What are Ford Offers?

Ford offers are quite often referred to as Ford incentives, and can cover a wide range of options or inducements to promote both sales and leasing plans and associated costs and benefits to potential customers. Ford offers can work either at a national level, or at a local level through dealerships or both.

Ford offers can also relate either to the entire range of vehicles, to selected vehicles only, to certain customers only or to certain customers who obtain pre-approval for Ford credit.

Ford offers may also relate to finance deals for individuals, which may or may not apply to all or any of their vehicles, and may well apply to certain selected customers who will normally have a fairly high credit score or credit rating.

Ford offers can also be a seasonal process, offering the above options at certain times of the year, either as a way of boosting sales when they might otherwise be a bit flat, or clearing inventories to allow for new models for new vehicles to come through.

Ford Offers

Ford offers of all types are likely to be good deals if one can avail themselves of them, and they relate to specific cars or trucks that the individual wants to buy or lease.

What can make a real difference is if someone is willing to play the waiting game, and be willing to buy or lease their vehicle when the specific offers come up. This may mean waiting a few months before being able to take advantage of a specific offer or incentive.

Ford offers can also relate to costs outside of the sale of lease price of vehicle, and  will normally relate to things such as vehicle protection plans, such as vehicle service contracts, servicing and maintenance contracts, extended warranties or roadside assistance and emergency plans.

Ford may also from time to time have arrangements with insurance companies who can offer auto insurance car insurance deals to selected customers. Again deals  with selected insurance companies may well be advantageous, but should also be compared with other insurance companies offering quotations on a like-for-like basis.