What are Ford Red Carpet Lease Qualifications

Ford have very successfully marketed their leasing program under the title of a red carpet lease program, as I call good sales techniques often make it sound like they are doing you a favour by offering you some type of participation in the lease program.

These are very simple and basic marketing techniques and nothing to be taken to socially. Ford, like a lot of manufacturers, actively push the idea of individual personal leasing to customers in a way that a few years back or simply done to commercial customers.

Ford realise that a lease that can run up to 5 or six years to an extent locks the customer into some type of relationship with them, and they are likely to make more money out of them long-term through other areas of work such as servicing and maintenance plans than if they merely sold the vehicle outright.

Ford Red Carpet Lease Qualifications

As such Ford are very keen to promote their red carpets lease program, but this does not mean that they cut any corners or take any chances in terms of who they  enrolled in it. The credit application to lease a Ford car or truck is putting much identical to that used by Ford credit when someone is buying a vehicle from them.

The leasing program that Ford red carpet have allows an individual to effectively rent a car or truck from them on a long-term basis. The customer does not own the title of the vehicle, but does in effect have the benefit of a new car or truck for the duration of the lease period.

For many people the benefit of possessing a brand-new car even if they do not entitle the something that is of huge significance.

Ford realise that the appeal of new car has significant poll for many people, and whilst the credit application criteria is as strict as that for purchasing a car, there are many benefits to the leasing program itself in terms of ease of use, new car feel, new warranty, all at a significantly lower cost and if the customer purchased the vehicle outright.