What is Ford Care Credit?

Ford Care Credit is a term that is generally used when people are referring to the process of obtaining auto finance through Ford credit, and are also taking into account some type of vehicle protection plan, that usually relates to areas such as vehicle service contracts, servicing and maintenance plans or contracts, warranties and often some type of roadside assistance.

The term Ford Care is often used when referring to all these areas.

Anyone buying a new or used car on Ford credit will be committing quite a serious amount of money upfront, and also in the long-term through the loan or potentially lease agreement. In addition, they will be aware that there are a number of running costs of the car or truck, insurance perhaps being the most obvious, but also other costs relating to the upkeep of the vehicle.

Obviously any analysis of Ford care is relative to the age and condition of the vehicle. This is often one of the major areas of appeal for someone thinking of buying or leasing a new car, that it will come with a manufacturer’s warranty, and that the running costs will pursue be much less, at least in theory.

Ford Care Credit

If buying a Ford car or truck is not new, it is possible it is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. If so it is likely  there will be terms and conditions concerning the servicing and maintenance of vehicle that need to be accurate two in order to comply with the terms of the warranty and make sure that it stays in force.

It is worth checking when buying vehicle to make sure that these terms and conditions have been adhered to so as to make sure that the warranty hasn’t been invalidated. These terms and conditions but often referred to the type of servicing performed on the vehicle, when it was done and also that manufacturers parts were used in any replacement work that needed to be done.

What often when buying a new or used vehicle, or when leasing one, there is an option to negotiate some type of deal concerning servicing and maintenance contracts. Whilst the regularity of servicing and the vehicle’s needs will be specified by the manufacturer, there is often scope to negotiate some type of plan that fixes costs, and allows for additional benefits such as a replacement car during the time the work is being done.