Ford Escape Lease Deals

Ford Escape Lease Deals – Red Carpet Lease

It is a good starting point to think of leasing a Ford Escape as being somewhat like a rental arrangement. There are differences, and potentially a number of different areas of cost management to be considered.

However, with a bit of research and diligence leasing a Ford can be a really effective way  of acquiring a new Ford Escape at a price that otherwise not be affordable.

Getting the best Red Carpet  Ford Lease deals involves an understanding of the language and structure of  how companies such as Ford offer financing arrangements and leasing deals on all their vehicles.

The most important things to consider how a lease arrangement works, the various financial figures involved, the issue of incentives and rebates and whether or not it is worth eating a slightly older model of the Ford Escape.

Ford Escape – How Red Carpet Leasing Works

This is a very quick overview of how the leasing process for a Fords Escape works.

The customer agrees to use the vehicle from Ford, for a fixed period of time, normally anything between one and eight years, and agrees to pay them a monthly figure for this leasing arrangement.

During the lease there will be a specific mileage allowance, with additional mileage charges and any excess mileage incurred at the end of the lease period.

At the end of the lease period the manufacturer, in this case Ford, will assess the condition of the vehicle, normally through a third-party agent, who will make a recommendation as to its condition.

If it is considered that his excess wear and tear them certain charges will be levied on the customer that are considered necessary to bring the vehicle after a condition appropriate with its age and mileage.

The customer at this point can either walk away from the vehicle, agree a new lease arrangement on another new vehicle, or possibly agree to buy the vehicle that he had the regional lease on.if purchasing a vehicle, then the excess wear and tear fees would normally be waived.

That will normally be a penalty of some type financially for early termination of the  lease arrangement.

Ford Escape – leasing a used vehicle

People sometimes wonder if there is any value in leasing a second-hand or used Ford Escape.

There is sometimes an assumption that this might be cheaper leasing a new vehicle. In reality leasing cost of a new vehicle is based to a large extent on its depreciation value from when it is new, which is largely in its first year.

This means that leasing a vehicle that is more than a year old does not really make a huge amount of sense from a financial point of view, given the chief benefit in this vehicle is in the fact that the customer is getting a brand-new vehicle, with benefit of warranty etc.

Ford Escape Lease Deals – Make-up of Red Carpet Leasing Charges

There are a number of different costs make up the overall charge any leasing arrangement.these are to an extent determined by the manufacturer, in this case Ford Credit, by the dealership and by the credit score of the individual seeking the lease arrangement.

The starting point is what is known as the base MSRP. This is essentially the list price that the manufacturer would put on the vehicle if it were for sale, which in reality would be negotiated downwards by any prospective customer. However it is a baseline for most leasing arrangements.

Added to this will be the total of any options the customer wants to include with the vehicle. These two figures when taken together are sometimes referred to as the estimated capitalised cost.

This simply means the figure for any additional costs and any additional rebates or incentives are taken into account. It could be thought of as a gross figure.

The other figure often referred to is an adjusted capitalised cost, and is really a net figure once the total of all costs and benefits have been taken into account and added to cost.

Other charges that may well be added to the estimated capitalised costcan include things such as a destination charge, and acquisition fee, a delivery charge, a document fee, taxes, the vehicle title and its registration. Things such as an acquisition fee and a document fee are simply admin costs and should be clearly stated in any documentation before signing.

Some dealerships use these admin costs as a way of covering certain discounts or incentives that they make in order to balance out their own numbers, and as such all of these costs should be scrutinised and negotiated down where possible.

Ford Escape – Insurance

It will be the customers responsibility to ensure that proper insurance is arranged on the vehicle, and the Ford Credit dealership will need to have proof of this part of the vehicle being released after any leasing arrangement is made. Insurance can sometimes be arranged through the dealership, or by the customer themselves individually. This will always be a condition of any lease arrangement that is signed.

Ford Escape Lease – down payment

When leasing a blank, the structure of the arrangement is that the customer pays a down payment on the vehicle, which determines the level of monthly payments thereafter. The higher the down payment, the less the monthly payment should be in order to reflect this. It is also possible a customer may be required to make a higher down payment and would otherwise be the case if they had a poor credit rating.

Ford Escape Lease – Net trade-in value

The other thing that can determine the leasing costs for a Ford Escape is if there is a trade in  of an existing vehicle. This normally refers to a vehicle that the customer owns and wants to trade in or so against eating a new vehicle.

It should be borne in mind that the trade-in value to a dealership will normally be significantly less than if they were to sell the vehicle privately. This trade-in value can also sometimes referr toa a vehicle that the customer has already released and is coming to the endof the lease agreement.

Ford Escape Lease – Finance offers

A lot of focus is often put on the finance offers that are made available to potential customers. Some of these will be made by the manufacturer in this case Ford at a national level.

Some will be made by the local Ford Credit dealership, and some will be determined by both. But should all finance offers that are made will be subject to the credit status of the individual applying for the lease arrangement.

The most common finance offers tend to fall into two categories. There is normally a cash sum or a cash rebate offered if a long lease period is arranged, normally the maximum length that the company will permit at the time. There is also likely to be an offer of zero or low interest rates on a certain period of the leasing arrangement if in a long lease period is arranged.

There is also likely to be an offer to sometimes defer the first three months of any financing costs, subject to the length of the lease period itself.

Ford Escape Lease – Red Carpet Lease Incentives

Incentives are the way that blank make clear their commitment to certain groups of customers, either by way of a social conscience or by way of attracting customers who are now likely to keep in the long-term some of the most current groups of customers who are offered.

Iincentives include : first responders, students, farmers and the military.









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Ford Escape Red Carpet Lease

A Ford escape is one of the most popular Ford models available, and a number of potential customers are likely to consider the option of a red carpet lease agreement.

The red carpet lease program is Ford credits leasing option for individuals who would prefer to lease a vehicle rather than by one  outright.

For many people, there are advantages in leasing in terms of the benefits of being able to have a brand-new car truck that they would not otherwise be able to afford to buy. It is always worth remembering leasing a Ford escape this means that the individual is not actually own title to it, it is essentially a long-term rental.

The structure of a red carpet lease deal on a Ford escape in terms of application and process is fairly similar to that of an auto loan.

The applicant will need to go through a standard credit checked applications, done with Ford credit, to assess their creditworthiness and for Ford to decide whether or not to effectively extend them finance. If the individual is successful, then for credit will decide how much to effectively lend them, and on what terms and conditions.

Ford Escape Red Carpet Lease

A red carpet lease  program will constitute a structured lease agreement that includes a down payment, a fixed monthly repayment cost, an agreed mileage allowance for the term of the lease and an end of lease payment,  commonly known as lease end costs.

It is worth thinking of a Ford escape red carpet lease agreement as essentially a long-term rental. At the end of the rental period, the state and condition of the vehicle is assessed, either by Ford credit or by an agent of theirs, and an amount agreed that will be needed to bring the vehicle up to a state and condition that is considered normal given its age and mileage.

There may also be an additional mileage cost. At the outset of the lease, there will be an agreement as to the mileage allowance, either on a  yearly basis or for the overall time of the lease.

Although additional mileage can be bought during the time of the lease, it is fairly common for the additional mileage to be settled at the end of the lease agreement. The basis of how additional mileage should be Collated and charged should be specified in the lease agreement itself.

Credit Score to Lease Ford Escape

Leasing a Ford Escape with Ford Credit can be a serious alternative for any individual looking to have the benefits of a new car, but not having sufficient cash to be able to purchase one outright. A lease can be entered into by any individual whose credit score or credit rating makes them a credit worthy risk to Ford credit.

The process of leasing a Ford car or truck has a number of components, but the individual applying for a contract to lease a Ford escape will have their credit worthiness assessed in the same way as if they were applying for a  normal auto loan.

The individual will be asked to fill in an application form, possibly online, which will provide a considerable amount of personal information about them, possibly the family and possibly work colleagues if the lease agreement is to include any type of business or work activity.

This personal information is likely to include things such as their name, date of birth, any personal or business address, any telephone numbers, any Social Security number or social insurance number, a drivers license, passport and any current and possibly previous employers as well.

Credit Score to Lease Ford Escape

Once the application form has been filled in, then the individual will have this personal information assessed along with information relating to their credit history such as any public records available, their banking accounts, any current loans or mortgages, lines of credit and credit cards or store cards.

All this information  will be collected by a credit bureau who will then assess it, and allocate to the individual a credit score.

This credit score will then be used as the primary means of assessing whether or not to lease the Ford escape to the individual,  and if so on what terms and conditions. These normally relate to the size of a down payment, the amount of a monthly payment fee and the length of any  lease agreement.

The credit score will be assessed and implemented by Ford credit on exactly the same basis as if an individual were applying for an auto loan with Ford in order to buy a Ford escape or any other Ford vehicles.

How Good is the Ford Escape? – Review

These are a selection of reviews of the best selling Ford Escape – For full review, please click the link after the review. For details of Ford Credit, please click here

Is the Ford Escape a Good SUV?

The Ford Escape is a very good SUV overall that checks most of the boxes for “sport” and “utility,” with an engaging driving experience, ample passenger room, and above-average cargo space. The cabin is also one of the nicest in the class, with high-quality materials and a pleasing design.

However, you‘ll probably want to upgrade from the Escape’s base model. Few features and a near complete lack of options make a standard Escape somewhat unimpressive. It will get you where you need to go, but that’s about it. The standard engine feels underpowered and returns low fuel economy estimates as well. Upgrading to one of two higher trim levels gets you a more powerful and efficient engine and access to many other options that make the Escape a more capable and enjoyable daily driver.


Driving Impressions

When it comes to horsepower, Ford’s 7-passenger Explorer SUV for 2017 delivers at every level. From the standard 290-horsepower V6 to the fuel-efficient 280-horsepower turbo 4-cylinder available in the base, XLT and Limited trims, Ford places choice front and center.

Need more “oomph”? Try out the Sport and Platinum trim’s 365-horsepower twin-turbocharged V6. Capable for sure, the Explorer delivers excellent passing and pulling power and its heavily weighted steering and taut suspension give this big SUV impressive cornering ability, although its high beltline and massive front bumper make maneuvers in tight quarters a bit harrowing.

Ford has done an excellent job keeping road, engine and wind noise out of the cabin, and all but the rearmost occupants felt the seating was both comfortable and supportive. The Explorer’s adaptive cruise control works well, but we wish it offered fully autonomous braking like the Honda Pilot, not just collision warning.