What are Ford Incentives ?

Ford incentives are quite simply inducements or special offers that either Ford will make nationally, or a Ford dealer will make likely, in order to attract buyers into the showroom.

Ford incentives are but often focused on new models and new cars, either selling or leasing them, but they can also be found on used models as well.

Used models can include what are commonly referred to as second-hand cars, and also to models that have been leased to ford customers, and returned to Ford once the lease has finished.

Ford incentives can relate either to the final list price for sale price of the vehicle, can relate to seasonal discounts on particular models, and can relate too low or zero interest rate charges on finance.

There can also be special offers on things such as servicing and maintenance plans, and also on roadside emergency and extra accommodation plans. Ford will vote often partner with a particular insurance company to offer discounts on auto insurance to certain customers when buying or reducing a new car.

What are Ford Incentives ?

Whilst incentives from Ford are a natural part of the industry, it is also worth remembering that just because a dealer is offering a discount on something, does not mean that you as a customer cannot negotiate and better price. With the list price or manufacturers recommended price of a vehicle, every dealer will expect to discount something off the list price, often in the region of 10/15%. If they are offering this as a major discount or incentive on the vehicle, in reality they are not really offering more than they would expect a discount anyway.

In addition, Ford will I often offer incentives to certain sections of society, although quite limited. They are normally reserved for people who are active have been active in serving in the military, to students and occasionally to other groups of people. These incentives can be significant in terms of cash savings, and should be investigated thoroughly. Ford incentives are often  going to be valuable in terms of cash savings, but any potential customer should make sure the dealer is not recoup in any discount they have given by way of an additional charge somewhere else, such as to dealership fees or documentation fees.