Self Driving Trucks

Google’s self-driving car project (now Waymo) has arguably been at the forefront of the autonomous car movement, testing on public roads since 2009. So when its founder, Anthony Levandowski, left to found a driverless truck startup called Otto, the venture was sure to bring important insight into autonomous tech into the trucking world.

Uber jumped on the opportunity to break into trucking. In 2016, it purchased Otto for $680 million, marking one of that year’s most important announcements in the driverless vehicle world. In February 2017, it also became the subject of a lawsuit by Waymo over its driverless technology.

Otto is, it seems, one of the biggest players in driverless trucks. But it’s not the only one.With the trucking industry—and its reliance on long-haul highway driving—poised to have a major impact as driverless technology advances, other companies are joining the race.

Last week, three new startups—Embark, Starsky Robotics and—gave details on their upcoming forays into driverless trucking. Here they are: