How to get New Ford Vehicle Lease Deals

Leasing a Ford car or truck is an attractive option for many people, as it effectively gives you the benefits of a new car at a significantly reduced costs compared to what you would pay if you actually bought it outright.

It is a good idea to think of leasing a car or truck as a long-term rental, with certain obvious conditions regarding what you can do with it and its overall condition and mechanical reliability.

Getting deals on leasing a Ford car or truck on a fairly regular part of the whole process. Ford, along with most other major manufacturers actively encourage personal leasing of their cars and trucks as it is seen as a useful addition to the overall sales package of vehicles.

Leasing a vehicle involved a credit check and credit application, both of which will determine whether or not Ford are willing to lease you a vehicle, and if so, on what terms and conditions, in a process that is pretty much the same as if you were buying the vehicle from them or any other dealership.

A lease agreement is a contract between you and Ford Credit for a specified period of time, from something like 2/5 years, with a fixed monthly payment and an agreed mileage per year.

New Ford Vehicle Lease Deals

Ford operate a specific scheme called Red Carpet Lease which has a number of specific benefits which should make the whole leasing process smoother and easier to run. In the event of the agreed mileage figure not proving enough, it is possible to buy additional mileage during the time of the loose at agreed costs. In addition excess mileage can be paid off at the end of the lease period.

One of the main areas of contention of a lots of lease agreements refers to what are known as lease end costs. These are charges that relate to excessive wear and tear or for any damage to the vehicle.

The intent is to put the vehicle in a state that would be deemed appropriate given its age and mileage, and that there is an excess charge for any excessive wear and tear over and above what is considered reasonable. This can sometimes amounts to quite a large amount of money, and needs to be budgeted for at the outset.

Lease deals on Ford vehicles tend to relate to incentives either on a specific vehicle itself, or on certain favourable credit terms, as well as  at certain times of year. If you are willing to plan accordingly, it is possible to pick up significantly good deals simply by waiting for the right time of year when Ford need to either shift inventory or to bring in new models.

It is also worth remembering that deals on favourable credit terms will only be offered to people who have what Ford regard as an exceptionally good credit rating and are likely to be few in number.