How Good are 0 APR Car Deals with Ford ?

The idea of a zero rate auto loan with Ford Credit is of course enormously attractive to anyone thinking of arranging finance or credit for a new or used car, and is often used as a hook to attract people into a showroom, where the reality of a zero rate loan and other options can be explored by the dealership.

Ford credit will often offer a zero rate APR on certain cars and trucks, and if you qualify for this can be an extremely good deal. It is this worth bearing in mind that this type of auto loan finance is likely to be offered only to people who have an exceptionally good credit rating.

The other time a zero rate APR can be offered on certain cars and trucks is a Ford or Ford credit are looking to shift some inventory, by that on a national or a local scale, and offer attractive terms when arranging financial credits on these deals.

These types of finance arrangements can also be offered through the Ford website to certain pre-approved customers, or uncertain pre-approved used cars.

0 APR Car Deals with Ford

The other thing to look at if offered or able to arrange a zero APR car deal with Ford is what other costs may be related to the sale of the vehicle. Any type of finance arrangement is negotiable, in theory, and so do not let the idea of a zero rate APR deal puts you off trying to negotiate other areas of the finance arrangement or sale of the vehicle.

Other areas of the finance arrangement inevitably include the size of the down payment, the length and time of the loan and any additional costs related to it. These additional costs could relate to a penalty charge if the loan is paid off or refinanced early.

It is also worth making sure that you get a good deal on the purchase price of the car as well. That is the point in getting a really good finance arrangement if you are effectively paying through the nose for the price of the vehicle.

It is well worth doing a fair degree of research to find out what the realistic price for the Ford car you are thinking of buying is worth, and seeing how that matches up against what is being offered in relation to the zero rate APR car deal with Ford.