What Are Honda Lease Specials

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Honda actively encourage personal leasing plans, and lease specials on normally focused either on specific models of cars.

Also on separate times of year, or on specific finance deals for certain selected customers who have normally been screened through the credit pre-approval process.

Leasing a Honda car or vehicle can be thought of in many ways as similar to a long-term rental, with one or two significant differences.

A lease is a contract between the customer and  Honda, where Honda retain the ownership of the car but allow the customer to use it as their own under a form of licence agreement.

There is a contract between the two parties for a fixed period of time, normally ranging from between 24 to 60 months, with a monthly payment on the customer to Honda, a fixed mileage allowance, either on an annual basis or for the period of the lease and normally the option to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease period on favourable terms.


The main benefit to the customer is that they effectively get to own or have the use of a new car on much more favourable terms than they would have if they bought it outright, which they might well be able to afford to do.

In addition to the new car feel, they get specific benefits by way of having a manufacturer’s warranty for the duration of the lease, and normally favourable benefits by way of various vehicle protection plans such as vehicle service contracts, servicing and mentions plans and often diverse types of roadside assistance emergency contracts.

At the end of the lease, there are likely to be additional costs charged to the customer, these are known as lease end costs. Essentially they relate to any excessive wear and tear to the vehicle that would not be expected but making allowances for wear and tear that would be expected given the vehicles age and condition.

There may also be additional costs relating to additional mileage. The nature of the charges and how they are worked out should be specified in the lease agreement, and understood and agreed to at the outset of the lease contract.

Honda lease specials often work at both the national and a local level.

Honda’s website will carry a list of current offers on new vehicles and Honda certified pre-owned vehicles, and this will change from time to time. All of these offers should be available at any  participating Honda dealer. In addition, any Honda dealer  can in effect make their own offers to customers, either on an individual basis or through local advertising.

This means that it is possible to negotiate any area of the lease agreement with a local Honda dealer, in addition to any national Honda  lease deals that may be on offer.