Where do I get a Ford Credit Contact?

When taking out a loan and lease agreement with Ford credit inevitably the final negotiations will be done with a Ford dealer. The initial application may be done online, along with a lot of research about the vehicle itself, and finance negotiations may also be done online as well.

A Ford dealer will in effect act as a credit broker, and should act to get the customer the best possible deal they can. It is however up to the customer themselves to check any final offers made by the Ford dealership against alternative quotations that they have got from other sources of finance such as a bank or a credit union.

If the customer goes with the Ford credit quotation for finance, it is important to get as much information beforehand that they can about how to service the agreement once it has been signed.

Ford Credit Contact

Before the sale actually is agreed, customer has a lot more power and authority that wants to sell has been completed. The customer should use this power to get as much information and has many details about contacts as they may need.

Once the Ford credit contract has been put into  place then the customer should think about the long-term needs they may have both about the servicing of the car, and the servicing of the finance agreement as well.

A lot of the information can be found on the main Ford website, and customer will be encouraged to set up an account if they do not already have one.

This will allow them to do a number of routine tasks such as scheduling a service or arranging for a software download for their vehicle, as well as keeping them more up-to-date with any issues concerning the vehicle recall or information about their warranty.

The main Ford website should also have a number of contact details, and it is important to realise that the original finance offer may have been assigned to a third party.

In any event, if there are any problems once the sale has gone through then it is always worth going back to the dealership and pressuring them if necessary to get the information you need. On the whole  most dealers tend to be pretty hopeful  by nature, as well as there being a number of practical reasons Irish and see you as a recurring customer.