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The F150  has been Ford’s best selling vehicle for decades, and is one of the most popular and well built pickups on the market. With prices for new F150’s starting at just under $30,000 and rising to over $60,000, there is a good case for buying a used or second hand one.

Given that the Ford  F150 is now in its 13th or 14th generation, there is a huge market of vehicles  still around, with a massive second-hand market to choose from. The sales pitch will normally refer to Ford F150 for sale, Ford F150 for sale by owner or Ford F150 for sale in Craigslist

F150 – Buy close to home

If buying a new Ford F150, there is a good argument for  shopping around different dealerships, possibly in different states, to get the best deal. With a used second-hand  pickup truck there is a much better argument for buying locally.

This this is true whether you buy to a Ford dealership, an independent dealership or online,  through a site such as craigslist.

The reason to buy locally is really practical. You can inspect the vehicle, test drive it and if you decide to buy it you know where to go if there are any problems afterwards.

Ford F150 and Carfax report

Carfax is probably the best-known vehicle inspection report system, but there are others around as well.  Whatever you decide to do, and where ever you decide to buy from it is well worth getting this an independent vehicle report done on the Ford F150 you are looking at this.

While this may be an additional expense, and should probably only be done once you are determined to buy the vehicle, it can provide valuable piece of mind. Ford F150’s are trucks that are put through a lots of work physically, and this can be reflected in their mechanical and structural condition.

Ford F150 Research – on-line and in-person

Before buying any Ford F150, new or used, it is well worth doing a high degree of research both online and in person.

There is a ton of information available, most of which is fairly independent and accurate. The major car websites such as Edmunds carry extensive vehicle reviews, often on vehicles going back decades.

The other great source of research online is forums, or discussion groups. These can be a bit technical times, which may or may not be what you need, but they also carry a loss of general information.

People who hang out discussion groups tend to be the helpful, and can only give you a fairly good insight into any potential questions or problems you may have.

It’s also worth doing actual research in person. There’s a fair chance that someone you know all its case you has a Ford F150 or has anyone in the past. Actually being able to talk to someone they give you some idea or feel for the vehicle you cannot to get qualitative information on the web.

Ford F150 maintenance costs

Understanding the true maintenance costs of running a Ford F 150 are a crucial part of both deciding which one to buy, and having a realistic sense of what it will cost to run an annual basis.

Maintenance costs can relate to both normal items such servicing and depreciation, but can also relate to having to replace parts in the vehicle, either through normal wear and tear or when things go wrong.

One of the reasons to do the research mentioned above is thinking of buying a used Ford F 150 is to determine whether certain models in certain years  had particular mechanical problems, or were the subject of recalls.

Ford F150 Insurance Costs

Similar to maintenance costs, knowing what it is likely to cost you to ensure the Ford F1 50 is also a crucial part of determining which one to buy.

Remember that insurance costs be based both on yourself as an individual, and on the Ford F150 you are thinking of buying. This element will be around the vehicle’s age, condition, mileage and usage.

What you are intending to use the pickup truck for will be reflected in the risk assessment at the insurance company will make and charge accordingly.

Ford F150Financing

Financing the vehicle is  obviously a major decision its own right, and most people will need some type of loan either from Ford through Ford Credit, or some other source of finance such as a bank or credit union.

It is important to treat the financing as a separate area of research and negotiation, the key here being to get number of alternative quotations from different sources. Best to limit this to 3 or four should be sufficient, and which should not affect your credit score.

Remember that if you have a good credit score, or even if you don’t in fact, it is still quite possible to negotiate the finance element of the deal, concerning the size of the down payment, the interest rate charged on the length and term of the loan.

Ford Dealers – Certified Pre-owned Vehicles and Warranty

If buying a new Ford F150, then you will see approach a Ford dealership and negotiate both on the price of the vehicle and the finance if arranging a loan through them.

If buying a used Ford F 150, then the market is obviously much wider in terms of the places you can buy from. It is worth considering a Ford dealership at the outset for two main reasons.

On a number of vehicles for the offer what they refer to our certified pre-owned vehicles, which can often include Ford F 150s.

These vehicles have normally undergone a fairly rigorous check, both mechanical and condition wise, by Ford engineers, which can provide a real degree of peace of mind.

Pre-owned vehicles are sometimes any available to selected customers, mainly those who arrange their finance through Ford credit, but this is not always the case.

The warranty is the other big issue with buying a type of used Ford F150. If buying a relatively new one, but is a chance that the manufacturers warranty  is still in place and this should be transferable with the sale to the new owner, along with the title of the vehicle.

If the manufacturers warranty has expired, there are a number of other types of Ford warranty that are likely to be available.

These may be in part Ford  warranties that are offered on a national basis, along with specific dealership warranties which may be only available through the selected dealership where the vehicle  is for sale.

In either event check the warranty to see what it covers before purchase, and see what may be available by way of extended warranty. Extended warranties on vehicles are normally more useful than on other household items that they are traditionally offered.

Ford F150 Test Drive

whether buying a new or used Ford F150, make sure you test drive.  Ideally test drive a new one to get a feel for the vehicle, and also it is crucial to test drive the vehicle you are thinking of buying. This is true even if you are buying it completely independently through and add or referral.

Some four dealerships will offer extended test drives as part of their sales  approach.

Ford F150 vehicle history

When buying any Ford F150, it is crucial to know the vehicle’s history. This is in relation to its age, mileage, service history, accident report, usage etc. This information will serve to give you a full picture of the vehicle, and a real indication of its true market value.

If buying from a Ford dealership they may be more helpful and an independent dealership and be able to give you or verify this information.

Negotiate – True Market Value

The above information will give you the tools you need to know order to be able to gauge its what the vehicle is really worth. There are a number of guides around such as Kelly’s bluebook which can help guide you in this direction.

Remember that with a use for second-hand vehicle there is no definite price it is or is not worth. What you can be equipped with is a guide as to what is a fair price, which will give you the opportunity to buy it or not you think is appropriate.

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