What are Best Ford Lease Deals

Undoubtedly the best Ford lease deals are likely to be those arranged with a Ford dealer, although there can be significant savings if the customer is willing to shop around different dealerships.

If you are willing to travel a significant difference to collect the car or truck from another dealership aside from where they live. Getting the best lease deals is similar in many ways to negotiating the sale or purchase of a vehicle, and similar in terms of negotiating finance  or credit.

Leasing a vehicle is similar in many ways to a long-term rental, and is an option for some people who want essentially to own a new car, albeit for a fixed period of time.

It is important to note that you don’t actually own the car, Ford still do. A lease is a temporary transfer of the vehicle, with a number of conditions about how the vehicle can be used and a strict limit on modifications or alterations if any can be made to the vehicle.


The costs involved in leasing a vehicle are likely to be significantly less than those of purchasing it outright, which is often one of the main attractions.

It is important to realise what costs are involved in leasing. An individual be credit checked in the same way as if he were buying  the vehicle, and there will be a lease agreement that likely involves a down payment, a fixed monthly payment and a payment at the end of the lease often referred to as a lease end payment.

Any lease agreement will have a fixed mileage for the term of the lease, and possibly a fixed mileage per annum as well. In addition the vehicle will be assessed at the end of the lease, and a charge levied on the customer for any additional wear and tear that needs to be corrected, or for any damage that needs repairing.

If the mileage allowance has been exceeded also be a charge for that. The basis of how the wear and tear surcharges calculated should be specifically set out at the beginning of the lease agreement so there is uniform understanding as to what constitutes any additional charges being levied