

  • Looking to obtain police reports
  • Helping to obtain information about the other vehicle – maintenance records etc
  • Dealing with your insurance company and insurance company of other vehicle –  testifying under oath
  • Personal injury claims
  • Knowing if the person was using cellphone call / texting, under the influence of alcohol or drugs or sleep deprived
  • Property damage claims
  • Defective vehicle parts
  • Medical bills
  • Other expenses related to the accident – hire cars, accomodation, repatriation expenses etc
  • Lost wages/ employment
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Finding out if the vehicle was speeding
  • Working with forensic engineers to determine cause of accident
  • Were unsafe road conditions a factor – was proper signage in place
  • Protects your interests against insurance company

Police Reports

Whenever you are involved in an accident, it is always a good idea to involve local law enforcement. This may not only be a legal requirement, but can also prove invaluable in terms of dealing with the accident and follow-up information as well.

Local police will produce a report that should cover all aspects of the accident, including details about the other person and their vehicle.This should be available to you or your car acacident lawyer on request

This can include whether the vehicle was speeding or not, the maintenance or servicing records of the vehicle, any inherent defects on the vehicle, whether the individual was distracted in anyway  by cellphone usage etc.

The police will also most likely do tests on all parties for any alcohol or drug usage, or impairment by any other means, including sleep deprivation.

They should also take note of any adverse weather  or road conditions, and should take note if there was appropriate signage displayed, either physically or electronically.

A police report can be invaluable in terms of any follow-up claim on your insurance policy, and can provide vital information regarding the determination of who was at fault, and  provide a sense of context for what happened.

Defective Vehicle Parts

These are often a common factor in vehicle accidents, and can be at play either in your own vehicle or in one of the other vehicle/s involved in the accident.

This can lead to scenarios where the manufacturer and/or dealership of the vehicle could also be involved in litigation, irrespective of any other factors involved in the accident.

It is quite possible that if a defective vehicle part is a contributory factor, any of the insurance companies involved or your car accident lawyer could seek to take action against the manufacturer or dealership, to which you would inevitably be a witness.

Personal Injury Claims

Whether or not you or any other party need medical assistance at the time of the accident, it is vital that you seek a thorough medical examination in the days following. There are two main reasons for this.

Firstly it is quite possible that an injury will show up in the days or even weeks following an accident that was not obviously apparent to you at the time.

Secondly, if you do proceed with any type of personal injury claim, using a car accident lawyer or not, it is crucial to your  credibility as a witness that you sought medical attention at the earliest opportunity. Failure to do so could seriously undermine your case.

Personal injury claims are notoriously long, in terms of the time taken to assess long-term damage and other implications. It is not uncommon for some claims to last several years before damages are finally settled.

The are a number of reasons for this. Some more cynical people assume that insurance companies string out personal injury claims to defer having to make payment.

There are probably times this is true, but there are other reasons as well.

The main one is simply that a lot of personal injury claims relate to injuries that take their toll on the body over time, and it is necessary to see how the injuries progress over that time, and what level of damages is therefore appropriate.

It is important if you do have a serious personal injury claim to at least seek some sort of legal advice early on, and to be wary of any potential settlement that an insurance company offers you early on as well. A good car accident lawyer should be able to advise you on any potential settlement terms.

Some insurance companies offer early settlements as a way of finalising the claim, although such settlements are likely to be much less than if the claim was allowed to run its natural course over several years.

The other element of personal injury claims can relate to what could be termed knock on effects of the injury. This can relate to both short and long-term effects.

These can include mental, psychological and physical manifestations of an injury, sometimes referred to as loss of enjoyment or pain and suffering.

The other effects tend to relate to more practical issues that  normally focus around an individual’s ability or inability to work as a result of the injury, and subsequent problems regarding income / mortgage payments etc.

Protecting You Against Your Insurance Company

There is often a tendency to believe  in situations like this that your insurance company is on your side. In some ways they maybe, but it is also quite  likely that they will seek to minimise their costs and settlement figures to the most basic figure they can.

They will either do this within the strict terms and conditions of the policy, or interpret them in a more legally dubious manner. This is really where a car accident lawyer can be useful, in addition to whatever other remedies you may wish to employ.

Your auto insurance policy will be an incredibly tightly worded legal document, that will have a number of very strict conditions regarding its terms and benefits.

In relation to an auto accident this can revolve around things such as hire cars and accommodation expenses, medical bills and having to testify under oath to the insurance company  or their representative about the accident and what happened.

This is before you even get into the issue of compensation or liability settlements.

A car accident lawyer can be invaluable if they have sufficient experience in these areas, and can help smooth both the short and long-term effects of dealing with your insurance company. A good lawyer may in the end be the only person who is really on your side in situations like this.

Steps To Take After An Accident

It is fairly likely that after any car accident, you are likely to be in some degree of shock. There are a number of things that you need to do at the time, and it is a really good idea to have a plan in advance.

Either write the following things down on a piece of paper and keep them in your car, or find some other way of having these items with you. Some insurance companies provide an app for your smartphone which covers most of the information below.

  •  Prevent another accident
  •  Don’t move any of the vehicles unless absolutely necessary
  •  Check occupants of all vehicles for possible immediate injuries and call for immediate medical help if appropriate
  •  Call local law enforcement
  •  Exchange information with other driver
  •  Do not admit any liability or fault
  •  Take photographs
  •  Get witness statements
  •  Write a description of what happened
  •  Seek medical treatment
  •  Contact your insurance company

Prevent Another Accident

This may seem quite obvious now, but at the time of any  accident it is a major priority. It is imperative that you make sure that the accident that happened does not create a situation where another one could take place because of it.

This may mean putting warning triangles in place, asking other pedestrians or car drivers to redirect traffic, or doing whatever is necessary to make the area the accident happened a safe place.

Unless absolutely crucial, do not move any of the vehicles involved in the accident. This will impede law enforcement’s ability to assess what happened, and may impact on your insurance claim.

Gathering Information

It is really important that you gather as much information as possible at the time, even if it is in note form that you write ups later. This information should include everything relevant to the accident.

This includes getting information from any drivers involved in the accident, their names and addresses, vehicle make and registration number and insurance details.

Get the names and addresses of any witnesses you can, either pedestrians and other car drivers. Make a note of the weather conditions, and of any relevant skidmarks  or tire marks on the road.

Take as many photographs as you can, whether on a camera or on a smart phone. Take photos of any damage to your car, any damage to the other car or photos of the other car if there is no damage.

Note to see if there are any surveillance cameras nearby, either on the road or on nearby stores or office buildings. They may well have footage that could be invaluable in the event of a disputed insurance claim.

Knowing Your Insurance Policy

Most people only tend to look at their influence policy when there are about to make a claim, and unless you are an exception to this you will need to familiarise yourself fairly quickly with your auto insurance policy’s major provisions.

  •  Notify insurance company of claim immediately
  •  Follow-up for details of claim on company forms within a set number of days
  •  Never admit fault or liability to any third party
  •  Be willing to give evidence under oath
  •  Settlement procedure regarding valuation of vehicle
  •  Medical expenses
  •  Settlement procedure regarding total claim
  •  Independent medical assessment by insurance companies doctor of choice
  •  Arbitration

Whilst there are many areas of your insurance policy that you should become familiar with, there are a few that are critically important.

Your insurance policy will have time limits within which you must notify them of the initial accident or incident, and time limits with which you must follow up with details of the claim.

These time limits are really important, and if you fail to keep them it could well void your policy. Your insurers may will appoint an assessor who is essentially a specialist in motor claims, and you will be expected to fully complywith their requets and assist them as much as possible.

Having the counsel of  a good car accident lawyer can be invaluable.

You may well also be required to give evidence under oath as to what happened, and this is one area where it is well advised to have an attorney or car accident lawyer present. It is often said, but cannot be repeated too often, never ever admit any liability  or fault to a third party.

This is not about you being honest or dishonest, it is simply that if you admit any type of liability  or fault, it could well be used against you and potentially void your claim.

It is worth mentioning that there is no way some arbitration process built into the insurance policy in the event of a dispute, and then they will be some state laws governing  arbitration as well. This can be very important in the event of a dispute with your insurance company, an dan area where you would be well adives to have the services of a car accident lawyer.

Knowing who is at fault

The term accident often makes people think that there was no one to blame, whereas in reality most accidents canusually be traced to some degree of negligence by one or all drivers.

This negligence can take many forms, ranging from distracted driving, defective or badly maintained vehicles, unnsured vehicles to being under the  influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Whilst every accident is different, there are a number of standard classifications of accidents that tend to happen, most of which have a significant amount of case law, and specific legal definitions regarding negligence. Your car accident lawyer can give you more details.

It is worth familiarising yourself with which classification of accident  yours falls under, and the main legal principles involved in your state.

Different types of accident

  • Hit and run accidents
  • Single vehicle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Railroad accidents
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Rear end collision
  • Single vehicle accidents

How to Find a Car Accident Lawyer

This can in many ways be the trickiest part of the process. Firstly decide whether or not you want to have a car accident lawyer, and if so whether you want to hire one on a contingency fee basis, as outlined above, or on a more normal fee for work basis.

The rest is common sense to an extent. Find a lawyer who has experience in these areas, either through a Google search, or through various review websites.

There are a number of questions to ask any potential car accident lawyer, ranging from their costs through to their level of experience. Do not be afraid to interview lawyers and go with whoever you feel is most appropriate for your case.

Most lawyers will offer an initial free consultation to assess the merits of your claim or case, sometimes this is online, over the phone or in person at that office.

Make use of this facility as it will give you an opportunity to see how different lawyers approach your particular situation, and which you feel most comfortable with.

Frequent questions about a Car Accident Lawyer

Fort Myers Car Accident Lawyer


5 Ways To Get Best Ford Lease Deals

Ford Credit offers finance to customers looking to lease a Ford car or truck through special Ford Lease deals. It is important to be aware of credit requirements, lease end costs, benefits of leasing and how financing a lease works .

Many customers like the idea of being able to get  a good deal on a Ford Lease, but are often unaware how to arrange it.

It is also a good idea to get pre-approval for a loan from one or two other reputable sources, as these can then be compared with each other and if necessary use as the basis for negotiation, either with Ford Credit or one of the other companies.

1. Ford Lease Deals – Red Carpet Lease Plans

The possibility of leasing a Ford car or truck has become increasingly more popular over the last few years, and is a sales technique actively promoted by Ford itself.

Red Carpet Lease is simply the name that Ford give to their various leasing plans, which in many ways similar to a normal auto loan, but with some differences that need to be understood. Any leasing plan can be thought of in many ways similar to a long-term rental agreement.

2. Benefits of Ford Lease Deals

Leasing a new Ford car or truck can have a number of advantages over buying, the main one being that you enjoy the benefits of a brand new car without actually paying for it – of course you don’t actually own it either, which is sort of the downside.

Think of it as a sort of long term rental with anumber of conditions attached, also with some additional costs at the end of the lease period.

3. What are Lease End Costs

There will be a down payment on the vehicle, a number of fixed monthly payments for the duration of the lease, and an assessment at the end of the lease where there may be additional charges for excessive wear or tear, or additional mileage charges.

It is important that at the beginning of arranging a Ford Lease Deal lease, or potential charges may be incurred during the lease or at the end of the lease are specified and agreed. It is also important that the basis of how the charges are worked out, especially in areas such as excessive wear and tear, are specified and agreed.

4. Ford Mobility Financing

A number of customers have what are sometimes referred to as mobility needs or special needs, where in essence the vehicle needs to be modified in order to be used by the potential customer.

The scheme that for operate helps with the financing both of the vehicle and any modifications that may be needed to help the individual private.

5. Ford Lease Deals and Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

This is quite a common and very effective sales technique, as well as making a loss of business sense.

The idea is to certify a number of vehicles that are essentially used vehicles, but which have been checked over by Ford and can be deemed to be mechanically reliable and safe.

Ford lease deals use the idea of a pre-owned and certified vehicle as a way of reassuring customers that the vehicle they are buying is as far as can be guaranteed reliable.

This can be a valuable way of buying a used car, what is important is to check what warranty it comes with, how long the warranty is for, whether that is the possibility of an extended warranty, and whether the warranty includes things such as tires and wheels.

Ford Credit – Lease or buy

One thing is worth pointing out, that arranging the credit with Ford at the same time as buying or leasing a vehicle does not mean that you get a preferential deal on either.

If anything, it can potentially complicate the issue slightly as lines can become blurred as to what you are paying for what.

The solution to this is simply to treat both items as completely separate when arranging a Ford Lease Deal, and to work out what you believe to be a realistic final sale price for the vehicle, and to work out the best rate and deal in terms of finance or credit, and then bring them both together.

Ford credit does have a number of specific plans or options which may be of particular interest.

What is Ford Flex Buy

This type of plan is fairly unique, and in essence gives the customer potential to vary the amount they pay over the period of the loan if they apply for and are accepted into Ford Credit.

This means that they might well pay less in terms of monthly payments at the beginning of the loan, and then pay increased amounts towards the end.

Overall monthly payments would even out as if they had paid same every month, but a customer will have flexibility to protest at the beginning and r on.

Ford Credit – Ford Commercial Financing

Ford Lease Deals are a big part in the financing of commercial vehicles and trucks.

The process of arranging credit and finance is relatively similar to that of arranging a loan for a normal private individual, but there may well be additional questions or credit checks related to the individual, their family, their business or their business associates or partners.

This can sometimes seem a bit intrusive, but the reality is that arranging a loan for a commercial venture has different implications than are arranging a loan for a private individuals .

Gap Insurance and Ford Lease Deals

Gap Insurance is an important type of insurance, and basically covers the difference between the final sale price of the vehicle and its value as determined by the insurance company in the event of there being an accident the vehicle is a total loss or write off.

In this event, there is likely to be a significant difference between the insurance company’s valuation and the price paid by the customer, leading to a possibly large unsecured debt which will be the responsibility of the customer.Gap Insurance Is designed to cover this unsecured debt.

Vehicle Protection Options

Vehicle protection is a really important part of deciding which vehicle to buy and whether to buy or lease vehicle. Ford offers a variety of different vehicle protection plans which include the warranty, possible servicing and maintenance contracts, roadside assistance and emergency contact help.

As well as most Ford dealerships or offer a significant amount of practical advice concerning how to look after the vehicle and maintain it in a good condition, especially in the winter.

Ford Lease Deals

Like most manufacturers, Ford will offer a number of different incentives, known as Ford Lease Deals, throughout the year which can make a significant difference to the final sale price all lease payment schedule of a vehicle.

Some of these incentives may relate to certain categories of customer such as college graduates or people who are serving have served in the military.

Other offers will relate to certain vehicles or certain types of vehicles, there will be certain incentives offered at certain times of the year often as a way of offloading inventories.

Special Ford Lease Deals deals may be offered by way of zero percentage contract, and certain Ford Lease deals may be offered to existing customers either as a way of getting them to buy a car they are leasing or to trade in a car for a new one.

Payment Calculator and Ford Lease Deals

A payment calculator can be a really useful tool in terms of helping you understand your potential repayment costs when negotiating a Ford lease deal.

That in mind that your creditworthiness will be assessed by Ford credit, and it will be their judgement as to the level of risk that you represent financially, and they will charge you accordingly.

When working out your repayment costs on a Ford lease deal it is well worth to do a budget of all your current monthly expenditure, as well as all your monthly income, and work out what you can realistically afford to pay back.

The repayment costs of  a Ford lease deal should allow not only for the price of the vehicle, but also things like insurance costs and servicing and maintenance plans. This can also be used in the event of an auto loan refinance deal.

Ford Credit – Personal Account

Setting up an account with Ford allows you to apply for credit before buying or leasing a vehicle. Allows you access to a number of on-line tools that can help you navigate the process of buying or leasing, as well as arranging finance.

Your account also acts as a portal for all you need to know when you have bought the vehicle, including info on warranties, servicing and maintenance schedules and contact info regarding account management and payment issues.

From Ford’s point of view, it can make the availability of all models more attractive to potential customers, by arranging Ford lease deals by the fact that they can arrange finance for them at the same time.

For many people when deciding to buy or arrange a Ford lease deal a new or used Ford, there are a number of options that need to be considered. Some people are not sure whether to decide on the car first, then decide on whether to buy a new or used model, or whether to lease one.

Whatever the process that a potential customer goes through, the options for arranging finance should be considered almost as a separate item.

It is possible to go to Ford’s dedicated website and to potentially obtain pre-approval for a loan, and also possibly be offered special deals on certain cars as a pre-approved customer.

This will at least give the potential customer some idea of how much money they are able to borrow, and on what terms and conditions and how much it is likely to cost them.

Ford Vehicle Lease Deals – Reviews TBA

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How To Get Best Deals on Car Loans, Even With Credit Problems

United Auto Credit  are one of the leading and most well-established nonprime or sub-prime lenders in the car market.

Based in California with a mailing address in Fort Worth Texas, but available to dealerships and customers throughout the United States.

Their website stresses that they have a number of programs specifically tailored to people who are likely to have problems repaying loans, such as the first time buyers program and welcoming people who have been bankrupted.

It is pretty clear that the intent is to reach out to people who have bad credit, and try and make themselves approachable and welcome.

Whilst this is obviously of value, it should be remembered that at the end of the day it is about money.

Any lender is looking to make money out of their client, and a warm and fuzzy approach should not be mistaken for any kind of kindness or weakness.

United Auto Credit -Phone Number

Dealer Support – 866-504-2133

Customer Service – 888-895-6134

Payoff Quote 888-895-6134

Title Questions – 888-376-7149

Employment Enquiries – 800-694-1800

Customer Service – 1-888-895-6134

There is also a live chat facility on their website

United Auto Credit – Account and Login

Customer enrolment is a key element of being able to manage your account. In order to  and roll online you will need your 17 digit account number, your Social Security number and your date of birth. You will need to set up a username and password and email address etc.

Once the account is set up and you have logged in, you will be able to access all your financial details, such as the different type of payment options you have, moving to paperless billing if you prefer, be able to sign up for automatic payments, view past and current statements of account etc.

United Auto Credit – Payment Methods

United Auto Credit as a number of different payment options, some of which are free and some of which they charge for.

Automatic Payments – Free. This is where payments are deducted automatically from your bank account each month, and in theory this work as a simple direct debit.

Checking/Savings Account ( ACH) – Free. This seems similar to the above, but is done in combination with ACI Universal Payments

Card Payment – $5.95.  This allows for a one-off payment by credit card such as Visa or MasterCard, which would  obviously need to be done every time a payment was due.

Pay By Mail –  PO Box  660017 Dallas TX 75266.  This is the more traditional payment method for a number of people, especially those who don’t like to use online banking or payment systems.A monthly billing statement is sent out customers, with a request for payment be returned within five working days of the due date.

It does not say if there is a late payment charge and this is something that should be checked as it does quite often apply.

ACI  Automated System Phone Payment – $5,95

Customer Service Phone Payment -$7.95

Western Union Quick Collect – $12.99 – note on websites that fees may apply

Check Free Pay –  prices vary by agent

ACE Cash Express – $1,50

Moneygram $ 13.99 –  in addition other fees may apply.

Please note all prices and  information current as at June 2018

United Auto Credit – Dealer Portal

United Auto Credit have a dedicated dealer portal which they refer to as their fast lane program. It gives dealers access to all information they need, including the most basic funding document check list.

This includes items such as a copy of United Auto Credit approval or condition notice, a credit application, a simple interest retail instalment contract, a signed copy of Bill of Sale, a signed copy of title acquisition, a signed copy of an Odometer Disclosure Statement, a used-car book sheet, proof of insurance and five complete references.

United Auto Credit – Repossession

No one likes the idea of repossession,and often it is one of those subjects that no one talks about. In the world of auto credit that is a big mistake. If you fall behind with payments or cannot make them, contact United auto credit immediately and talk to them about the problem. There may be ways of resolving it without the need for repossession. Repossession not only increases your debt level, but also has an adverse effect on your credit score which if it is bad enough to use United Auto Credit in the first place will simply get worse.

United Auto Credit -Payoff

United Auto Credit by a payoff telephone number and address that you can ring or write to and get a quote as to what it would cost to pay off outstanding loan. Bear in mind that most loans are structured in such a way if you pay them off early there likely to be a heavy penalty charge.

This  penalty charge should be spelt out in the initial contract. It may be better to look at the possibility of refinancing the loan with another lender as United Auto Credit currently do not refinance.

United Auto Credit – Reviews

As with many types of businesses, you never really know how good their customer service is, or how efficient they are until you run into a real problem. One of the ways round this is to look for reviews of both the customer service and overall approach to customer care.

The problem with reviews generally is that they either tend to be written by people on half of the company, or by angry customers who have either been treated unfairly, or who are just annoyed with not getting their own way.

Either way, reviews are not ideal but if you can find some relatively unbiased source of information that should give you some insight into how the company operates. Online forums are a good place to start, as is the local Better Business Bureau.

Auto Credit Express – How To Get Best Car Loans

Auto Credit Express is a company that caters to what it terms special credit needs.

This really means it is a company that specialises in sub-prime loans for cars and trucks for people who have bad credit or a poor credit history.

They are based in Michigan and operate a distinct business model.

They invite  potential  customers to use an on-line application form, in which they say that once completed a dealer who lives near the applicant will contact them and invite them to the showroom.

It sounds a bit like an interview, but is certainly a business model where they retain control over who is able to apply for a loan and isn’t.

Perhaps the one downside to this type of model is that when invited into the dealership, the type and range of vehicles available to buy will be determined by the dealer, rather than the other way round.

It puts a loss of power into the hands of the dealership in determining which car or truck the customer is able to buy.

Auto Credit Express – Reviews – Better Business Bureau

People turn to reviews of Auto Credit Express to try and get some type of independent assessment of how trustworthy they are or not.

As mentioned above, reviews can be a tricky area to navigate in terms of independence and simply people mouthing off because they did not get what they want.

Having said that, the Better Business Bureau does carry a number of favourable reviews and comments from satisfied customers that appear genuine. This is not a guarantee of anything, but can give some level of guidance.

Quite often reviews can point up favourable or unfavourable elements of a company that you might not otherwise have.

The best source of any review some type of government or state analysis of a company, in terms of its financial health and its adherence to legal and statutory obligations.

Be on that it is going to reviews on car sites, forums and any bad credit website that seems relatively independent in order to try and find out a bit more information.

Whilst people look to reviews, the best they can do is highlight the reality of how the company operates.

Some people had good experience for them, the people not so good experiences. Some of this without a company  or its employees, others will be down to the customers.

The more you know about a company and how it operates the better able you are to make an assessment of  whether or not it had the right company for you.

Auto Credit Express Dealers

This is perhaps the biggest drawback of Auto Credit Express, that you cannot contact their dealerships directly.

It inverts the whole process of car buying, and puts much more power in the hands of the dealer. You have to apply through the auto credit  express website before a dealer will then contact you.

Whilst in practice this may suit a number of people, it does mean that a customer is much more liable to have their choice of cars extremely restricted as they will have to go through a particular dealership first, and then decide what: they want by rather than the other way round

When visiting a dealership for the first time, you will need to have a certain amount of information with you.

This will include your current pay stub or payslip, a W – 2 form, a current bill with your name and address on it, possibly two or three, any bankruptcy discharge papers that are relevant, a valid drivers license, a number of personal references, any proof of title to a car you are looking to trade in and proof of insurance.

Contact Details

Auto Credit Express , 3271 Five Points Drive, Suite 200, Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Phone : 866-902-4403

Express Credit Auto – How To Get Best Car Loans

People often get confused, unsurprisingly, between various companies that use the name Auto Credit or Auto Credit Express etc.

Express Credit Auto is an independent dealership based in Oklahoma, which does not seem to specialise particularly in bad credit, although it does say on its website that it can cater to anyone with any type of credit.

It is a fairly standard dealership offering a wide range of models and service, including financial and credit applications.

It has five locations in Oklahoma, two in Oklahoma City.

If you know which particular model you want, it is a good idea to check with them beforehand whether they have the particular type of car you want at any of the locations not simply the one that you contact.

North Oklahoma

4810 N.W. 39th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73122
Phone. 405.792.2280

South Oklahoma

1 W. I-240 Service Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73139
Phone. 405.632.0090


343 N. Interstate Dr.
Norman, OK 73069
Phone: 405.801.4060

Midwest City

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Premier Auto Credit – How To Get Best Car Loans

Premier Auto Credit is a fairly major player in the bad credit/sub-prime lending market, although it appears from the website that their lending and dealership network is confined to California.

There is a lots of detail on their website about how caring and thoughtful towards customers, and a number of testimonials supporting that.

Helpful though that may be, it should be remembered that the sub-prime auto market can be a fairly cutthroat business, and whilst it is  in their interest to attract customers, their objective is to make money out of them.

Nothing wrong with that, but potential customers or anyone with bad credit is essentially quite vulnerable.

Contact Details

6502 Van Nuys, Blvd.
Van Nuys, CA 91401
(818) 881-1234

Other Contact Numbers include

Customer Service
(818) 881-1234

 (818) 881-1234

Insurance Claims & Impounds
 (818) 881-1234

 (818) 881-1234

What to do in a Ford Lease Accident Scenario ?

In the event of an accident, it is likely important to remember a number of factors, most of which are the same whether you are driving a car that is least from Ford, whether you are in the vehicle outright with or without any type of credit arrangement in place.

There are a couple of factors that do need to be taken into account the vehicle is leased, but they are relatively minor.

In the event of an accident in number of things need to be done much straight away.

Obviously depending upon the severity and type of accident the most important thing at the scene is to make sure that there is no possibility of any further damage happening. This means that precautions should be taken to make sure that the accident scene itself does not pose a hazard to any other traffic or pedestrians.

This must be a party and should ideally involve  other people not involved in the accident either slowing traffic down or helping to move people and vehicles out of harm’s way. Depending upon the type of accident it may not be possible or wise to move people or vehicles, in which case it may be necessary to all traffic altogether.

Ford Lease Accident

It is always a good idea to call law enforcement, and may even be a legal  requirement depending upon where you live to do so. At the scene of an accident, it is always a good idea to make notes as far as possible of what happened, to take photographs, to do a sketch map of where vehicles were and any other relevant information such as other cars or pedestrians not involved in the accident but witnesses.

In terms of insurance, there will be a policy condition that insurance companies must be notified within a certain length of time, and this should be adhered to rigidly.

Notify your insurance policy holder as soon as possible, and most definitely within the time period stipulated in the policy. If you do not have insurance details to hand, then use  internet sources to locate the nearest branch or agency of your insurance company and notify them.

It is also important and will be stipulated in the lease agreement to notify Ford as soon as possible. In the first instance it is accorded a good idea to contact the dealership where the lease agreement was put into place and  advise them.

Initial notification both to the insurance company and to the Ford dealership can be done verbally over the phone, but it is crucial that this is  confirmed in writing within the time periods specified in the insurance policy and possibly in the lease agreement as well. This can be done by email, but it is a good idea to confirm it by normal postal letter as well.

What is a Ford No Interest Car Loan

From time to time, Ford or Ford credit will offer a number of inducements to attract sales of cars and trucks.

These inducements will either be done at a national level, or with local dealerships, or a combination of both.

They may be done on specific models they are trying to shift, or a certain new models they are trying to promote. Certain dealerships may need to move inventory quickly, and may offer inducements on selected models accordingly.

One of the most popular inducements for fairly obvious reasons swear a zero rate of interest is advertised as being potentially possible to certain customers. Sometimes this is done to customers who are known as pre-approved.

This normally means they have selected for approval for Ford credit prior to actually agreeing any type of deal regarding car finance. Other times a zero rate also loan will be tied to certain vehicles or cars.

Sometimes these zero rate car loan due science are offered at specific times of the year, again as a way of boosting sales.

Ford No Interest Car Loan

What is important to realise with all these no interest: loan offers is that whilst they are perfectly genuine, they are in reality only going to apply to a relatively small number of people, normally those who have an exceptionally high credit score.

What it also means is that it acts as a pull for other customers. This means that Ford assume that a significant number of customers, or potential customers will get in touch or show an interest in the possibility of a no interest car loan, and whilst it will not apply to all of them it will generate a call of interest that Ford can draw on to sell or lease other cars and trucks.

It is worth also mentioning that with a Ford and interest car loan it is important to check out that there are no hidden extras anywhere that may be making up for Ford’s supposedly generous offer.

This means to check the size of a down payment required, and make sure there are no dealership fees that will significantly impact the customer. Any additional costs or charges should be specified in the dealership agreement, and as such clearly spelt out in advance of any finance or lease agreement being signed.

What is Ford Finance Lease?

The term Ford Finance Lease is one needs a slight amount of unpicking in order to clarify two or three main areas of both the credit and leasing implications that come together when someone leases a vehicle through Ford. Ford, in common with most other manufacturers have their own credit  arm, known as Ford credit and this is often referred to as dealership finance, or dealership financing.

It simply means that Ford act as a credit broker essentially, in terms of arranging finance for potential customers in order for them to buy or lease a vehicle.

Ford credit will act in the same way as any other credit broker or agency, or any lending institution in that they will assess an individual’s capability to repay a loan based on their credit score and credit history. This is true whether the individual is buying a new or a used vehicle from Ford,  or leasing one.It should also be realised that there is no place to benefit in terms of Ford credit making a loan available simply on the basis that someone is buying a vehicle through their dealership as well.

Ford Finance Lease

All Ford credit applications will be based on the same merit as they would be if they were being made to any normal financial lending institution.

Leasing a vehicle from Ford has a number of advantages, both for the customer and also for Ford itself. From the customer’s point of view, it allows them to essentially owning a new car or truck at a significantly reduced price than they would do if they bought it outright.

Of course they do not actually  own it in terms of winning the title to it, that is retained by Ford, it should be thought of as essentially a long-term rental with certain terms and conditions. It does however give the customer a sense of ownership, and the look and feel of being in possession of a new car. Other advantages include a manufacturer’s warranty and hopefully reduced servicing and maintenance costs.

From Ford’s point of view, leasing a vehicle brings another customer into the system. Whilst they don’t make the same money as they would from the sale of the vehicle, did you make a significant amount from having a new customer and from revenue that flows from them. This revenue can include short-term and long-term servicing and masons costs, as well as hopefully developing a long-term relationship with the customer which can bring significant revenue.



What is a Ford Credit Auto Loan?

A Ford credit auto loan refers to the type of financial goals action that occurs under Ford credit, which is essentially a secured loan made by Ford to a customer in respect of them buying a new or a used vehicle from a Ford dealership.

Anyone looking to take out an auto loan or a car loan will do so for the specific purpose of buying a new or a used car. If buying through a Ford dealership then there is likely to be the option of applying for Ford credit.

An auto loan with Ford credit is in many ways no different from an auto loan from any other recognised source, such as a bank or a credit union, but many people like the convenience of arranging finance with the same company that they are buying the vehicle from.

It can often seem a simple process to arrange the finance at the same time as the vehicle. Whilst this is true, it can also blur the various areas where negotiation can take place and cash be taken to make sure that both the purchase and the finance are thought of as separate processes.

Ford Credit Auto Loan

The process of a Ford credit auto loan is a secured loan, which is a credit contract. This means that the customer agrees to borrow a certain amount of money from Ford credit, and agrees to repay it on certain terms and conditions shall be agreed and formalised in a legally binding contract.

The type of auto loan that Ford credit is likely to offer will be a secured loan, winning that in the event the customer is unable or does not repay the loan, commonly referred to as defaulting on the loan, then Ford all of its subsidiaries will effectively repossess the car, and may take the steps as well to recover any outstanding debt owed to the company.

This is important, as it reinforces the need to make sure that any auto loan entered into is understood as a credit agreement, and should only be entered into the customer is fairly sure that they will be  able to meet any payments. This often necessitates a serious look at their current and future position financially, and an assessment of any potential risks that may prevent them meeting their obligations. These risks should take into account change in circumstances regarding family, work, health etc.

Can I get Credit from Ford Car Dealerships?

Getting credit from a Ford dealership will depend  very simply on the creditworthiness of the individual, and whether or not afford credit determines that they will then the individual money and if so on what terms and conditions.

Getting credit finance to buy or lease a car is in theory quite a simple and straightforward process, but the reality of getting a loan will not and how much you pay for it can also be quite laborious.

A Ford car dealership will normally be in a position where they can invite applications from potential customers for pre-approval of credit or finance, that will normally be arranged with Ford credit which is the finance arm of Ford itself.

These types of arrangement will normally be done on a strictly commercial basis, and loans agreed or not as would likely happen with another lending institution such as a bank or a credit union. It is always a good idea in obtaining credit or financial any personal loan to obtain quotes from a few different sources, in order to be able to compare them on a like-for-like basis.

Credit from Ford Car Dealerships

Someone who is deemed to have bad credit poor credit is often reluctant to approach a Ford dealership finance as they assume that there will either not be accepted, or if they are it will be on unfavourable terms and conditions.

Often people would be well advised to approach a Ford dealer  who is likely to have significant experience of obtaining finance and credit, and may well be in a position to help individual secure some time secured loan on their vehicles.

It should be remembered that it is in the dealership’s interest to help you obtain finance, but it is not in their interest or yours for them to help you obtain finance a cannot afford. It should always therefore be open and transparent about what the Ford dealership is doing and not doing and who they are approaching in order to try and arrange credit or finance for a vehicle.

Ultimately the question of an individual being able to obtain credit from a Ford car dealership  depends on their credit score, and as such it is normally a good idea for the individual to obtain a copy of their credit report prior to obtaining quotations from Ford credit or anyone else, and making sure that the credit report is accurate and up-to-date, which will allow for a accurate credit score to be reflected  based upon it.

Which SUV ? Problems, Problems, Problems ……..

Fifty grand only buys you the most basic Discovery Sport, though.

It’s listing at $46,222, including freight and destination but not including taxes.

So there’s no room for any of those extras that most people opt for, such as heated seats, keyless entry and a third row. Just as long as Eric knows before he starts ticking boxes and signing forms. All this tempting stuff that you’re told will cost less than a coffee a day adds up quickly.

But you have to admit the Discovery Sport is a contender.

full story

Can You Get A Personal Loan To Buy A Car?

Anyone buying a car is likely to use some type of personal loan, or a mix of cash and  credit.

Personal loans can be what are known as either secured loans or unsecured loans, and when thinking of buying a car or a truck can be done directly with the manufacturers dealership, such as Ford, Nissan, General Motors etc, or with another institution such as a bank or a credit union. A secured loan is more normal when buying a car or truck, or any type of motor vehicle.

A secured loan means that the loan is based against the value of the car that it is being lent against. This means that in the event of the person taking out the loan defaulting on it or not being able to pay it back the car becomes the property of  whoever lent the money and they can sell it in order to try and  get their money back.

An unsecured loan is more common from banks and credit unions, and can be for any purpose at all subject to the approval of the lender. An unsecured loan does not have any collateral against it, and as such is likely to have a higher rate of interest than an unsecured loan, and generally less favourable terms and conditions such as the size of the down payment or the length of time of the loan period.

A personal loan that is taken out with someone such as Ford Credit or GM financial is for many people the most normal and straightforward way to borrow money to buy a new or used car, but as with all types of personal loans there are other options available, some long-term some short-term, some better than others !

Personal Loans and Payday Loans

Payday loans have a pretty bad reputation largely because of their huge interest rates, and are unlikely to be used when buying a type of car or motor-vehicle.

However some may consider them if they fall short during a particular month and had problems with your other commitments for their monthly repayment on a car loan. Payday loans market themselves as being a short-term solution to help bridge some temporary funding problems.

Whilst this may be true one sense, they can be hugely expensive to manage and should only be used as an absolute last resort. There are normally other options available including the option of refinancing the original loan should export first.

Personal Loans and Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit loans can be a real problem for a lot of people looking to buy or use any car or truck. People who have a bad credit history not only find it more difficult to obtain any type of credit or loans, but also more open to be exploited by people offering what may seem to be easy solutions.

The whole idea of bad credit is one that plays into the hands of people looking for some type of financial help us at the same time feeling grateful for any type of loan or credit offered however poor the terms and conditions may be.

The real solution is to really examine the nature of your credit report credit history, and take a longer-term view to re-establish a good credit reputation and manage credit for much more effective and beneficial way.

Personal loans and On-line Loans

The growth of the Internet has spawned a whole range of on-line loan companies and businesses, many of them offering supposedly cheap and easy solutions to anyone looking to arrange finance to buy a car or truck with a personal loan.

The problem with a number of these websites is very exactly who you are dealing with. If the website is a front for a legitimate bank or credit union than there should be no problems.

If it is a purely on-line company that can be trickier as they will our a considerable amount of personal and financial information from you in the first place by way of application, and  in the event the application is successful, there may be problems further down the line in terms of contacting them and dealing directly with any personnell.

Personal Loans and Small Loans

Small loans may seem small at the time, but can quickly go if they are potentially payday loans is referred to above, where the interest on explode very quickly and turns what looks like a fairly small loan or advance in something actually quite huge. When considering a personal loan to buy a car or truck try and stick to auto dealerships such as Ford and General Motors,  or the more traditional routes such as a bank or a credit union. If emergency cash is needed by and use a credit card if possible, or some other type of temporary bridging facility.

Personal Loans and Quick Loans

Personal loans that are advertised as quick loans often come under the same banner as small loans and payday loans.

The indication in the very name quick loans is that there will be an easy and quick decision made, can often appealing to people who have a bad credit history or who fear a lengthy investigation that finances prior to being able to borrow any money.

Any reputable leader be it Ford Credit or General Motors is likely to consider an application form reasonably quickly as it is no interests to come to a decision and let you know what that decision is. Anyone advertising an incredibly quick loan may do it quicker, but odds are they are likely to charge a much higher rate of interest or impose much less favourable terms and conditions.

No Credit Check Loans

Any loan provider seeking to entice custom by way of making a point that they do not carry out a credit check either has money to give away (which is unlikely !)  or is in some way looking to attract people who are vulnerable because they have a poor bad credit history and believe that any credit check will simply stop them being able to have a personal loan.

Anyone with a poor credit history or bad credit looking to obtain a personal loan would do well to investigate their own credit report first, and do what they can to improve their credit score and then shop around.

Even someone with bad credit may well contain some type of personal loan from a  reputable financial institution, even if the rate of interest is higher than it would be otherwise. In the long term this is likely to be a much more beneficial solution financially.

Personal Loans Low Interest Loans

Low interest loans obviously have an attraction, just be aware that there are normally other terms and conditions which will compensate for a lower rate of interest than would otherwise be the case.

Sometimes low interest loans are aimed at people who have an exceptionally high credit score, and are deemed a very good risk to lend money to. At other times, low-interest loans are affected subsidised by acquiring a much higher down payment, or a significantly longer period of a loan term.

The thing to watch for these type of loans is whether there is any penalty charge that may be incurred if the loan is paid off early, which can often be significant in terms of additional charges.


11 Ways To Get Best Deals On GM Financial

GM Financial is the finance arm of General Motor.

It provides finance for customers who want to buy or lease a new car or truck.

There are three or four main things to think about:

Whether to buy or lease

If buying, new or second hand

How to check your credit score

How to improve your credit score

How to get the best deal on price and finance

Many customers like the idea of being able to buy or lease a vehicle from GM

General Motors has a wide range of cars and trucks that it sells, ranging from Chevrolet to Buick to GMC to Cadillac. 

It is a really good idea to decide how much you can afford to borrow before becoming too committed to a particular car.

Knowing how much you can afford allows you to decide which car to go for, and whether or not to buy a new or used car, or to lease one instead.

1.GM Financial Costs – Sales and Leasing

Whether buying or leasing it is  always important to separate out the process of negotiating the final sale or lease price from the finance of it. Both need to be thought of separately, even if the final financing package is done with GM financial as well as  buying or leasing the car.

The cost of buying the car can vary considerably, and a number of factors need to be taken into account. Firstly is the list price of the vehicle, and it is common to expect a significant discount on this.

However the deal may well add on other charges, such as a local national sales tax, some type of registration or title fee and what are known as document fees. All these additional charges can vary widely and should be identified and itemised at the beginning of the sales process.

In addition there are usually numerous add-ons available which may or may not be of use to the customer. What really matters is that the list price is negotiated a delay before visiting the showroom, apart from a test drive, and the customer is clear about what they need in addition to the basic specifications and what they do not need.

There are essentially two routes to finance, one known as direct lending and the other known as dealership finance, in this case gm financial.

Direct lending is borrowing the money from a typical financial institution such as a bank or a credit union, where dealership finance involves arranging the credit through the manufacturers dealership, in this case General Motors.

Both are similar in terms of application processes and credit rating analysis. Whilst there are differences between leasing and buying a vehicle, the credit application process is pretty much the same.

2.Dealership Finance

Dealership finance is where you approach GM financial either to finance the buying of a vehicle from them, or to arrange the finance of a leasing agreement. The application process for both is pretty much the same.

It can either be done online, or when visiting a GM dealership. There are advantages to do it online first, in that if pre-approval is given it gives you a good idea of how much you can afford to borrow and what is likely to cost to repay it.

In any event, it is a good idea to get alternative quotes from other sources such as a bank or a credit union in order to compare them with any offer from GM. It is not necessary to get a huge number of alternative quotations, three or four should give you a fairly good indication of what you are likely to be charged and by whom.

The dealership finance arrangement with General Motors will involve an application form, and a credit assessment by them which will then determine whether or not they often finance, and if so on what terms and conditions.

3.GM Financial – Leasing

Leasing a vehicle from General Motors is something that appeals to a lot of people, often because it gives them the opportunity to effectively owning a new car when they would not otherwise be able to afford it. In reality they do not own it, simply rent it on a long-term basis.

Thinking of it as a long-term rental is a good idea, but there are important differences. A  leasing agreement will be for a fixed period of time, often between 24 and 60 months, there will be a fixed repayment charge on a monthly basis and there are likely to be costs involved at the end of the lease period.

The costs at the end of the lease on normally referred to as lease and costs, and relate to charges for any excessive wear and tear to the interior of the vehicle as well as the outside of the vehicle, and any repairs to the bodywork of the car or truck that may be needed.

Excessive wear and tear is deemed to mean any deterioration in the quality of the vehicle that is excessive compared to what would be expected given the age and condition of the car. The way  these charges are worked out should be specified and identified at the outset and detailed in the lease agreement itself.

The customer will normally be given the option of having to work prepared by themselves first, or leaving the car at it is and letting GM doing the work, but charging the customer instead.

At the end of the lease the customer will normally be given the option of buying the car outright if they wish, or if not arranging a lease on another vehicle on favourable terms and conditions if the original lease has gone as it should according to contract.

4.Vehicle Protection

One of the important aspects of all auto finance deals relates to vehicle protection. This is because it affects both the usage of the car, but also because it can represent a significant hidden financial cost to the customer.

General Motors will have a number of vehicle service contracts available, depending upon the sale or lease of the vehicle, its age and condition.

There will also be servicing and maintenance contracts, possibly a manufacturer’s warranty, possibly a dealership warranty and possibly an extended warranty as well. The option of some type of emergency roadside assistance may be available, often as an optional extra.

This is sometimes included in an auto insurance policy so it is worth checking that you are not duplicating additional cover that you will be expected to pay for.

5.GM Financial Account – Finance Tools

Opening an online account with General Motors will be done in the event that you pre-apply for credit, and is worth having even if you do not. It gives you the option of a number of finance tools and other useful information, both before any finance arrangement is agreed, and after a sale or lease agreement has been entered into.

GM or have an online calculator which allows you to work out what you can afford to borrow and how much it will cost to repay it. This can be very useful, but really depends upon the customer’s unwillingness to be really clear with insoles about their own budgetary restraints.

It is very tempting to minimise current outgoings and maximise current  incomings in order to maximise how much you can borrow for getting nicer car.

This temptation should be resisted. In addition it should be possible to download a number of manuals relating to the vehicle you have bought or leased, and other technical information if needed as well.

In addition an online account can be used to deal with any payments may be made, and also to do or process with any problems may arise either rent payments having missed all competitions regarding repayment terms and conditions.

6.GM Financial Incentives / Loyalty Offers

General Motors will offer a number of incentives and loyalty offers to potential customers in a variety of different ways, in order to maximise sales. There are normally standard rebates to people who are active have been active in the military, and to college graduates or people still in college.

In addition, General Motors are likely to offer some type of discount by way of a rebate, either on the list price or on some type of servicing and maintenance contract. Certain deals on specific models will be advertised at different times of year, often as a way of shifting inventory.

There may also be specific finance deals, either on specific models or can certain times of year that will be available to people with a very good credit score.

Loyalty offers may also be made available to customers who are looking to either you a lease, or tradingin a car previously bought with General Motors in order to buy a new one, whether arranged with gm financial or not. All these incentives and loyalty offers do constantly change, some are available nationally and some will be dealer specific.

7.Credit Rating

Understanding your credit rating is really important as it determines whether GM financial or any other institution will be willing to lend you money, and if so how much and on what terms and conditions.

Your credit rating is effectively your credit score, which is a number allocated to a range of different numbers as a way of showing what the credit rating agency deems your creditworthiness to be.

This credit score is based on a credit report which is a document detailing a huge amount of both personal and financial information about you. Depending upon where you live, you should have access to a copy of your credit report for free at least once a year, possibly more.

This is well worth accessing as you can then check the information that is contained within the credit report and if any of it is inaccurate or out of date you can ask for it to be changed.

Certain elements of the report that can have a major effect also have a limited time span and it is worth checking these to make sure they have not exceeded the length of time they are able to be included in the report and thereby affect your credit score significantly.


Most people know about the need for some type of auto insurance on their vehicle, and the costs  normally associated with it. In addition, depending upon the type of agreement that you have with General Motors, and whether it is a sale or a lease agreement, GM may well require additional insurance protection be taken out against vehicle.

It is worth hearing this with the dealership prior to entering into any financial contract as the costs could well affect much you are willing to pay for the vehicle. In addition that is the question of gap insurance which may or may not be included as part of any package deal of extras that the dealership is willing to offer you.

Gap insurance Is designed to cover the difference between the final price that you pay on the car or truck, and its insurance value in the event of a total loss or a write-off. In such an event, its insurance value would be based upon an insurance companies assessment of its market value, which is likely to be significantly less and the final sale price of the vehicle.

This type of insurance policy is designed to cover the difference between the two, it would otherwise be left as an unsecured debt to be paid off by the customer.

9.Commercial Finance

The need for the best possible finance deals relating to commercial finance is a concept well understood both by businesses and by General Motors. Depending upon the nature of the business in terms of fleet and trucking operations, there can be significant sums of money involved.

The process of arranging finance  with gm financialfor a commercial operation in some ways similar to that as affects a private individual, but honestly were certain differences. The business owner as it advantage of buying or leasing in bulk, and should be able to negotiate significant discounts based on the cars trucks themselves, and also to negotiate valuable terms of any financing.

The other thing to be aware of is that there are likely to be significantly increased cheques on the credit rating of the person applying for credit, and possibly to other individuals connected to the business and possibly family members as well.

This can sometimes be a bit time-consuming, and may even seem intrusive. Other than that same principles apply to an individual’s credit score credit rating should apply.

10.GM Financial and Refinance

Refinancing a car loan arranged with GM financial can be done pretty much at any time  during the loan period, and is often done many different reasons. People should not be afraid to look to refinance early on in the loan, if they think they can arrange more favourable terms and conditions.

Depending upon how the loan is structured, most of the repayment costs in the early part of the loan will be  virtually all interest, and as such refinancing might well make a significant cost reduction possible.

People refinance normally either to reduce the amount of monthly repayment costs, or often to get a better deal on an interest rate, either because interest rates have changed or their own personal circumstances have that allow them to negotiate a better deal.

11.GM Vehicles – How to get best Finance Deals – TBA
















































Jaguar XFS Review

PORTO, Portugal — SUV and truck mania is real — just ask the 63 percent of American buyers who opted for the high-riding vehicles last year. But there has been a recent groundswell of alternative options in the burgeoning wagon segment. Sure, there are lower-end wagons such as the tried-and-true Subaru Outback ($25,895) and the new-kid-on-the-block Volkswagen Golf SportWagen ($21,580). But the 2018 Jaguar XF S Sportbrake competes more closely with the stalwart Mercedes-Benz E400 ($64,045) and the stylish Volvo V90 Cross Country ($52,300).

This begs the nagging question: Could wagons become a serious thing in the States? We spent a day bombing through Portuguese backroads to find out how the Sportbrake fares among its niche competitive set.

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How to Manage your Ford Credit Account and Login

A Ford Credit account offers a number of finance tools that can be really helpful both to potential customers, and to people once they have bought a Ford car or truck.

People will sometimes apron account when they are searching how to finance paying for the vehicle, and this allows them both to apply for a credit application prior to any sale, and also allows them access to managing other errors of their finance such as a payment calculator.

Customers who  open an account and are pre-approved for credit can also often horrified for certain deals on pre-approved cars, the finances of which can be managed through their Ford  account.

Other customers will open an account once they have bought or leased that their vehicle, and look to it primarily as a way of managing their payment schedule, accessing manuals, a contact center for dealing with any problems that may arise and a way of being kept informed of any updates such as recalls or special offers.

Ford Credit Account

There is a fair degree of anecdotal evidence that people often have problems accessing various types of help once they have bought their vehicle and the sale has been completed. The implication is that often the dealership is  very keen to help before the sale, but loses interest afterwards.

How common this is is difficult to gauge, but given human nature it is obviously a potential issue. What is perhaps important is that during the process of negotiating a sale or the lease agreement, you identify people both at the dealership and at Ford’s regional business center where someone can be contacted directly in the event of a potential problem with accessing any of your account details.

To be fair, Ford to provide quite a lot of information on their main website, but it is a good idea to have some type of backup in terms of names and numbers of people who are more local to you. A Ford credit account can be used both for managing payments, and gathering information both about the vehicle itself, its warranty and any problems there may be with that, and accessing information regarding any servicing and maintenance schedule that may need addressing.

The majority of problems that people have seem to do with payment schedules, and this may either be problems with the software keeping track of what has and hasn’t been paid, or problems regarding payments that are late or overdue some other reason have been missed. In this event is always a good idea to speak to someone personally to make sure they know you are aware of any problems and are dealing with them.

Failing to keep in touch makes the other side think that you are walking away from the problem and make them more likely to take some type of punitive action.

It is always important to remember that a Ford credit agreement is first and foremost a loan, and that you have an obligation regarding repayments and final lease costs.



How to Locate a Ford Dealer near you

Finding a Ford dealership near where you live its many people be most obvious start to looking  to buy or lease a vehicle.

It is worth bearing in mind however, that if you are willing to travel it is often possible to get significant savings both on the sale price of the vehicle, and often on certain extras such as servicing and maintenance plans.

This does not mean that you have to physically travel to another dealership except at the end of the process, most of which can be done online beforehand.

The old days of people wandering into a Ford dealer and having a look around before buying have for the most part gone. The majority of people do their research online, both in terms of what type of car they want to buy, how much they are willing to pay for it, how to arrange finance and what additional extras should be included such as extended warranties or servicing and maintenance plan incentives.

Having said that, it is also a really important that you test drive the vehicle prior to buying or leasing it, and this is public done best as early as possible. For some people they will already know what type of Ford car or truck they want, others will need a significant test drive.

Some dealers will let you have a test drive over an extended period of time, possibly even a weekend, to give you a really good feel for the car. This is also a really good sales techniques from our point of view, as it gets you used to the car and likely to want to buy one. The real value of a decent test drive isn’t you get a really good sense of whether the car is right for you or not, which takes away a fair degree of the ambiguity that you may have about buying  or leasing it.

Ford Dealer

Finding a Ford dealership near to where you live either for a test drive or to complete a sale can be done either by visiting the main Ford website, or looking up for delicious in the telephoned retreat or Yellow Pages, which still exist and are still useful for many people.

It is worth remembering that Ford dealerships are independent businesses which other effectively, and that each needs your business. This puts you in a strong negotiating position if you know what you want and are willing to put time and effort into achieving it.

It is worth doing the research on-line and doing the negotiating on-line as well, by email or on the phone if you prefer. This should always be done before any sale or lease agreement is finalised. The value from your point of view is that it gives you a much greater sense of control over the whole process, as you handsome to walk away and go to another dealership in the event that they offer you a better deal.

Most dealerships, certainly the big ones will have internet focused sales departments who are used to dealing with this approach and in many ways welcome it as an appropriate way to do business

How to get New Ford Vehicle Lease Deals

Leasing a Ford car or truck is an attractive option for many people, as it effectively gives you the benefits of a new car at a significantly reduced costs compared to what you would pay if you actually bought it outright.

It is a good idea to think of leasing a car or truck as a long-term rental, with certain obvious conditions regarding what you can do with it and its overall condition and mechanical reliability.

Getting deals on leasing a Ford car or truck on a fairly regular part of the whole process. Ford, along with most other major manufacturers actively encourage personal leasing of their cars and trucks as it is seen as a useful addition to the overall sales package of vehicles.

Leasing a vehicle involved a credit check and credit application, both of which will determine whether or not Ford are willing to lease you a vehicle, and if so, on what terms and conditions, in a process that is pretty much the same as if you were buying the vehicle from them or any other dealership.

A lease agreement is a contract between you and Ford Credit for a specified period of time, from something like 2/5 years, with a fixed monthly payment and an agreed mileage per year.

New Ford Vehicle Lease Deals

Ford operate a specific scheme called Red Carpet Lease which has a number of specific benefits which should make the whole leasing process smoother and easier to run. In the event of the agreed mileage figure not proving enough, it is possible to buy additional mileage during the time of the loose at agreed costs. In addition excess mileage can be paid off at the end of the lease period.

One of the main areas of contention of a lots of lease agreements refers to what are known as lease end costs. These are charges that relate to excessive wear and tear or for any damage to the vehicle.

The intent is to put the vehicle in a state that would be deemed appropriate given its age and mileage, and that there is an excess charge for any excessive wear and tear over and above what is considered reasonable. This can sometimes amounts to quite a large amount of money, and needs to be budgeted for at the outset.

Lease deals on Ford vehicles tend to relate to incentives either on a specific vehicle itself, or on certain favourable credit terms, as well as  at certain times of year. If you are willing to plan accordingly, it is possible to pick up significantly good deals simply by waiting for the right time of year when Ford need to either shift inventory or to bring in new models.

It is also worth remembering that deals on favourable credit terms will only be offered to people who have what Ford regard as an exceptionally good credit rating and are likely to be few in number.

What is a Ford Payment Calculator?

A Ford payment calculator is essentially an on-line calculator that can be used by people to work out whether or not they can afford to buy a new or used car, and if so how much it is likely to cost them.

Online car calculators are very popular but need to be used with care to make sure that the figures they produce both realistic and remain constant throughout sales or leasing process.

Much of this depends on the customer being really honest with themselves about how much they can afford to pay and what their other monthly outgoings are.

Using an online calculator needs to take account of a number of factors. Firstly you need to be aware of what is a realistic final sales price for the vehicle.

This can sometimes be a bit tricky as the list price can usually be negotiated down by a significant amount, but there will be additional costs by way of a local or national sales tax, document fees, possibly extended warranties etc. To this end it is worth shopping around to see what is a realistic final sales price as it is this figure that you will base your considerations upon.

The other important element of an on-line calculator is the interest rate that you will be charged during the period of the loan or credit agreement. This is dependent upon your credit score, which again is dependent on your credit report.

Ford Payment Calculator

Obtaining a number of different finance quotes both from Ford credit and one or two other banks or financial institutions is a really good idea, as it will give you a sense of what these companies are thinking of charging you. Once you have this information can realistically work out your monthly repayment schedule and be aware of what you are able to afford to buy and not.

A lot of people when working out what type of car or truck they want to buy will use as a basis what their monthly repayment costs are likely to be. As any loan or credit agreement will have fixed repayment costs this often seems the easiest way to work out what they can afford.

If this is the chosen route, it is very important that you work out what your other monthly commitments are likely to be, and whether or not they are likely to change at all during the period of the loan or lease agreement. It is also important to work out whether or not your income is likely to change for the better or worse during this period, and if so by how much.

A Ford payment calculator can give you a realistic sense of what the repayment on a car loan is likely to be, but should be taken as a guide only. When negotiating the sale or lease it is really important to agree on a final sales price that includes all additional costs, and to work out your fixed monthly repayment schedule on this basis.


Why Auto Loyalty Incentives Work

There is an old business adage that it is easier to keep an existing customer than find a new one. It seems many auto makers subscribe to this philosophy. According to recent research conducted by Google Think Auto, approximately 37 per cent of Canadian car buyers are brand loyalists, whereas 43 per cent are brand switchers and the remaining 20 per cent are first-time buyers. While this leaves much room for competition, successfully retaining existing drivers is imperative to any auto maker’s sales strategy.

As a result, more than three-quarters of automotive brands in Canada offer some form of loyalty incentives that are typically available in addition to existing incentives already available to the general public. In order to qualify, customers generally must have someone in their household who owns, finances or leases a vehicle of the same brand when purchasing the new vehicle.

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