What is a Ford No Interest Loan?

The idea of a Ford name interest loan is obviously hugely attractive to anyone looking to buy any type of Ford car or truck, and like with any offer that seems too good to be true any such advertisement or marketing offer should be carefully scrutinised is exactly what it is offering and on what terms and conditions.

The idea of zero interest loans is often used as a way of attracting customers, and may vary widely in its application. If Ford are offering a  no interest loan, then it is either being done at a national level or through a local dealership.

It is also likely that it is either being done on certain selected models, normally as a way of shifting inventories, or it will only be offered to potential  a incredibly high or good credit score. It may also only be offered to  certain customers who have already purchased a Ford car or truck.

A Ford No Interest Loan

The significance of a no interest loan is that it attracts customers. In reality it will only be a fairly limited number of customers who benefit, but from Ford’s point of view it is quite a wide net that it is using which will hopefully draw in other customers saw them either by cars or trucks from them, or arrange finance through them.

It should also be remembered from Ford’s point of view, that a lot of their traffic in terms of revenue comes from ancillary areas of work relating to the sale of the vehicle, such as servicing and maintenance, as opposed to the actual sale price or sale of the beer itself.

Any customer who is lucky enough to get a Ford no interest loan should also check certain other elements of the loan to make sure that they are as attractive as it may seem. These areas may relate to any penalty charge that is incurred if the loan is paid off early, or any additional fees at the dealership may charge.

It is also worth checking there are no other conditions attached to the loan is such as any additional insurance costs, or any documentation fees that may be charged by the dealership or anyone else.