Is There a Ford Credit Grace Period ?

When people take out a finance arrangement with Ford Credit, they often wonder if there is any type of grace period, often referred to as a cooling off period, that allows them to reflect on the agreement they had entered into, and if they wanted to change their mind.

The idea of a grace period or a cooling off period has become very popular with regard to consumer rights in the last years, largely in a response to heavy duty selling that has pressurised people into buying things that on reflection they have decided they do not want.

With regard to buying any type of car on Ford credit, or leasing a vehicle with Ford, the idea of a grace period or a cooling off period is unlikely to be in effect. It is a difficult area to be definitive about, because it does depends to a large extent on the consumer rights legislation in the area in which you live.

It is certainly worth investigating to see if there is any type of consumer grace period, but it is not something that you should rely on it you are thinking about buying or leasing any type of vehicle from Ford.

Ford Credit Grace Period

This does highlight the enormity of what is undertaken when any type of dealership finance arrangement is entered into.

Buying a car or leasing a car is a major financial commitment, and is a legally binding contract with a number of serious financial positions and commitments attacked to it.

Anyone considering entering an agreement with Ford credit would do well to research the whole process thoroughly before even making an approach.

A lot of the research can now be done online, both in terms of the factors that make up the price of the vehicle and how much is likely to be able to be negotiated such a price, and also the issues around the various financing options available.

It is also a good idea to consider doing most of the negotiations before you actually enter the showroom. Having said that it is also a good idea to test drive the car first, and then walk away and do  your negotiations either on the phone or online.

This gives you the power to negotiate on your own terms or walk away, in such a way that you would not normally be able to do if you were in a showroom.