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The Ford Ranger has recently resumed production in the United States, after a long break. That is a huge market of used Ford Rangers dating back to the 1980s, and it is still proving a hugely popular pick up truck. There is both good news and bad news in this.

That good news is that  if you are looking for a used Ford Ranger then it should be fairly easy to find one. The bad news is that there are a lot of them are really quite old, and as with any used vehicle this can lead to potential problems.

Near Where You Live

However you end up buying a Ford Ranger, it is pretty crucial that you buy one from somewhere that it’s fairly local to you, whether it is a Ford dealership, a private dealership or a private sale.

This is because you will need to test drive the vehicle, possibly want to have it inspected and in case there are any problems afterwards.

Ford Ranger and Carfax – Used Car Reports

Carfax is  probably the best  known used car report service, but of course there are others. With a Ford Ranger, it is really important to have a detailed  analysis done of its physical and mechanical condition.

Ford Rangers are known to be reliable and study, and  are used as such.

Given that many of them are such an age, it is important to establish what type of condition they are in.

This will  give you sufficient information to be able to determine what is a reasonable cost to pay, and what you are likely to pay in maintenance costs.


Research is key when you’re buying any vehicle, new or used, and there is a huge amount of information around all years for Rangers. A number of the main car websites will have detailed reviews of the vehicles, which should certainly be studied.

In addition, it is worth going to  Ford Ranger forums and discussion groups to actively see what ongoing issues are for people who already own one.

Ford Ranger Maintenance Costs

Knowing what your maintenance costs are in advance are crucial when buying a Ford Ranger. Given that production has recently restarted in the USA the should make a difference to availability and cost of parts and servicing.

Bear in mind however that older vehicles can be more difficult to run, and are more likely to have mechanical problems, simply because of that age. High maintenance costs can prove a real burden on top of a vehicle that may seem cheaper to buy and others.

Ford Ranger Insurance Costs

Insurance costs are always a potential nightmare any car or truck, and is really important to know how much insurance on the Ford Ranger you’re thinking of borrowing is likely to be.

The age and condition of the Ford Ranger, its mileage and what it is going to be used for will all be factors to consider. Make sure you get at least three or four insurance quotations before buying the vehicle’s to make sure you know the true cost of its insurance.


There are of course many ways to finance the purchase of a Ford Ranger, from cash through to auto loans from Ford Credit. It is always a good idea if possible to be pre-approved for a loan prior to purchase, as this gives you a degree of flexibility and certainty about being able to buy the vehicle.

With financing, as with insurance, make sure that you let a number of quotations for different finance options, but not too many.

About three or four should be sufficient. This should not affect your credit rating, and should put you in a much better negotiating position with whoever you ultimately end up applying to for credit.

Ford Dealership  – Certified Pre-Owned and Warranty

When buying a Ford Ranger of any age, there is a lot to be said for going to a recognised main Ford dealership.

Buying a Ford Ranger from a Ford dealer means is a possibility of it being certified pre-owned, you are likely to get a better warranty, you may well get some details about its service history, its maintenance and usage.

If the dealership knows the history of the vehicle, this can also be useful in terms of its structural integrity. You are also likely to get a better warranty from a Ford dealer than from an independent dealership.

Test Drive

Whatever you end up buying the vehicle from, it is crucial that you have a test drive. Some main Ford dealers will allow extended test drives over one or two-day period on certain models of vehicles, and it is worth seeing if you get that extended to a Ford Ranger.

Even if not, make sure you spend as much time in you need in the vehicle, getting a feel for it and getting to see if there is anything that seems out of order.

If in any doubt, take either a mechanic with you, or someone who knows something about cars if you don’t, and get them to check out. Any resistance of this on the part of a salesman or the dealership should send an immediate red flag to you that the vehicle. Knowing its mechanical condition is crucial to deciding whether or not to buy

Negotiate – True Market Value

Once you have decided which Ford Ranger you want to buy, then it is time to negotiate. There is always a temptation to negotiate and buy on the spot, and any good car salesman will push you on this. If you can, leave the dealership and negotiate either by phone or Internet, ideally within a quick time frame.

Whilst there is always a danger of losing the vehicle with this approach, the advantage is that you’re physically removed from the showroom and the dealership, and therefore in a much stronger position to negotiate. You can either hangup or not reply to emails, and the salesman has much less control over the whole sales process.

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