What is a Ford Credit Account Manager?

People looking for a Ford credit account manager will inevitably be people who have taken some type of loan agreement, or lease arrangement with Ford Credit, normally through a Ford dealership.

This may have been done prior to arranging credit in order to gain pre-approval through the Ford Credit website, or may have been done once the sale or lease agreement has been completed.

The process of arranging dealer financing is meant to be a fairly streamlined and thorough one, that gives the customer a sense of being able to both arranged finance and buy or lease a car with the two processes being joined as one.

This obviously has numerous advantages for both sides if it can work correctly, and is negotiated properly on both sides. It is important however to understand the mechanics of Ford credit as they relate to dealership financing, as I can sometimes be a degree of confusion or mismanagement once the sale or lease agreement has been completed.

Ford Credit Account Manager

Anyone approaching Ford credit either through their dedicated website, or through a dealership, will need to go through the same credit rating approval process as anyone else would do with a standard application for credit to a bank or a credit union.

Ford credit will refer to one of the main credit rating bureaus to process the credit score, and on that basis Ford Credit will be in a position to decide whether or not to offer finance to the individual, and if so on what terms and conditions.

If the offer of credit is made and accepted, then the sale or lease agreement can go ahead and be concluded.

After that has been done, there should be put in place a support system either through the gears up or through for credit where a Ford credit account manager would effectively be in place to help the customer with any queries or problems that might arise once the sale or lease agreement has gone through.

What is unlikely to happen is that the customer will be given a dedicated account manager. It is more likely that for credit will offer a range of support options through telephone to email to written help. Any subsequent approach to Ford by a customer will be dealt with by one of the individuals in that team who will effectively be referred to as a Ford credit account manager.