What is Drive Off Lease Cost of Ford Motor Credit?

A drive off lease price is the final amount that the customer will pay  for the duration of the lease agreement, worked out on a monthly basis for the lease period, often including the first month’s payment.

The reason this is such an important issue is because there are many components that can make up the various prices included in the lease  elements, and these need to be negotiated and agreed upon before the lease is signed off and a final drive off price agreed.

Ford Motor credit, normally referred to as Ford credit offers a wide range of lease programs on its most popular vehicles including car such as Ford Explorer. What is important to remember is at a number of these areas are negotiable.

Starting with the basic price of the vehicle, often referred to as the MSRP, sometimes referred to as the list price.

The manufacturer, in this case Ford, will set a price for the vehicle, which one accepts can be negotiated downwards quite  significantly.

Drive Off Lease Cost of Ford Motor Credit

This can include negotiations on the price itself, and any rebate may be included by the dealership either as special offers, or for special groups of people.

This process is well understood by most people when negotiating to buy a vehicle, but can also be exactly the same or very similar when negotiating a lease agreement.

This is because after negotiations are done it will lead to what is known as a residual value of the vehicle, which possibly determines the drive off price of the vehicle and the total repayable on a monthly basis.

What is also important to realise is how much is included in terms of areas such as a mileage allowance, and other items such as taxes and fees, warranties, roadside assistance and home deliveries.

Taxes and fees are an important item, as they can also include leadership fees which can be a wide ranging set of documents that can often add up in cost without the customer realising it.

What is important is for the customer to see a clear breakdown of all the costs involved and how they are made up, before any lease agreement is entered into and signed up to.