Japan goes Futuristic

From the AI-enabled Toyota Concept-i to the forward-thinking Nissan IMx Zero-Emission, the Tokyo Motor show has again thrown up some of the year’s most innovative car designs. As ever, the event offers us our annual chance to marvel at the futuristic — and sometimes downright wacky — designs that Japan’s car industry is now known for.
1/11 – Toyota Concept-i
Toyota’s Concept-i is one of the Tokyo show stars. It learns about its users and can attempt conversation to help calm them down or cheer them up — as well as taking over control if it feels an accident is imminent. Scroll through the gallery for some of the country’s greatest cars. Credit: Toyota
But the allure of novelty shouldn’t distract us from a more serious prospect: With automobile design poised to evolve more in the next 20 years than in the previous 50, it is perhaps the Japanese who are best positioned to exploit new demand for connected cars, fuel efficiency and autonomous transport.