Best Way to get Pre-Approval for Ford Credit

Getting pre-approval for Ford credit is similar in a way to getting an agreement in principle for an auto loan, which allows the customer a much greater degree of flexibility to shop around before deciding what type of car or vehicle is best suited for them.

Ford credit like the idea of pre- approval for a number of reasons. Firstly although it does not commit the customer to buying a car, it does to an extent by them into a system. It gives Sun a sense of belonging and being part of the Ford credit process.

It gives both Ford credit and the customer is slightly better time frame within which to look at and assess the individual’s credit rating.

It also means that the customer has a flat line base in terms of a credit offer that allows them to be able to assess how much they can borrow and what it is likely to cost them. It allows the customer to obtain alternative quotations from other sources before deciding which one is most appropriate for them.

Best Way to get Pre-approval for Ford Credit

Ford credit also offers pre-approved customers deals on selected models, often at selected times of year. Pre-approved customers can often be made to feel that they are a bit more special than a normal customer has not been pre-approved, or someone who simply walk through a car showroom door.

To be honest, this is really more of a sales technique in actual fact. Making a customer feel special and wanted is all part of any sales approach, and being pre-approved for Ford credit, whilst it does  have benefits is also about giving the customer a sense that they have a special type of status.

The best way to get pre-approval is to check out your credit score before applying for any credit, and making sure that it is accurate and up-to-date.

A credit score is based on a significant amount of personal and financial information that is held on you, and which you volunteer during the application process. It is really important to make sure that this information is correct.

There are also normally time limits on which certain selected information can be held and used to assess your credit score, and your credit report to be checked to make sure this information is being used correctly.