Can you lease a Ford Escape Hybrid

The short answer is yes, but obviously leasing a Ford escape hybrid comes with a number of issues that need to be understood and looked at in a bit more detail. Ford, along with other manufacturers actively promote the process of leasing their vehicles, and hybrids are rapidly becoming an important part of this market. […]

What does a Ford Car Payment include

When making a payment of any type of finance on a  Ford car or truck, there can be a number of discrepancies as to what is actually included with such a payment. The whole area of auto finance and credit covers both the sale and leasing of cars and trucks. Ford credit is a type […]

What are Ford Lease Specials for Pre-Approved Customers?

Ford lease specials tended to be a special deals that are offered to customers either on the basis of the vehicle itself, or on the financing of the vehicle, or on special extras relation to servicing and maintenance and insurance costs. A lease special may also be offered to certain pre-approved customers, often as a […]

What are Ford Credit Options ?

Ford credit options relate to a wide variety of different potential deals that for credit will make available to potential customers on either specific vehicles, certain finance deals or additional benefits to any sale or lease agreement on various vehicle protection contracts and plans. Ford credit relates to the type of dealer financing, where the […]

How to get Ford Credit Approval

Wanting to get approval for Ford Credit works at two levels. Firstly is the level of simply getting an application for Ford credit approved and they offered some type of auto finance, and the other basis is for getting pre-approval as a Ford credit customer. Both are effectively the same end in terms of being […]

What Credit Score does Ford Motor Credit Use

Anyone applying for Ford Motor Credit will have their  application assessed on the basis of what is then as a credit score. A credit score is essentially a number set on a scale between two other numbers that reflects the creditworthiness of the individual concerned. There are three main credit bureaus that analyse applications for […]

How to get a F150 Ford Red Carpet Lease

Ford credit operate a leasing program for their Ford  F150, known as the Red Carpet lease program, which essentially allows individuals and small businesses to acquire a Ford F1 50 without actually buying it. It is probably were thinking of it as a long-term rental. The components of a leasing deal in some ways seem […]

Best Way to get Pre-Approval for Ford Credit

Getting pre-approval for Ford credit is similar in a way to getting an agreement in principle for an auto loan, which allows the customer a much greater degree of flexibility to shop around before deciding what type of car or vehicle is best suited for them. Ford credit like the idea of pre- approval for […]

What Credit Score Needed for Co-signor for Ford Credit

Having a co-signer on an auto loan with Ford credit can often be a really good practical solution to help someone else  buy or lease a car when they would not otherwise be able to. The idea of a  co-signor is to effectively have someone to guarantee the  loan. This in effect, means that the […]

Ford Lease Cars Insurance Information

Leasing a car with Ford credit to have a loss of benefits for the individual, but they do need to be aware that there are some potential downsides as well in terms of increased insurance costs. Anyone buying or leasing a car will need to be aware of what the legal minimum insurance liability coverage […]

Is it worth getting a Red Carpet Lease on a Lincoln ?

A Red Carpet Lease deal on a Lincoln can have a number of advantages, but should be taken in context of how an auto lease works, and the various cost components that make up any lease agreement with Ford credit. The attraction of a lease deal is normally that it allows an individual to effectively […]

How are Ford Motor Credit Interest Rates worked out

Ford Motor credit interest rates are one component of the finance arrangement that will be put in place by Ford credit when arranging an auto loan for an individual to buy a Ford car or truck. Ford credit will use interest rates that they determine are applicable to any individual, based largely on the individual’s […]

How to Qualify for Ford Red Carpet Lease

Ford Credit uses the term red carpet for its lease program, and sometimes people think that they are being done a favour by being allowed to join it, such is the power of marketing ! Ford’s red carpet lease program has a significant number of attractions people who are seriously considering leasing a vehicle as […]

How to get Best Finance Deals on a Ford Fiesta

Getting the best finance deals on a Ford Fiesta involve two specific areas of work, both of which can be quite time consuming but which can in the end so the customer a significant amount of money. Firstly is to realise that range in the finance should be a totally different process to that of […]

How does a Ford Flex Buy Finance Calculator Work

A Ford Flex finance calculator is an online calculator that is one of the many tools that Ford credit offer as a way of helping someone assess how much they can afford to borrow, and how much it will cost them to repay any loan or credit agreement entered into. There are a number of […]

What are Ford Leasing Insurance Requirements?

When releasing a vehicle from Ford, whether or not for credit is used, it is a really good idea for the customer to be aware of what the various insurance comments are likely to be on the vehicle, as they may well be different from what the customer would expect if they bought the vehicle […]

What to do in a Ford Lease Accident Scenario ?

In the event of an accident, it is likely important to remember a number of factors, most of which are the same whether you are driving a car that is least from Ford, whether you are in the vehicle outright with or without any type of credit arrangement in place. There are a couple of […]

Can you Customize a Red Carpet Lease Vehicle?

Customising a red carpet lease vehicle is a big no-no. There are so many reasons for this it is hard to know where to begin. Leasing a vehicle from Ford is similar in many ways to a long-term rental. You do not actually open the vehicle or the title to it, you simply have to […]

Can You Pay off a Ford Motor Credit Lease Early

Paying off a lease early, or trying to terminate or end a lease for it finishes is normally fraught with difficulties, as there are likely to be early termination charges in the lease agreement, and the whole intent of how a lease works is that it is calculated and worked out over a significant period […]

Credit Score to Lease Ford Escape

Leasing a Ford Escape with Ford Credit can be a serious alternative for any individual looking to have the benefits of a new car, but not having sufficient cash to be able to purchase one outright. A lease can be entered into by any individual whose credit score or credit rating makes them a credit […]