Kia Nero Hybrid – Stunningly Nice Car

I tested the Niro EX in a practical gunmetal gray. At 171.5-inches long, the vehicle is a true compact SUV.

I loved its size because it gave the car a very European feel;

I didn’t feel cramped while I was driving it but enjoyed being in a smaller car than the giant monstrosities you see on the road today.

There aren’t any features that make this car stand out from an aesthetic perspective, but I like that — it’s not obnoxious or ugly. The grille and elongated headlights help jazz it up so the Kia isn’t totally dull, but overall this is a car for minimalists.

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Kia Motors Finance – Car Loans and Leasing Options

Kia Finance and Leasing Deals – Account Login and Payment Options. Postal Address and Contact Details. Customer Service Information etc ……

Kia Finance is the credit arm of Kia Motors, and helps customers arrange finance to help them buy or lease a KIA car or SUV. Some of the most common questions are :

This may be a bit stating the obvious, but it is a good idea at the outset to decide whether your priority is, the money or the car. There is a basic choice about whether the car comes first followed by what you can afford to buy, or whether you go by how much you can afford to borrow, and what that then allows you to buy or lease by way of a new or used car. Neither approach is particularly right or wrong, simply being clear about which is more important you probably a good idea.


Kia Finance will normally be arranged through a Kia dealer, although it is also possible to be pre-approved for credit on the Kia website. Some people like the idea of arranging finance at the same time as buying or leasing a car and there are obvious advantages in doing this. Just be careful to make sure that you treat the negotiations for the car and the financing of the cast separate, as both can be negotiated separately, and it is always a good idea with any finance application or loan application to get alternative quotations and to be able to compare them on a like-for-like basis.


When negotiating the price of the vehicle with the dealer, bear in mind the process. The vehicle will have what is known as an MSRP which is essentially a list price. Most people expect a fairly hefty discount on this, as opposed to other areas of the sale such as extras and extended warranties whether dealer will have much less room for manoeuvre. Bear in mind that in addition to the final agreed price there will be additional costs which the dealer should fry up to during the negotiations. These can include a local sales tax for a national sales tax, any registration fees and any documentation fees. In addition, if you are aware of the position of the dealership regarding their inventory of this and similar vehicles you may be in a stronger position to negotiate a higher discount for have a lot of stock and end to shift.


Leasing a vehicle has become a very attractive option for many private customers, some may actively encouraged by Kia motors and other manufacturers. Think of leasing as a long-term rental where the customer does not actually own the title to the car, but in effect has it and has use of it for a fixed period of time. Leasing a Kia vehicle involves a contract for a fixed period of months usually between 24 and 48 months, there will be a regular monthly payment agreed, and an agreed mileage either for the period of the lease, possibly an annual agreement as well. Additional mileage can be bought throughout the term of the lease.


The main benefit of leasing a vehicle for most people is that it gives them the feel and ownership of a new car, although they do not technically own it, when they would not otherwise be able to afford it. Other benefits come with it such as a manufacturer’s warranty, much less risk of any mechanical damage or breakdown, the option to buy it at favourable rate when the lease ends and possibly favourable deals other Kia packages. One important thing to realise about leasing a vehicle is that there will be additional costs when the lease ends. These are normally referred to as the lease end costs. Prior to the lease expiring, an inspection of the vehicle will be made in particular to the exterior of the vehicle, its tires and wheels, its interior, all the glass work, keys and parts.

Any excessive wear and tear, any additions that have been made that are not manufacturer specified and need to rectified and any damage that need to be repaired will be assessed and charged to the individual. Think of it that the car needs to be returned in a condition that is appropriate to its age and mileage. In addition any excess mileage will also be charged. The entire basis for lease and costs an additional mileage costs should be clarified and agreed at the beginning of the lease period.


Whether you buy or lease a new or used vehicle from Kia, protecting the vehicle is a key element of both the enjoyment of using it, protecting its long-term value and ensuring its safety throughout the time you own it or use it. Kia offers a variety of vehicle service contracts and servicing and maintenance contracts, which will range from a full manufacturers warranty to a less comprehensive dealership warranty depending upon the age and condition of the vehicle you are buying.

What is important is to check exactly what is covered under the terms of the warranty and for how long. Also any conditions for new to ensure the warranty is upheld, such as using manufacturers parts and having the vehicle serviced and maintained by a Kia dealer at appropriate intervals. Check the warranties to make sure they include tires and wheels, and if not obtain a separate warranty.

There may be an option for extended warranties and it is important to see what these cover and whether or not they are worth the cost. In addition, vehicle protection plans often include option to purchase some type of roadside assistance, or emergency breakdown and travel accommodation assistance. These can often be invaluable, just make sure they not cash with any similar benefits that you already have under any other type of auto club membership or insurance policy.


Applying for credit for any loan can seem a bit daunting at times, but is in fact a fairly straightforward process. The application for Kia Finance can either be done online in order to get pre-approval or at a dealership. What is important to realise is that it will involve disclosing a significant amount of personal and financial information about yourself and possibly other people if you are looking for any type of commercial finance, or if you need a cosigner for the loan.

Once the information has been disclosed will be forwarded to a credit bureau who will assess their view of your creditworthiness and allocate you a credit score. The score when be used as a basis for determining whether or not to lend you the money on lease you a vehicle and if so on what terms and conditions. It is important for you to get hold of a copy of your credit report prior to applying for a loan, and checking that the information contained in it is accurate and up-to-date. This information is used as a basis for working out your credit score, therefore it is crucial that it is accurate. Remember to negotiate and compare with other loan quotations on a like-for-like basis.


There will obviously be a legal requirement for some type of third-party liability insurance on the vehicle, if buying or leasing out of state check that the insurance requirements for both the state it is bought in and where it will be registered are met. Legal requirements normally relate to third-party liability insurance, which can be expressed either as bodily injury, physical damage or a general third-party liability insurance policy.

In addition, there may be comments put on you to have additional insurance coverage relating to comprehensive or collision damage. There may also be a requirement to you to have what is known as Gap Insurance, which covers the difference between the final sale price of the vehicle and its insurance value if it is involved in an accident was written off. The insurance value, which in theory is the market value of the vehicle at the time of the loss, is likely to be significantly less than the agreed sale price, leaving a gap between the two which is in effect an unsecured debt which will be the responsibility of the person who took out the loan agreement.


Refinancing a loan can be almost as straightforward process as applying for a loan the first place, and can be done pretty much at any point during the time of the loan. People refinance for a wide variety of reasons, and often and up getting better terms and conditions and on the original loan. It is important to realise that on a standard car loan the majority of payments in the first 12 to 18 months will primarily be interest, and therefore any refinancing that improves the terms of the loan can end up saving customer quite a lot of money.


Opening a Kia Finance account can be done online in order to try and gain pre-approval for credit, or when the sales or purchasing process is being done through a dealership. Having an account has a number of benefits, allowing you to receive alerts and messages from Kia relating to your purchase and possibly other products as well. It will allow you to manage payment on the vehicle and deal with any queries that may crop up.

You should also be able to view statements and all other necessary financial information relating to the sale or lease the vehicle. There will also be a number of finance tools available on the Kia website, one of the best ones being an online car calculator. This can be used prior to purchasing or leasing a vehicle, and can give you a fairly accurate idea as to what its cost is likely to be. As with any type of budgeting, it is important to be clear with yourself about exactly what your other monthly outgoings are and are likely to be over the period of the lease or loan agreement, and what your income is likely to be that period as well.


Kia finance can also be used to take advantage of a number of different incentives and loyalty offers that Kia will offer both on a national basis and through different local dealership schemes. Some of these incentives and offers will relate to certain categories of people such as college graduates and people who have served or are currently serving in the military. Other offers will relate to specific times of the year when dealers need to shift their inventory, or times of the year when sales are notoriously slow, or specific benefits such as extended warranties

Planning to buy or lease your car well in advance can often result in significant savings if this is followed through. Kia finance may well make special offers relating to 0 or low interest rates, either on specific models or again at specific times of the year. These offers are obviously have a degree of small print that means they will be saved for people who have exceptionally high credit scores.

From time to time Kia will possibly have arrangements with an insurance company that will offer beneficial rates to potential customers. In addition, people who claim pre-approval for Kia finance may be offered favourable discounts on certain models types of car.


Commercial finance is often overlooked in relation to Kia finance regarding sales and leasing of vehicles, which can be a real mistake. the maths is simple, in that if you as an individual or a business looking to buy or lease one or more vehicles over a period of time you have more negotiating power and if you are simply talking about a single unit, and that is all commercial finance relates to. Bear in mind that if you are applying for commercial finance the application process and assessment will be more rigerous and if you were a single customer, and cannot involve more detailed analysis of your personal and financial information as well as that of your business, and any key people employed or engaged in the conduct of your business.

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