What are the Best Honda Financing Offers?

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Getting the best finance deals on Honda can involve a number of different options.

Honda as a company will often advertise special deals either through their main company website, or through national and local advertising.

These special deals will often reflect either a reduction in the sales price of the vehicle, or a special interest rate, either on selected vehicles or across the board.

These special interest rate offers will normally be worded to make it clear that these are any to selected customers, and these are likely to be customers who have an extremely good credit score. It is also quite likely that these offers are  often limited to either customers who  pass a pre-approval credit check, or are limited to cars that have been pre-approved for sale. This

in addition, it is quite likely that selected Honda dealers who are participating in a national scheme will offer additional financial offers by way of inducements to attract customers either to buy or lease a new car or to renew a lease that is due to expire.

In any event, it is well worth realising that different dealerships offer different financing offers both new and used cars, and as an attraction to tempt people to lease a vehicle.


Even when a Honda dealer but offer a specific financing offer, it is well worth remembering that a potential customer can negotiate with the dealership directly both on interest rates and terms and conditions of any loan or lease agreement.

The customer’s ability to negotiate strongly will to a large extent depend upon their credit score. Assuming they are in a strong position they should be able to negotiate a better rate of interest than they are being offered, and quite possibly to negotiate improved terms and conditions on the loan or lease agreement.

Negotiating a better interest rate can be done much more easily if the customer or potential customer has other offers of loans that they have secured from alternative sources that they can use as a bargaining tool.

To that end it is well worth the customer getting alternative locations regarding the loan, and then using this position as a way of negotiating a better deal for themselves.

It is also worth remembering that financing offers can make a difference, but that the customer can also improve their own financial position by doing things like putting down a larger down payment, or extending the length of the loan which may reduce lower monthly payments.

It is worth remembering that on any vehicle the dealership often makes a lot of its money off the various features and options they offer as extras, and a lot of these are either likely to be able to be negotiated down in cost, or not necessary of any real interest to the potential customer.