What to do in a Ford Lease Accident Scenario ?

In the event of an accident, it is likely important to remember a number of factors, most of which are the same whether you are driving a car that is least from Ford, whether you are in the vehicle outright with or without any type of credit arrangement in place.

There are a couple of factors that do need to be taken into account the vehicle is leased, but they are relatively minor.

In the event of an accident in number of things need to be done much straight away.

Obviously depending upon the severity and type of accident the most important thing at the scene is to make sure that there is no possibility of any further damage happening. This means that precautions should be taken to make sure that the accident scene itself does not pose a hazard to any other traffic or pedestrians.

This must be a party and should ideally involve  other people not involved in the accident either slowing traffic down or helping to move people and vehicles out of harm’s way. Depending upon the type of accident it may not be possible or wise to move people or vehicles, in which case it may be necessary to all traffic altogether.

Ford Lease Accident

It is always a good idea to call law enforcement, and may even be a legal  requirement depending upon where you live to do so. At the scene of an accident, it is always a good idea to make notes as far as possible of what happened, to take photographs, to do a sketch map of where vehicles were and any other relevant information such as other cars or pedestrians not involved in the accident but witnesses.

In terms of insurance, there will be a policy condition that insurance companies must be notified within a certain length of time, and this should be adhered to rigidly.

Notify your insurance policy holder as soon as possible, and most definitely within the time period stipulated in the policy. If you do not have insurance details to hand, then use  internet sources to locate the nearest branch or agency of your insurance company and notify them.

It is also important and will be stipulated in the lease agreement to notify Ford as soon as possible. In the first instance it is accorded a good idea to contact the dealership where the lease agreement was put into place and  advise them.

Initial notification both to the insurance company and to the Ford dealership can be done verbally over the phone, but it is crucial that this is  confirmed in writing within the time periods specified in the insurance policy and possibly in the lease agreement as well. This can be done by email, but it is a good idea to confirm it by normal postal letter as well.