What are Ford Lease Specials?

Ford operate a special program called Red Carpet LeaseĀ  which reflects their commitment to leasing cars and trucks to individual customers as well as businesses and corporations.

Leasing a vehicle has become an increasingly attractive option with four Ford and for customers. For Ford it secures a long-term relationship with a customer, and give them a number of avenues of making money is short-term and long-term.

For a customer, leasing a vehicle should be thought of as a long-term rental with certain but important differences. As the customer doesn’t actually own the vehicle they are not able to make any alterations to it, and there will be certain charges is likely to be levied at the end of the lease period.

These charges will relate to any excessive wear and tear, and any excess mileage. As part of any lease agreement, a certain mileage will be agreed either on an annual basis, or for the total period of the lease itself.

Ford Lease Specials

If that mileage is exceeded then there will be a penalty charge at the end of the lease agreement. Additionally with wear and tear costs, the vehicle will be assessed at a certain point nearing the end of the lease period, and a number of specific items will be assessed to ascertain any damage or excessive wear and tear. The basis for assessment should be spelt out specifically in the lease agreement itself.

Ford are honestly keen to promote leasing as an option to any customers who they feel qualified for it. Whilst they are not actually selling the vehicle at the time, they are developing a relationship with the customer which ties the moon for a fixed number of years.

At the end of that time the customer is likely to be given the option of either buying the vehicle at a discount, or signing up for another lease agreement with another vehicle.

Ford will likely offer a significant number of lease deals at certain times of the year, again as a way of promoting the advantages to the customer of leasing a vehicle. The main advantage that his always promoted is that the customer gets a chance to effectively own a new car or truck ( which they don’t actually own) on a basis where they would not be able to buy one outright.