Honda 2017 Ridgeline Review

Historically speaking, the Honda Ridgeline has been the worst-selling pickup truck in the US for the last half a decade, but a ground-up redesign for the 2017 model debuting at the Detroit Auto show this week represents a new hope for the nameplate.

In 2014, Honda only sold 13,389 of ’em. For comparison, The Toyota sold more than 155,000 Tacomas and over 750,000 new Ford F-150s rolled into driveways during that same year. Of course, comparing anything to the F-Series, America’s best selling vehicle overall for 32 years running is a bit unfair, but the sales gap with the Toyota is just as telling. With nowhere to go but up, the shiny, new 2017 Honda Ridgeline spinning slowly on a pedestal in Detroit this week is a second chance for the Honda to make its mark on the American truck market.